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Web of Trust / False Reporting

May 06, 2013

Web of Trust provides a good stated mission but their rating system is flawed either by design or by their moderators running the show. They remove comments and create personal opinions about website to purposely rate them lower. Trying to argue against their accusations only causes more...

MyWOT / mywot is a scam

Nov 09, 2012

mywot is a total scam. I installed the toolbar and it has shown 6 of my long term regular website as spam. Totally ridiculous and annoying. I then went and tried to find out why they would rate them as spam and i find out that a small group of people (10-20) on the site go around ranking...

Web of Trust [WOT] / / MYWOT has now been shown to BUY FACEBOOK likes from two suppliers online

Oct 22, 2012

MYWOT has now been shown to BUY FACEBOOK likes from two suppliers online. MYWOT, a small company who has recently been caught buying Facebook likes from two suppliers online has had 24% of their likes removed by FACEBOOK. Facebook also has since removed MYWOT as a partner due to...

MyWOT / Rating of my website

Jul 17, 2012

This company has unfairly rated my website poor or very poor reputation, there is nothing wrong with my website and it is stupid how they can get away with it! BTW My websites are:, and If you have an account, please rate it excellent :) Thanks! / Rude staff when you report the problems to them

May 02, 2012

1) Mass rating system. One platinum member can turn a website reputation down from Green to RED!. People rating websites are not customers to write reviews. 2) Some users attack businesses to sell back the Green (good) reputation to that business at a fee. 3) No customer service to... / Most of the reviews on there are untrue, and shouldn't be trusted

Apr 26, 2012

The site markets it self as a fair place for websites to be reviewed. Well, I'm afraid that this ain't the case! The site offers a top 10 reviewers table, which has resulted in huge amounts of negative reviews, on perfectly safe sites. Their customer service is non-the-better, and they...

MyWOT / MyWOT is Scam - Proof Available

Apr 20, 2012

MyWOTI can prove that mywot is a scam. Users of MyWOT, those who are given extra right by the management of myWOT to rate websites (Each of their rating is equal to 1000 of normal people ratings) found on selling their service. They take down competitors by leaving negative...

MyWOT TrustSeal / MyWOT ratings are biased.

Apr 16, 2012

It seems that this is going far far beyond ruining reputation of legitimate and well-known businesses. They're trying to write as much negative reviews as possible against website on the net to grasp the attention of the business owners. Once the business owner contact them... / Mywot is abused by people who scour the internet looking for worldviews that they disagree with

Mar 27, 2012

Mywot is abused by people who scour the internet looking for worldviews that they disagree with. One of their regulars told me that I was a quack for teaching meditation and that he should have given me all red flags, but he "was in a good mood." So, he gave me yellow ratings which mean... / Just another extortion scam site

Mar 27, 2012

Just another extortion scam site, i have a website that has never even been used and it has a very bad reputation already on MyWot, when i emailed them to rectify it they asked for money.Nothing but out and out cyber criminals. / Loads cookies and spyware automatically if you visit

Mar 01, 2012

LOADS COOKIES AND SPYWARE AUTOMATICALLY IF YOU VISIT! Clean out all memory caches and up your security, then visit site and you will see it tries to download files to your compuer with no explanation, unlike other sites that tell you what they are doing. EVIL MONEY MAKING SCHEME, INTERNET...

WOT (Web of Trust) / WOT (web of trust) is a SCAM!

Feb 22, 2012

just uninstalled WOT (after having it for one week), and I urge everyone to do the same. Let me explain why. WOT is a very subtle and deceptive way to censor the internet, it is one of the worst systems I have ever seen. It puts sites down based simply on politics and world view. Try... / Mywot is a scam and a spyware site

Jan 11, 2012

Mywot is a scam and a spyware site. Their browser add on sends all of your browsing data back to their servers!! You can see for yourself by running wireshark. If you really want to be safe on the net then use some real security tools like norton, mcafee, avg etc / False Postings

Oct 28, 2011 is useless. They allow competitors to post false information against our site and refuse to investigate or validate information. Stay away from and Sami Tolyanen.

WOT Web of Trust / Unethical Company SCAM

Sep 10, 2011

WOT is a serious ripoff and SCAM. They don't display their phone number, don't answer problems with their rating system and are unresponsive. They are ruining legitimate businesses and something should be done about them. They rate my website a Negative when it should be Question...

WOT / WEB OF TRUST / Recomendation


I would recommend WOT or WEB OF TRUST download for your computer(s). It warns you if you have clicked on a questionable or possible scam website. Full instructions are provided on how to use this download properly and it’s FREE. Please Google Search “web of trust” before...

MyWOT / Beware


I don't know about any of that other stuff, but I know the software is garbage. It slows down your computer first of all. My system is constantly choked by it and I have to restart constantly. Second, it's ratings are crap. The people who live on that site will rate something red...