Waste Management [WM]3 times my trash cans were not returned to the correct house

After they pick my trash up they do not leave the trash cans where they found them. I find them down the street with someone else's trash cans. This has to be the 3rd time this has happened. When I moved to my apartment I had 4 trash cans now I'm down to 3 only. Your workers need to start doing their jobs correctly instead of just throwing other people property wherever they feel like it.

  • Waste Management [WM] Customer Care's Response, Oct 14, 2019

    This is certainly not the way we want you to feel. It will be our pleasure to take a closer look at your concern. Please email your address, along with a copy of your post to [protected], subject line COMPLAINTS BOARD, and we will contact you right away. ^oj

Oct 11, 2019

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