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Went in to day got to register Reached into my pocket for money and dropped my phone.on floor didn't realize i had done this till car .soon as.I didn't have my phone so I walked right back in to see if I could find like 800 dollar phone to go counter.they tell me yes manger has phone . So says he put it in his pocket I'm thinking great gonna get my phone back but no.then he say he must have put it on the register looks can't find it .if someone gives you a list don't just leave it out in the open for somebody back several times want.back to see main manager kinda rude back enough i lost very expensive phone really should have better policy wen it comes to something like this


  •   Jun 04, 2019

    800 dollars for one phone!!???

    You are an idiot and you should not be able to reproduce.

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  • S
      Jul 09, 2019

    @Um is not an answer! my iPhone was also $800. You must have a damn flip phone! The popular iphones are very expensive but you can make monthly payments. He should have, however, heard that phone hit the ground!! $800 phones make a loud noise when falling to floor!!! Obviously, he left it on counter and is saying it fell cause he knows he f**ed up. If the manager DID have the phone in his pocket, which I believe he did, the manager lied about putting on counter and stole the phone himself..pretty obvious, but shame on this ass for not paying attention to where his $800 phone was!!

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  •   Jul 09, 2019

    @Sherry Ackerman Nope. Samsung. Cost me a little over a hundred.

    iPhones. Typical. You look at them and they break.

    Apple is a shi77y company. Their accessories which are mandatory for the usage the actual product cost more than the product. No wonder the apple store in Manhattan fifth avenue is open 24 hrs.

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  •   Jun 05, 2019

    As soon as I feel my phone not in my pocket is as soon as it leaves my pocket. You didn't hear the big bang as soon as it smacked the floor???

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