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Washington MutualLoan modification and incorrect credit report

When I was bedridden with twins, I called to see about refinancing. Washington Mutual offered me a loan consolidation, which took a couple months to go through. In November 2009, they called to tell us modification had been approved but to not make December payment. They told me it wouldn't affect my credit. I noticed their numbers were wrong as years two and on included escrow instead of just principal and interest when I got documents, but I was assured it wouldn't be a problem so I signed and returned.

I found out they reported my payment as overdue for December so called to remind them the only reason I didn't pay was because they told me not to. Then when I asked about them updating the numbers, I was told they'd rework it. After a couple of months (all along I was paying more than the amount listed on loan modification to pay), I got a call back saying the documents would need to be reworked. I was told the credit would be fixed.

In May I was denied for a car payment because WAMU was still reporting December payment as overdue and when I called WAMU, they told me I was $16, 000 overdue. Somehow the modified payments kicked back to the higher interest rate and payment. After speaking to a manager, they assured me it would be removed and a letter would be mailed to me confirming it had been done. When it wasn't removed from my credit report, I refuted it with the bureas directly. In the meantime, I got two letters confirming and apologizing for WAMUs mistake and was now being reported correctly to the credit bureas. As of July, the disputes were "updated" to now saying I am 61-90 days overdue and owing over $24, 000! When I called WAMU, they denied ever having a loan modification and told me I am at fault for all past due amounts since I assumed the loan mod would go through.

As a sidenote, I've been told for a month that the new loan mod was worked out to be lower than the last one and the new documents would be mailed to me. I've been given numerous names and numbers to speak to the supposed closer or am told they will have the closer call me. I have called weekly since May (sometimes twice a week) to get this matter resolved. I've been told the payments I was making have been placed aside in an escrow-type holding account awaiting to be allocated once the new loan modification was resolved.

So my credit is shot, no new loan modification documents are in sight, and WAMU is denying the existence of the first loan modification as well as that they would correct my credit. Of course, I have all originals (as well as a new statement with the reflected new payment after the original loan modification was finalized). Is there a class action lawsuit? I lost thousands of dollars of possible rebates for the car I couldn't purchase because of WAMU incorrectly reporting my credit. My biggest concern is the difference of thousands of dollars for January-July, the constant calls and mail of other home refinancers trying to "help me save my home." It's like getting harrassed by creditors, but for no reason! Please help!


  • Valerie Sep 09, 2008

    I have a high balance on my wamu credit card and I am trying to pay it off by myself. I called and tried to make arrangements to pay them, but they want me to pay an amount that I just don't have.

    I tell them what I can pay and they boost it higher than I have money for.

    This leaves me no choice but to file so I can get them settled. I didn’t want to do this way but I have no way to resolve the debt other than filing soon as I can.

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  • Ma
    marshall tape Nov 03, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i open my account in august 2007 with 0%for 1 year on balance tranfers, then it was suppose to go to 9.9%. I have made my payments on time for the last year. My sept. statement i didnt receive, otherwise i would have sent it in. so on sept 18 i received a call saying my payment was late, it was due on the 16th, i paid it that day. instead of my interest rate being9.9%, it jumped to 28.74%. I dont think this is fair, since i didnt receive no statement for that month of september. so my interest rate should have never been jump up to 28.74% . I also paid a late fee of 39.00. So could you please look in to, and contract me as soon as possible, thank you

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  • Co
    CoolGuy Jan 10, 2009

    I made an appointment with Tiffany Wang in South Park Victoria Milpitas Branch
    First, she was late.

    Second, she was really rude. The first thing she asked was, do you have 20% down? in a very rude tone. Then, we were inquiring if you have the FHA. She said, "we don't do FHA, if you don't have 20% down, there is no reason for me to go further." She didn't even want to try or offer any options or at least act professional that WAMU doesn't do FHA. She basically discriminated us because we don't have 20% down.

    We were just trying to inquire and we didn't deserve to be disrespected. Then we told her, we saw a sign in another branch and she was like, " I do all the consultation in here, i didnt put that in there, go read the sign, or go in there instead!" She was very disrespectful.

    She basically threw us out in less than 5 mins and offered no help.

    WAMU should not be discriminating whether a person has money or no money. People should not be treated this way just because they are inquiring.

    I can give further statement if needed for this discriminating event. It happened today, at 9:45AM on 1/10/2009.

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  • Je
    jenycce Jun 04, 2009

    Message Sent: 06/04/2009 08:17 PM (Central Daylight Time)
    Confirmation Number: K117830834A282BE2
    Subject: About my my savings - 4626

    I am extremely upset ihave had problems with wamu for over a year this has allbeen about a stolen card. The bank closed my checking account... I have had to pay the bank back the money thatwas stolen from my account as well as fees from the bank i was advised not to touch my savings account . I contacted the bank and was told that aslong as I kept 25 dollars in my account I would not have a problem I recieved a message in my email today saying that i had an overage in my account. I called the phone repimmediatly she was very rude and uninterested in my situation I asked her to speak to a manager and she transfered me to the mrnu prompts and then I received a message saying that the service was closed for the night to call back tomorrow this is very unprofessional I will make sure and let every and any one I know not to bank with wamu I opened another account while I waited for the situation tobe fixed with the idea that I would return with the bankI have been with for 9 years. I can't not believe that with the economic status we are all in this bank would take advantage. my email adress is [protected] and my phone number is [protected]

    This is the message I sent out after the representative pertended totransfer me to the supervisor. This is the worst bank ever I cannot believe that they are so bad off that theymust steal my money from my account. I am making sure that everyone I know hears about it because I dont everwant anyone to go through this.

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  • Gm
    gmperez1979 Jun 26, 2009

    I lost my job on april 2008 and was still able to pay my mortgage automatically from my checking account with washington mutual until feb 2009 they told me not to pay 3 months because i would qualify for obama's economic reflief plan and it was simple; I would not pay them for 3 months, my credit would not be affected and then they would modified according to state guidelines. of course this didn't happen and then washington mutual told me they could not show me how the calculation was made and that they had to report me to the credit bureau. I have been calling them and they are giving me a closed door answer. please help me and let me know i was never late and i am a single mother; I had the loan for 5 years automatic payment and washington mutual lied to me so i could sign the modification. can someone tell me what i could

    thank you,

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  • Ju
    Julie in Missouri Jul 13, 2009

    I wanted to say that I think your "November 2009" date is incorrect. I don't want to the substance of the story to have any inaccuracies that can be used to discredit it.

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  • Bl
    BlackChris Aug 14, 2009

    Washington Mutual did a deferred payment and never told me that all of the monies would be due after six months. In my understanding of something being deferred you would start again from the next payment. Well that never happen that want all of the money. Another issue I have with them is the Loan Modification program it takes them months and months to work with the customer. They are fast to call you every single day to get their payments but when you need help forget it. Washington Mutual wanted the government hand out and their hands were out for money. If people just sit back and do nothing about the companies just wanting to help themselves nothing will change in this world.

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  • Is
    IsaCas Sep 25, 2009

    I agree completely regarding the credit portion. WAMU said the same thing to us and when I checked our credit on line it said we were delinquent on our account as well. My husband called and they sent us a letter within a week apologizing. You have to keep calling them and bugging them that is what I did. I refused to pay an attorney to due battle with the mortgage lender. My husband had been layed off. I told them that they could choose to help or they could have the house back, because I didn't need more stress than I already had.

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  • Ma
    MarC92 Jan 15, 2010

    I recently made a mistake on my in money account i went over .02 cents and they chrged me $33.00 2 weeks later my mistake .03 cents same thing $33.00 overdraft i talked to them and they would not help me at all i am on a fixed income ssdi i think its sad when tey dont care about consumers at all after all with out us they wold not ge there so for a measly .005 cents it cost me $66.00 out of my social security check whitch everone knows is not enough to live on any way.

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  • Lu
    Luhane Jun 28, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I relocated from California to Arkansas and found that there were no Washington Mutual branches in this state. Since I had some money in my WaMu checking account, I wanted to close it out and get my balance. First of all, the bank personnel told me that I would have to go into a branch (over 2000 miles from me) to close my account. This is ludicrous. So I decided just to write a check to myself for the balance of my account from my online checking. While out shopping that same day, I realized that I could have probably just have withdrawn the money from an ATM. I thought I'd give it a shot, since I figured if the check had already been recorded, they would simply decline the ATM transaction. If it went through, I'd cancel the check online. Well, I was able to withdraw the cash, but then WaMu charged me for an 'overdraft' due to the original check I had written, but I never cashed the check. Since the check had not been cashed, there was nothing to cover. I even told them I would return the un-cashed check to them. They refused, stating I had to pay for an overdraft. My points: 1) If the check was never cashed, there was no overdraft to cover. 2) If the check had been 'covered', then there should have been no balance available for me to withdraw from an ATM.

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