VRBO / Vacation Rentals By Owner1113 Mariner Cay “Southern Dunes Golf” Haines City, FL

M Aug 07, 2018

We booked this property from July 28th - August 11th. On Tuesday, in the evening we were watching tv and Someone walked up to the front door flashed a flashlight light into the home, I got up waited a bit and open the door. I didn't see anything. I decided to call the owners to ask if that was normal. I never heard back from them at all. August 1st in the early morning hours, someone came into that house while we were upstairs sleeping. After hearing a loud pop, and walking downstairs, I called the sheriffs dept. two officers came out to check the property. They found the back door open. (Which I had closed before going to bed) after not getting any sleep the rest of the night, we went about our day. I needed to go to the Walgreens very quickly (20 min.) I walked to the back doors and checked and pulled on them to make sure they were locked before I left. We come back and that back door is open! I totally freaked out. Called owners and no call back. My kids were scared and tired went upstairs, placed a chair against the doors to the master bedroom and had zero sleep. Still no response from the owners. The kids and I were scared to be there. I messaged the owners Again and told them I was leaving and that something was wrong with the house, someone had access to the home and they were there or something. They finally messaged me back and basically called me a liar! Offered me a different home with attitude! Not once asked if we were okay, apologized or anything. Instead they question my integrity and are annoyed! I'm the customer, you needed to make it right with me! Well, I left and had to find a hotel for the kids and I spent additional $ just because they have an insecure home. I think I should get a refund of my $ for all the stress you caused me and my kids! So very unprofessional and uncaring!

VRBO / Vacation Rentals By Owner

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