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Complaints & Reviews

western digital 4tb black my passport portable external hard drive - usb 3.0 - wdbyft0040bbk-wesn

I bought Western Digital 4TB Black My Passport... got several days ago and opened and plugged in only...

service, official taobao shop in china

Hi, I bough, in the name of my employer Bloomberg L.P, a hard drive on the official Taobao Shop, I'm happy...

return for repair wd ex4 12tb nas box

A copy of an email is best way to describe complaint! As of 11am today 3/10/2017 I talked with customer...

canada's rma refusing to exchange 1 day old doa drive for brand new replacement

Drives itself is OK but this 6TB Black runs pretty hot, on idle can get up to 49-C degree and even higher...

wd red 5tb internal drive

Installed a new WD RED 5TB drive in my NAS setup. Worked fine for several months. One day the drive was not...

nas - my book live duo

I would not advice the buy "wd - my book live duo" nas server or probably any nas product from wd company. I...

cash refunds

I bought a WD TV/Media streaming device with CASH. It did not perform as well as I thought it would so I...

rma no. [protected]

My name is Mihai.
I bought in February this year 15pcs of HDD wester digital capacity 1T. All of them was broken.
In the middle of May I applied for Standard RMA and send the parts to them In Germany.
Months passed, but I didn't get any answers from them.
After i send them a lot of e-mails they answer me, and they told me that they didn't get any HDD from me and they said that I didn't send the HDD.
I send them the prove of sending the HDD and the confirmation from them, that they received the HDD in the end of the May.
They answered me back, and they told me that as soon as possible will resole the case, but not answer from them.

Can some one help me to resolve this problems?
my contact e-mail is [protected]
Thank you and I wait

  • Na
    nahar. Sep 16, 2013

    my hard disk is not working n i want to replace it out immidat

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in 1.5 years, totally un functional

I bought my Western Digital Medya Player 1TB on October 2010 and 2 months ago, it was broken down suddenly. I contacted their guaranteed service named Logosoft in Istanbul but I have been told that, it has not been produced any more and the hard disk inside is total loss together with my all personal data. They offered me to return the product and get back the money I paid but unfortunately, I will not be able to buy a new one with that price, so it is not for my benefit. They also told me that they can not repair it but if I pay usd 35+tax, they can upgrade it to the model WDC-WDBNLC0020HBK but they will not re-new the guaranty which will expire on October 2012. This is very illogical as I am not responsible for this failure and on top of that, they will not be able to recover my lost data. I am extremely disappointed with the quality of these products and as far as I can follow from the open forums, there are so many unpleased consumers who bought their products. I am writing this mail from Istanbul, Turkey as I am not able to find any proper channel to file my complaint and not sure if anyone will read that mail. If so, I will be pleased to get some attention from Western Digital and their comments on how to recover my loss to regain my trust to that brand again.
Thanks in Advance
Regards/Banu Batirbek
Maersk Lİne
Saray Mahallesi Dr.Adnan Büyükdeniz Caddesi Akkom Ofis Park 2.Blok No: 4 Kat: 17 Ümraniye - Istanbul- Turkey
Office: +[protected]
Cell :+[protected]

hard drive

Purchased a western digital external hard drive from best buy for 150.00. The disk became corrupted after installing an update that i was prompted to install by the western digital software. Contacted customer support and was told i would be charged to get my data off the hard disk. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE AND PRODUCTS. I ADVISE EVERYONE TO STAY AWAY FROM THIS BRAND.

replacement of hardware


no refund policy

I purchased the My Book 320 GB Essential Edition External Hard Drive from Target, in September (on sale for $119) as a Christmas Gift. Mistake #1: I never realized Target's receipts EXPIRE!!
When the Drive was too much for the computer it was purchased for, and is not useable, I attempted to return it. Target said I was 2 weeks too late, so I had to "contact the manufacturer". Western Digital, as most large companies do, has a room full of outsourced employees, reading from a book and calling themselves things like Chuck or Bill, though able to speak minimal English.
Come to find out, after many calls and emails, Western Digital has a NO RETURN POLICY! I mean options to pay a restocking fee...NADA!
I was offered a replacement, repairs to the existing drive, or even a different one I might like better but no refund is available!
The folks at Target think it's kind of comical and just snicker behind their hands and the folks at Western Digital won't budge!
I can't even sell this thing on the Internet (obviously others know the policies I was so naive to!!)even though it is still in its original box, all the paperwork in tact, and a VERY USELESS WARRANTY!!!

defective product

I bought a WD 250GB laptop drive. After just over 2 months, it failed to boot with a hard drive read error. Attempts to perform standard repair (recovery console, chkdsk /r) failed. Ran Western Digital Diagnostics which claimed the disk had no errors. Laptop continue to halt at boot with same hard drive read error. Notified Western Digital who gave me a tiny discount on a new 320GB hard drive through their Customer Loyalty program (never again) with the provision that the warranty on the 250GB is now void. Received the 320GB laptop drive. Reinstalled Windows, software, etc; hours of work. In less than 3 weeks the 320GB drive failed to boot with the exact same error! Went to Western Digital site and discovered my ONLY OPTION was to PAY MORE for another POS Western Digital drive. GRRRRR. These people are not honest. In my opinion they sell junk and use the fine print to get away with theft. I will NEVER buy WD again AND will enthusiastically inform EVERYONE I KNOW that WD is CRAP.

hard disk not detect

Dear Sir
We are use the western Digital hard disk but some times do not working because the hard disk not detect on board. So please log my complaint and confirm me this number.
My number is :- [protected]
Product name:- Western Digital/SATA/320 GB
Serial Number:- WMAV2CH84616

hard disk not detect

  • Ra
    Ravana Mar 03, 2011

    Iam a microsoft certified technician. I can help you with the problem and get it fixed.
    My Email address is [email protected] you can send your contact information and i can arrange a call to troubleshoot the issue. Services provided to you will be for free as an introductory offer.
    Thanking you,
    Ravana The Nerd Squad

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good service

hi guys i want to share about wd thats western digital hdd service, i reside in mumbai, i bought a new assembled computer, within few days hdd stopped working so i gave a call to wd service they came to my home & took the product to delhi for replacement.My RMA NO. was-[protected]., as the policy says that we gets the product within 3 to 4 days after 6 daye i called wd tollfree service they said they have recieved the product but it will take time because stock was not available, what should i do with this?this is not my problem & i keep calling them till 1 month, friends wd company is very best, but customer service is the worst they just gives fake promises & 1 day i spoke to senior mst Arif he also kept on [censored]ing me that i will receive it within 2 days, & 1 day i spoke to Ms Rubika & Mr. Alam Senier to Arif they apologise me & she dispatched the product at that time & i received the product after 1day of that, & guys guess what? i got 320GB hard drive instead of my 160gb Harddisc & i really thanks to the wd company_______thank you

good service

replacement or defective ide hard disk

I recently bought a Western Digital IDE Hard disk drive 320GB from a reseller. When I installed the Hard disk, it would not work. I had checked by an engineer who told me that the Hard disk was defective, however because the product came with replacement warranty I contacted the Western Digital support center.

After speaking to one of their representatives who told me that the serial number was invalid. I was directed to sent the snapshot of the HDD. On the very same day I sent them the snapshot. After waiting for a few day I didn't get any response from Western Digital. I contacted them; the representative told me that they has received the snapshot of my HDD, and will contact me with the correct serial number within 24hrs. that was on June 3rd 2010.

Since then I have contacted them by phone 5 times and sent them the snapshot 3 times. Every time I call the Customer service number the representative tells me that it will take 24hrs.

I think I am being cheated; however western digital has a good name and I am still going to be optimistic, and hope to see my product replaced.

replacement or defective ide hard disk

  • Pr
    prashant k dwivedi Apr 06, 2011

    Dear Sir
    We are use the western Digital hard disk but some times do not working because the hard disk not detect on board. So please log my complaint and confirm me this number.
    My number is :- 09621469797, 08081713209 Product name:- Western Digital/SATA/160 GB
    Serial Number:- wmap9j089879

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problem with the external cable

I'm writing from Turkey. I bought an external drives in Iowa in January (actually I live in Turkey, but I went to U.S.A. for internship so I bought this external in there) I used it a few months but there is a problem with the external cable. I think there is a loose connection because if the cable moves a little bit, the connection goes. The connection always diseppears and I have to fix the external to the pc again.

I want to change this USB cable with the new one. There is a warrany also. I hope you'll help me.

very poor customer service

I strongly agree Western Digital Customer Suppoer is Diabolical...I have worked in the Industry now for nearly 30 years and have never had dealings with a company whose Customer Support is so bad.
It has been a culture shock having to deal with Western Digital support services over the last few weeks and the high level of incompetence is truly astounding.
I returned 2 faulty drives under RMA's and thats where the problem started.
Both drives were sent by courier and in fact were signed for by Western Digital in Germany on 12 Oct 2009 @ 12.03pm.
I tried using Western Digitals tracking system which is practically useless as its not updated promptly therefore is of no use to customers. It so far out of date that it is beyond belief. RMA's are accompanied by a BarCode detailing each RMA Number therefore its a simple process to scan each RMA receipt on arrival. This would immediately update the RMA Database. I have personal experience with such controls therefore I am astounded that Western Digital cant institute such a basic control system.
I can only assume the SLA has something to do with RMA's being updated approx 10 days after receipt of the actual RMA's. Incorrect Data input give distorted SLA in favour of the companies RMA receipt and turnaround times when in fact WD turn around times are alarmingly atrocious.
Not withstanding the poor RMA controls the Support services by email and telephone are even worse. I sent so many emails to WD Support, perhaps as many as 25, most of which were ignored and never made it onto your their system for some reason. Yet they keep sending me Customer Satisfaction emails to comment on their level of support
Another reason for losing my emails may be that each email i sent requested details of Western Digitals Complaints Procedure. No email was received by me at any time detailing those procedures. Making staff aware of the Complaints Procedure should be pure basics and is always covered in staff training. I am assuming its the same with Western Digital BUT its NOT happening nor are emails being answered compentently. Standard emails are being fired out without even trying to read what the customer has written Where are their internal controls? What's their internal audit teams doing.
I soon got fed up with the emails to Western Digital and the lack of support so I tried to telephoning Western Digital on several occasions. The 0800 Telephone Numbers quoted on the internet do not work.
Eventually I contacted your support staff using an alternative Tel No and have spoken to 3 seperate members of staff. The first being Waldo who promised action...I have seen no evidence of any action and he did not keep me the customer informed of any action taken. The second was Tom. He promised to have a senior member of staff call me to discuss the matter. Again no evidence of any action. In fact I am told he made no record of the call at all. The third was Miguel whome i spoke to at length...21 minutes...he promised to go and find someone for me to talk to...he didnt and when i asked for the Supervisor I was conveniently cut off. Had this not been deliberate, I assume he would have called me back considering he had already asked me for my contact tel no. He did not attempt to call me back.
I spent a further 20 mins waiting on being connected again...and hey presto it was Maguel again. I requested the Supervisor again and finally managed to speak to an apologetic Michael. He as the Supervisor kept apologising. I told him I do not want apologies I want action. I also asked to be able to talk to a Senior member of the Operations Management. The reason being that Western Digital would benefit from some genuine feedback instead of relying on being fed false data on SLA times.
Western Digital appear to have serious issues regarding RMA's, Emails and Customer Support.
Incidentally I am still receiving emails telling me my drives have been received and that the replacements have been shipped. Not at all. The UPS link on the emails does not recognise the RMA details.
This is a shortened version of events and does not do justice to the many hours I have spent trying to communicate with WD. I feel that WD have performed very very badly indeed. I am not saying Western Digital Drives are bad but more that their whole Customer Support setup is bad.

  • Fs
    Fsys Nov 20, 2009

    I have encountered similar problems with Western Digital.
    Do not rely on their service. It is horrible!!!
    I would advise not to buy their products as they have bad service!

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lame products

How can Western Digital get away with selling hard drives with such a horrible service life. Just look on the internet to see how many if not all their WD5000YS style drives have failed. I purchased a (NAS)Network Storage Device which contained Qty 2 of these drives. First drive failed at 1 year mark after basically never being used as it was backup for other drive. Second drive failed 3 months later. Each time a drive failed it took out the

power supply for the NAS (looked up on the internet a it is documented that these drives draw excessive power when they fail. Go to Western Digital Waranty site and the only lame thing they offer you is a "Customer Loyalty" upgrade to buy a refurbished device at their price which is higher than they can be bought on the internet for.

My Recommendation is "NEVER NEVER EVER EVER EVER" buy their lame products

with their lame waranty, if you care about any of your data.

hdd fail / defective product

i bought a 250gig SATA HDD and i have only had it for a year and a half. The HDD was used as my backups drive and due to it now not working i have sent it in for DATA recovery, i got a phone call and was advised that NO DATA can be recovered. there are very important documents as well as priceless photos from my life which are un replaceable. I think that this is a defect and due to the loss of data and many thousands of rands spent trying to recover the data with no end result i would like i formal letter of appology for the manufacutring company Western Digital and a form of compensating for my losses of data and money, i think this is only fair. please send the letter and any documentation to [protected] .
i would like a response to this ASAP.

  • Ja
    JackOfAll Oct 22, 2009

    Certainly the drive should be replaced free of charge by them because it is still under warranty.

    HOWEVER, having only one copy of those important files and photos is actually YOUR fault. You cannot call it a backup drive if it is not a backup of something. In fact, it's then called the master copy. The whole idea of a "backup" is that you have a master PLUS a backup of everything in case one of them gets lost.

    I have lost data more than once; a couple of times due to a hardware error on items still under warranty. Doing decent and timely backups is your own responsibility. It's a bitter pill, but it's the truth.

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  • We
    western digital Aug 14, 2010

    pls replace my hard disk it not working properly & also not detect

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  • We
    western digital Aug 14, 2010

    pls as soon as you see that mail sent some one to my house to take back the hard disk i have my two hard disk one is IDE connector and second one is SATA connector

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  • We
    western digital Aug 14, 2010

    the serial no. of my hard disk is wdamgt587211 & wmamgxm79287

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