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I don't know about any of that other stuff, but I know the software is garbage. It slows down your computer first of all. My system is constantly choked by it and I have to restart constantly. Second, it's ratings are crap. The people who live on that site will rate something red for the slightest of reasons. If they get angry over a store clerk not smiling enough, they'll not only rate the store's site red but rally a bunch of others to do the same. So a bunch of guys who's got nothing to do with it will run over and rate it red just so they can be part of the gang. It's a game to them and they don't realize they're all a joke. I say avoid this software at all costs.


  • Al
    AlbertF Jul 28, 2009

    I also have had an incident with my site, I have so cleverly just asked the community to rate my site accordingly, knowing that it has no adware, pop ups, none of that malicious stuff, and what I get in return? Negative ratings. Is MyWoT really becoming more of a tool to attack webmasters? I really hope the admin team would really clean MyWoT up, because I know for sure that there are people abusing the system. Hey look my numbers are still climbing down for no apparent reason.

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  • Th
    TheMouseIsFinished Sep 28, 2009

    1 days ago by Rose and Sam 0 Votes

    Again Dan I am going to ask you seeing as how you brought it up earlier...Why were the necessary upgrades and refurbishing put off for many years???????
    Why were we told time and time again that the upgrades were going to be done before next year...(every year for the last 6, at least years).

    Exactly WHERE were the monies diverted...third party management...actually for the large loan that Raintree owes...Starwood.

    Again NEVER were we ever told in the 12 years I have been a member, that Raintree...or whatever you want to call yourselves...when you change your name to borrow more monies...that the monies collected were not sufficient to cover costs.
    We were promised everything as far as upgrades and given certificates for added weeks, (through RCI that were as worthless as the paper they were written on) PROMISES...PROMISES... and never PRODUCTION.




    And as Joes said above...our economy is very bad at the moment...many have lost their jobs or have hours cut back and decrease in salary or hours or both. How can this company in good what they are to the members...???????
    They have mismanaged the monies and overleaveraged themselves so badly and want us to bail them out. Sell off some not in this economy buy more properties and expect us to come up with your downpayment.


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  • Bi
    Billymadison Jun 21, 2010

    MyWOT tracks some data which is kind of worry some in this day and age of ID theft and spam. MyWOT says they "The WOT add-on collects information only for computing website ratings, performing statistical analysis, and preventing abuse of our service. Any information that is no longer needed for these purposes is deleted" according to their website. I'm not sure if this is a good or bad thing since the statement seems kind of vague. Plus, do they delete the data in a secure manner by overwriting the data at least 4 times with a data destruction software, and how long are back ups of user data stored for before they are deleted. Plus, I read some of the reviews on Firefox by members who tried the add-on. A lot of them say the add-on is not very useful since MyWOT is nothing more then a popularity contest where websites with opposing points of views can be rated or commented down. I also agree with you the software sort of slow down web browsers on older computers. I also discovered that MyWOT gives ranks to people who rate and comment the most sites and allow them to advertise their website link for free on their forum profile, so if they rate a lot of websites they get a platinum rank and their user name is shown on the front page of the community page. They can gain a lot of referrals by being active on myWOT, and members clicking on their member link in their profile. MyWOT is starting to turn into Yahoo Answers, but for answers if a website is safe or not where internet marketers comment and rate comments in hope you will check out their profile with a link to their website. I also feel some MyWOT members has a "mob mentality and vigilant justice" personality.

    MyWOT is a good idea, but smaller websites can be punished by people who quickly glance at your website and rate it without exploring your entire site or by competitors who want to deface your reputation.

    I think it is more effective for rating bigger sites like Google then a "small buisness" website.

    For now, it is best to rely on toolbars like AVG security toolbar, and Mcafee Siteadvisor. Plus, a good antivirus, firewall and antispyware.

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  • Pr
    premgarment Jul 31, 2010

    i am also suffring same my site i have asked wot community to give view for my site. my site is clean it has no viruses, adwares, popups even i have added privacy policy for used cookies. but community has treated so bedly . who is responcible for that ?

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  • Ar
    Aratai Aug 23, 2010

    We have also been accused by MyWot that there would be viruses on our website. I checked the whole server and I didn't find anything. Then I got the website checked by Google webmaster tools and it said : no malwares found. It is really just a tool to attack webmasters. A program that reproduces situations we lived when we were kids playing in a sandbox. If you are still a child, go to their website and load it up to your computer !

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  • Ja
    jason32 Sep 21, 2010

    its a ring of idiots.
    Like a gang of teenagers.

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  • Ge
    GeorgeMFly Oct 28, 2010

    Below is the solution. I too have had my life ruined or almost ruined for 12 years of hard honest online work helping my local community honestly and never asking for anything in return. Why?? We don't get it, all we did was put 1 positive comment into their system, and bang, 5 negative and fruadulent statemtns about our business we have to defend. Well a year is up and nothing has helped, they are scammers praying on the word TRUST, and fellow business people like you and me and nothing more!

    ANSWER: It'll be much easier than trying to sue the unreachable blackmailing domain holders to just beat them at their VERY OWN game:

    EASY IDEA #1:
    Go log into your own MyWOT account by creating a new one with a first time setup email like hotmail, gmail, yahoo, etc, and then ban and blatently defame very reputable sites like PAYPAL, MICROSOFT, YAHOO, GOOGLE, FORD, AOL, TIME/WARNER, IMDB, EBAY, AMAZON.COM with statments like: Blatenly scams people, is a phishing site, charges your cc without refunding, etc etc., A well known member of a Fraudulent associated set of sites just discovered! Make it believable!!

    Since their information isn't kept with an ounce of moral fiber, why not help them out a bit. Once corporations start getting listed in google as scam sites, you'll see some real action against these [censor]s!!! Only post one or two really good ones per day to avoid being tracked on their greedy little radars. They are LOOKING FOR GOOD COMMENTS TO DELETE THEM, NOT NEGATIVES, THAT'S WHAT THEY LIVE FOR!!

    Easy idea #2: We can't stop the users they already have aquired from leaching off legitamate companies with their blackmailed comments as you tried to earn trust, BUT YOU CAN STOP THEM FROM GETTING MORE!!

    Register a very similiar domain like:, or what have you, get the idea... just pick one.

    Spend the $7.00 for any domain close to thiers. Spend the 5 extra bucks to hide who you are (like they do), Then post their logo and put a huge defamatory remark on the entire page that explains: MyWOT has been found to blatenly violate their privacy policy. If your company has had deragatory facts posted on this site, MyWOT is liable for all damages. If you feel you have been manipulated into giving them your information, contact the BBB and [redacted].com for further details.

    Again, put their own copyright, put their own WOT logo on the site and tell all the newcomers WOT is closed due to fraudulent activities. If you have the utility installed, it is advise you remove it as your computer may become infected. MyWOT is no longer considered safe.

    NOW, lets get this domain registered in google. Use a free submit service like: Onward fellow trustworthy domain businesses!! Onward and godspeed!!!

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  • Fl
    flyonthewall Oct 31, 2010

    mywot has created an artificially enhanced mob mentality, since their authors get rewarded for going with the majority.

    Don't fall into the trap of requesting a site review or posting in their forum. That is call for them to mop and attack your site in agreeance with eachother, in the hope of ranking up in their little mywot game they're playing.

    I grabbed the following snippet from a news article about fake hotel reviews. I think it's relevant for mywot fake reviews too:

    "But Arthur Frommer, founder of the Frommer's travel guides, said travelers should rely on the advice of experts, such as guidebook writers or journalists.

    Frommer said he had to discontinue a popular feature in some of his guidebooks that included readers' selections, largely because he could not be certain they did not come from businesses.

    "Find write-ups by professionals whose judgments you trust and rely on that, " Frommer said. "I would never rely on the judgment of amateurs.""

    source :

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  • Fl
    flyonthewall Oct 31, 2010

    mywot authors have no regard for the real definitions of virus, trojans, malware. They just throw those terms around to suit their selfish purposes. If they could, they'd also tag your site with graffiti.

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  • Te
    TenzingNorgay Dec 19, 2010

    WOT itself is a pile of teenagers, who lost the link to the reality. I like, how they often say "If someone hits you in the street, would you trust him?".
    The admins and the developers are like little childs, looking at the overall scene but not really doing something when they are asked to.
    Even lawsuits against WOT are inefficient.

    KILL WOT, [censor] it! WOT is worse than Google, which is the "data collector", because WOT refuses to remove it's own content.
    Even Google does it. WOT, how they call this spam-machine, and the community, are so full of themselves, that they think they are higher-class-people (99% of WOT's Platinum users are ones who failed at life, maybe to act like a boss)

    WOT, change! Change, hire professional people, or let the community rate and give the webmasters the ability to remove scorecards.
    I was really sad when years of work were so to say made dirty!

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  • Te
    TenzingNorgay Dec 19, 2010

    And for all the people who got their sites rated down: don't waste your energy, no one cares about the rating anyway.

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  • Gh
    gh902 Mar 10, 2011

    As a small business owner, I can only say amen!

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  • Gh
    gh902 Mar 10, 2011

    As a business owner, I have encountered these people. They do not seem to grasp that the burden of proof is on them. Even if you never had a single customer complaint and everyone you've ever done business with loves the heck out of you and would recommend you to anyone, these people will examine your site and make various complaints. You either follow their every whim, and they can get quite absurd, or you have your own customers help if you are large enough to do so. Small business stands no chance and must adhere to whatever absurdity is put before them, kissing as much butt as possible during the process. That is the only way around the reality of the 'new internet' ever since these rating systems became prevalent. The one bright spot is that management can step in during obvious cases, but the cases must be obvious, and if this gang of reviewers are doing everything to cast doubt, this can be difficult.

    It is important to note that not ALL reviewers are like this. Some are quite decent, normal, people like you and me (the ones with normal activity scores, and a good portion of those with high activity scores). There are a handful who operate like a gang. They do have a good deal of power, so make no mistake that they can take down your business, as absurd and unfortunate as it is. Destruction of things is always easy, after all.

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  • Jo
    JoAm Jul 13, 2011

    Do not post in them Forum or they might jump over your website and drop your site rating down. They act anonymous and try to find out your identity as soon they did they publish it public. They might check all your personal identity like lawyers to find anything against you. Be warned!

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  • As
    asafestie Sep 13, 2011

    G7W The MyWot member who has posted 729, 000 times most of which are negative comments about web sites and most of these web sites are rated as safe by other rating services. Think about that. was created 5 years ago. That means that G7W posts about 145, 800 times per year or 400 times a day, every day. That's 16 posts per hour IF he didn't sleep, but lets assume he sleeps for 8 hours a day, that means he posts 25 times an hour for 16 hours a day which means he is spending 2.4 minutes per post to determine a web site is unsafe and write about how unsafe it is. Something doesn't seem right here. Maybe G7W is the one you shouldn't be trusting and since MyWot puts up with this them maybe MyWot is anything but trustworthy.

    G7W Profile

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  • Gw
    gw7mywotcom Nov 01, 2011

    I think is a scam. They allow their "raters" to bash ligitimate

    sites with no verification of the users at all. They even allow competitors to

    register using false information and then bash their competition. They should all

    be sued and burn in ****! I suspect Jake Brill - Mgr at will be dumping them soon too.

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  • My
    mywotvictim Nov 07, 2011

    I have an 11 year A+ rating with the BBB and all of a sudden my clients are telling me that my site is blocked by TrendMicro. Turned out MyWot had our site rated bad by some anonymous users who were never our customers g7w, etc.

    When I asked them to investigate the basically told me to go screw myself. Then they lowered my ratings even more.

    Then I said I would sue them too, so guess what, the lowered them again even though no new ratings had been posted.

    Ok, hate to admit it, but I asked some of our clients to post their opinions on mywot. Guess what? Every time they did some automated bot would instantly disagree with them. And all good comments were automatically place on the last page leaving the bad one from 2008 at the top.

    I can tell you for a fact that from my experience, they should all be in jail.

    They should all be sued. Oh, they are being sued :-)

    BTW, we do plan on suing them too along with the other 10 companies. The only question we are facing now is do we sue for failing to do their due deligence before partnering with them, and do we sue Firefox, opera, etc too? They should have checked them out too because this has gone on way too long.

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  • De
    designlover Apr 11, 2012

    The same thing happened to our company rating. Platinum member from Mywot started to write negative comments and turned our company rating from Green to RED. Accusing us of having poor privacy by providing privacy checker website link. Going to that link shows our website have perfect privacy. (status : Clean). Why would a platinum member on do such thing?

    We should say bye to MYWOT authority and reliability.

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  • Ma
    Marcus78 Apr 18, 2012

    From my experience AVG Threat Labs is much more reliable plus you can use the avg safety badge for free in your site (trust seal is not free...)

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  • Al
    Alian123 May 22, 2012

    If you don’t buy their trust tools you will get a bad rating. Check out all the guys who are protesting this -

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  • Fr
    Fredo5 Apr 12, 2013

    Mywot is really a threat to website owners. One thing you can do is vote against their plugin:

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  • Ju
    Judy Wei May 29, 2013

    I first went to this website to leave a comment for another website that was false reported. This then brought attacks to my website. I dont see a way to have your website's reputation improved after their high level users slander it. You will just be marked as spam if you try to comment favorably. Support does nothing to help. They do more on here to try and hide these comments.

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  • To
    Tom Sa Jan 22, 2019

    How important it is ? and Is he even important??

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