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a complete refusal to return security deposit of $500 US because od damages to a condo unit in ajijic mexico. all a total fabrication of how we left the unit. be cautious about giving secirity deposits like this. the owner is canadian and initially said she didnt receive the $1000 deposit on rent until i faxed her a copy of the canceled bank draft...then she "found it" beware beware beware of norah bird hamilton

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Jun 07, 2015 8:31 pm EDT

I have only ever had one damage deposit that I did not return immediately from Ajijic (unless it was inadvertent and I returned it the minute I realized it was outstanding). We had just replaced the furniture in A13 and were astounded when our Property Manager sent us pictures of what appeared to be grease in numerous places on both the couch and the love seat. I sent the pictures to the Guests and explained that I would be having the furniture professionally cleaned and would return whatever the remainder of the deposit was left. I asked if perhaps they ate their meals in the living room rather than the dining room. They were highly offended and threatened to have a lawyer in Ajijic bring action and that I would be sorry if I withheld their deposit. I never saw this complaint until today. At the time, our Property Manager had a friend that shampooed the furniture at no charge and I returned the full deposit. Unfortunately when I returned to Ajijic a few months later, I discovered that the shampooing had not removed the grease at all. I tried several things to remove it but after another season we replaced the furniture again. It took me till last year to appreciate what had occurred. I was suntanning one day and it was hot, so decided to go take a rest inside. I went to sit down when I suddenly appreciated that I was covered in Sun Tan Lotion. The penny dropped that the grease must have been sun tan lotion. I have been a Landlord in Canada for 26 years and in Mexico for 8. I have only kept a damage deposit once where it was not applied to the rent. Even though this young lady left her suite 2 months earlier than her lease required, she took me to court. The judge explained the law to her and the need to give a full 30 days Notice even at the end of a lease from the beginning of the month. I was awarded her deposit.


Our friends rented from Norah Bird Hamilton in LaFloresta Ajijic at the same time we
had a rental in adjacent town. The friends are responsible, professional people and
we visited numerous times while they rented Norahs rental. Norah was less than
truthful about amenities she described: club house to meet friends, pool, etc
Well, there was a total lack of any furniture in clubhouse, pool had about 4 chairs which were always occupied and the rest were broken-down. Furthermore, there was no
where outside unit to sit outside. front lawn of about 6' sloped right down.
Then Norah refused refund: I helped clean night before departure and place was
immaculate. Norah lied, didn't fulfill contract for transportation to airport & is a SCAM.
She further lied and said this was brand new furniture. Lie. Sheets worn/tattered.

Jun 18, 2011 4:01 pm EDT

Unfortunately, many people have been disappointed in rentals offered by this person and her husband. Never arrive after dark, insist on being met by them and not a rep upon arrival. Check condition of unit, refrigerator, enough gas to cook, availabilty of TV and Internet service, cooking utensils, bedding. These are all complaints I have heard in the last few months by Canadians who come for short term. Also pool is too cold for most people as it is NOT heated and sun in winter months is not hot enough to heat. Easier to look elsewhere if you want to be hassle-free. On the good side it is an excellent location within walking distance If walking o ncobblestones is not a problem for you and tenants are helpful and friendly group.


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