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delivery, service, and flowers

I ordered a nice flower arrangement from Wesley Berry Flowers and the vase was suppose to be a birthday candle vase with a nice arrangement of flowers. My daughter recieved a plain vase with some flowers and she said it was nothing like what I had drescribed to her. It was suppose to take up to 4 hrs to deliveried and in fact it took over 8 hrs for the delivery. I wished that I would have googled this site first before ordering from them. I will never do that again. First time that I have been taken. Never Again

  • Ta
    Tab Apr 03, 2009

    I ordered daffodils to be delivered on my friend's birthday which was the first day of spring. I was told there would be no problem getting them to her that day. I verified they did indeed have daffodils & that they would be delivered that day. I thought it odd that I never heard from her about her flowers and finally 5 days later my friend said she never got her flowers and when I checked my account they had refunded my money BUT NO ONE EVER CALLED TO SAY THEY WEREN'T DELIVERING THE FLOWERS I HAD ORDERED!!! I was so pissed, I called them and they said there was no explanation in the computer as to why no one had called me to let me know they wouldn't be delivered. I even contacted the Better Business Bureau and the company's response to me was that they had refunded the money. No apologies, no nothing. There are so many other flower shops out there, don't bother with Wesley Berry Flowers. A business like that deserves to go bankrupt.

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Valentines Day Disaster

My husband is currently deployed to Iraq and to make Valentines Day a little sweeter he decided to order me some flowers. He ordered flowers from Wesley Berry Flowers, they were supposed to be delivered on Feb 13, and they never arrived. I called the company on Sunday to ask where my flowers were and they gave me the excuse that they were out of the product he ordered and they didn't have a call back number. They appologized and said I would get a $10 upgrade and the flowers would be at my house that Monday. Monday came and went and still no flowers, I told myself they must have meant Tuesday since Monday was a holiday. No flowers on Tuesday. I called again on Wednesday I was given another ### and bull story and still no flowers. I was trying hard to get my flowers because my husband wanted me to have them, a week and a half has gone by and I have not recieved anything. So today I called at 8:30 this morning and talked to a rep who descibed the ordeal as ridiculous and she would have my problem personally fixed and call me back when the flowers were on their way. Needless to say I had to call again at 2:30 this afternoon to see what the hold up was, turns out they messed up and were sending them to Maryland, I live in Kansas. So I was asked for my phone number again and gave the same story as this morning, well this time I did get called back and they are supposed to get here at 5pm. Oh I forgot I get a $35 store credit whooppee like I want to order anything from them again. Now I have to wait and see if I get half dead flowers like on of my husband's, buddy's wife did. Never again will this company ever get a cent from us again.

no delivery and were they going to keep my money?

i thought i was ordering flowers from a local company in columbus indiana, ended up being charged to WBFloral in michigan, two weeks later i learned they hadnt been delivered to my 90 year old plus aunt!! i emailed the company and they said they had been trying to get ahold of me, but didnt remember when or how to tell me local company was going to charge an additional 15.00. were they going to keep my money and not tell me, they emailed me an apology, an apology dont get it, how do they keep going on. ive seen at least 12 bad ratings on this webite alone, where else can a person turn to but good customer service, what is the presidents name of this company? i paid for a product and delivery for an amount stated and just got an apology.

Didn't deliver product, didn't refund money

This company is horrible. I ordered flowers on April 17th, and paid 20 something dollars to have them delivered that same day to my sick girlfriend. They didn't deliver the flowers, and they called me the NEXT day asking when I wanted them delivered. I said "forget it, just cancel the order and send my refund!" we're talking about $70 including shipping. They said they wouldn't even charge me in the first place.

A week later, I was charged the $67.48. I called and said I wanted a refund, as no flowers had been delivered! Nothing for 2 weeks. I then EMAILED a request for a refund. Nothing for a week. I finally called again, and they had no record of my call OR email. They said I would be refunded within 10-15 BUSINESS days. So I can expect up to nearly another month before I get my money back.

Don't EVER order from Wesley Berry Florist!!

  • Bo
    bornbrit Aug 10, 2013

    I ordered a rose arrangement from Wesley Berry florist by phone on 8-9-13 for my sister-in-laws birthday. They were very nice on the phone when I placed my order and assured me it would be delivered by the end of the day as promised. Worried when I did not receive the email confirming my order I contacted them by phone and got a message from a woman who told me they would return my call soon. Never got a call back from this company, I called and left 3 messages with one written email expressing concern. Needless to say they did not deliver any flowers to my sister-in-law but they immediately charged my credit card. I finally got someone to answer my call on 8-10-13 and that’s when I got on the “it’s not our fault treadmill”. They could not cancel my order, tell me what happened, or even tell me when the flowers would be delivered, and could not credit my credit card so I could reorder from another florist. The woman hung up on me on my third call to them. Finally when I called back later on 8-10-13 I was told my order never went out on the truck on 8-9-13 or on 8-10-13. This was supposed to be same day delivery and I expressed how embarrassing and disappointed I was in their company. She finally agreed to my refund but it was going to take 10 days to clear their “refund desk” and that’s just how it was going to be because it’s their company policy. I spent the better part of two days trying to deal with this company and never even got an apology. The only thing they got right was charging my credit card. What a bad and disappointing experience this was. I left a review on their Face book page and they removed it immediately, I looked at the BBB - they had over 1, 820 complaints in 3 years. Please put the company out of their misery and do us all a favor.

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  • De
    Dente687 Sep 03, 2015

    Did not deliver flowers did not refund money

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Poor customer service and cheating

DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM, PLEASE READ THIS!!! I had to learn the had way what a crappy place this is. Read all the complaints on this website about the and the visit the BBB. They have and unsatisfactory rating with 158 complaints in the last 36 months. I was too trusting and did not research before ordering flowers for mother's day. I am still in the process of getting some kind of compensation. My story begins like this: I placed an order for mother's day a very specific bouquet and what was delivered did not match. It had been substituted for something similar but way cheaper. When I had ordered the flowers online the have a box to check if you are willing to have substitution or leave blank if you do not want substitution. I left the box blank. I would rather my mother not get flowers because I wanted that certain bouquet. I e-mailed them the day the flowers were delivered and four more times after. I called them twice. Finally on the 3rd time got ahold of a person. I wanted a refund for my flowers they said no, I had to go pick the flowers up at my mother's house. I told her I lived in Iowa and my mother lived in New York so that was impossible. She then said well why are you calling now, I told her I had contacted them 7 times and no one got back to me. She then said hold on I'll get a manger. The manager told me he could not give me a refund because of the substitution policy and all florist have that. I told him about the website and not checking the substitution box. He then said he would replace the order but the original flowers had to be given back. I told him this was over a week ago and I don't know if my mother had the bouquet anymore. He said then we won't reorder. I told him I had contacted them on the Saturday the order was delivered but no one e-mailed me back. He then said he would call me back when he contacted the flower shop. I am still waiting for his return call. Both the lady and the manager were rude rude rude!!!

"Delivery problems that arise because of our failure will be issued a store credit for $20.00 or refunded the delivery charge. If the product is accepted, no refund will be made on the product portion of the order. If the product is not accepted a store merchandise credit of twice the amount of the order can be issued or a refund check or credit card refund for the original amount of the order can be issued." This is soooooooo ridiculous. How are you suppose to know if an order is correct without accepting the product first. The have a %100 satisfaction guarantee policy which obviously means nothing! What you order online does not mean you will get it. Only if the florist they order from has it. This is the worst flower company ever.


  • Th
    The Bee Aug 26, 2009

    no one wants to speak with you. end your life your a failure

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Fraud and cheating!

First off DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM. I ordered flowers to be delivered for Mother's Day. When the bouquet came it was completely different from what I ordered. I paid 68 dollars and what came looked horrible. I have e-mailed this company 5 times with no response and have called 2 times and they say they will call me back. They do no have the best prices and were more expensive than other websites I visited. The only reason I ordered from them was because I wanted a very specific flower that they had. When the order arrived it didn't even have that flower. I'm going to call them again and stay on the phone until I talk to a manager or owner. Then I'm going to turn them in to the Better Business Bureau. Stay away from this company!!!

  • As
    Ashley Jun 17, 2008


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  • Ma
    Madeline Jul 22, 2008

    I ordered from this company for Mother's day as well. Not only did the flowers (ordered 72 hours in advance of Mother's Day) not get delivered they did not give me a refund.

    I have been e-mailing the company and spent more than 5 hours of my time talking with customer service. At this point they say they do not even have my name as a person who ordered, but if I call and give only my confirmation number it magically exists again!

    DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM! I am reporting them to BBB.

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  • Ka
    Kathy G. Nov 12, 2008

    DO NOT USE WESLEY BERRY FLOWERS ! I sure do wish I searched this company before I called them as I normally do, but I wanted the flowers delivered ASAP. The Lady could not guarantee that my choice could be found, when I insisted on it, she put me on hold, came back said she found it, took my credit card number and preceded to scold me about waiting until the day that I wanted them delivered to call. I never had a problem with flower deliveries if I make them early in the afternoon as I did. The whole experience was very "fishy". I believe there is no shop like they say there is, it's people answering the phone at home or wherever else taking orders and credit card numbers. The flowers were never delivered and I am also waiting for someone to call me back.

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  • Am
    Amy Gator Dec 25, 2010

    This company took my money for my mother's birthday flowers. The day the flowers were to be delivered, I received a morning email from the company informing me the flowers had been delivered to her. I waited an hour later, called my mother to find out that no flowers were ever delivered! I called the company. Spoke to Cody in Customer Service who told me someone would call me back immediately to resolve the problem. No one called me. I saved every email I sent to the company inquiring about my mother's flowers. I finally received two emails from the company at 6:30pm! First email said the flowers were NOT delivered and couldn't be and I would receive a full refund. The second email was from Tammy Manzella that she was sorry that my flowers were not delivered and how she waited until the end of the day to tell me! She told me I would get a full refund. Guess what? My mother's flowers were never delivered and still do not have my money! I am contacting the bank to open a dispute.

    Have you or anyone else you know have this experience with this company? I recommend every angry consumer to contact Better Business Bureau (Google them), file a complaint agains this company, then contact your state's Attorney General's office regarding fraud and consumer affairs. You can find out more about this company by entering the company's name in the Better Business Bureau's website. It will tell you the name of the owner, Daniel, and contact information regarding his businesses. It will also show you the amount of complaints made against this company in the last 36 months, you will be shocked!

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Terrible mothers day experience!

For Mothers Day I ordered a flower arrangement for my Grandmother and another for my Mother-in-law, both to be delivered in the Dallas area. It is 2 days after Mothers Day and the flowers have NOT BEEN DELIVERED!!! I have CALLED 4 TIMES and still the flowers have not been delivered. When I spoke to the manager this morning to check on the order he said "well these flowers haven't been delivered"... NO KIDDING?? That would be the very reason for my call. The supposed MANAGER made no attempt to correct the situation at all. His only recommendation to this point has been to refund my money we'll see if that happens any time soon. Needless to say this will be my first and LAST purchase from Wesley Berry Flowers.

  • Be
    beverly amato May 13, 2008

    unbelievable!! they dont deliver, , ,

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  • Jo
    Joe & Katey En gel May 15, 2008

    My mother-in-law has yet to receive her flowers for Mother's Day in The Woodlands, Texas and we have yet to see a credit in our account. They are quick to take our money, and are anything but to give it back. We will never use Wesley Berry Florists again or any FTD florist. I will have her go to the local florist and pick out her own bouquet. I want my money back Wesley/Berry and FTD.

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  • Ji
    Jill Robinson May 11, 2011

    I placed an order to have flowers sent to my mother for Mothers Day. The following day I noticed that my credit card had been double charged. I called in, and they told me they would enter the complaint with the "shop" and it would be credited. On Mothers Day, I waited for my Mom to call me, telling me she'd received the flowers. The call never came, so I called her. She never received the flowers. Later that night I received an email from Wesley Berry telling me they would be unable to deliver my flowers and that I would be credited. Though, I was disappointed, I was ok with this. My mother lives in a rural area and most do not deliver to her. On Monday, I checked my bank account again to ensure I was credited for the double billed charge of the flowers. To my dismay, I learned that I had not been credited and indeed I had been charged a third time for flowers. Since then, I have called their 'answering service' which is the only live person you can reach with the Wesley Berry Flowers. I have called 5 times without resolution. Each time I talk to a live person, I am told they will take my information and send the complaint to the "shop" and I have yet to hear anything back. My experience with Wesley Berry Florist has been completely dissatisfying. I had received an emailed Confirmation that my mother would be getting flowers and she did not. I was notified so late that I could do nothing to rectify the issue. Moreover I have now been charged over $150 (due to triple billing) for flowers that I have been informed via email will never be delivered. There is no obvious resolution path with this company, and complaints are not handled in a timely manner. Given my experience, the idea that this company is a member of the Better Business Bureau with an A rating is laughable and besmirches your reputation. With no easy or obvious way to handle dissatisfied customers, I do not understand how they can have your rating or your endorsement. Please go to the Better Business Bureau website to issue a complaint at the following website:

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No satisfaction, false advertising

My mother-in-law retired a few weeks ago and since my husband and I could not attend, we decided to send her...

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