Weinstein Propertiesthe belmont apartments, 1000 mcqueen drive, durham nc

Y Aug 01, 2018

When we moved into the Belmont Apartments in Durham so my partner could get his MBA at Duke we were given water-damaged, dirty apartment at move in.

The living experience throughout was subpar but manageable.

Move Out was when we really got screwed. We were emailed dirty pictures of an apartment that WASN'T OURS mixed in with a few pictures of our previous apartment. #shady

We were then told we would be charged for chips and scratched to the countertop that we noted at move-in on the inspection document.

Meanwhile, I have email receipts of Weinstein acknowledging:
1) They sent photos of another apartment with ours
2) The apartment inspection form that notes the pre-existing damages that we were charged for as well as
3) The final pictures of the state of our apartment (which was given back professionally cleaned, and 10 times better than when the keys were given to us at move in)

I emailed with them repeatedly, they told me the manager would call me. Michah never did. They communicated this am via email that they would not be returning our security deposit.

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