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Because of your vulgar commercial the birds and the bees..I decided to get rid of my Volkswagen, traded it for a Toyota ( who's commercials aren't vulgar). My four sons also traded their VW'S as did my sister. We just are so upset about the vulgarity of the commercials now a days that the only way to convey this to companies is to boycott their product. I'm very happy with my new Toyota.


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    Orlando04 Apr 22, 2017

    As a Sinner, Christian, husband, father, and friend, I was very disappointed and upset that I had to witness this immoral, Satanic commercial while watching television with my twelve year old son. We were spending quality time watching an NBA basketball game and the commercial totally caught me/ us off guard.What do you say to a twelve year old that you're attempting to raise with morals, integrity and character? All of us will have to answer for our heartfelt actions and however produced, approved, sanctioned, and allowed this immoral, sinful, disgusting commercial to enter the airwaves should really be ashamed of themselves and their families should be as well And to those anticipating the purchase of a vehicle, remember that Volkswagen was fined recently for being dishonest concerning the physical value of their automobiles. Now they are using insidious, immoral commercials hoping to fill their pockets with our hard earned money. Please join me and others in calling on Volkswagen to cease this awful dierespectful attack on our families but mainly, our YOUNG CHILDREN.

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    Chrisnchris Apr 23, 2017

    Good for you!!

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    Mlw526 Apr 25, 2017

    Please pull that commercial. I have two tweens who understand what is happening in the cars. The imlication is inappropriate. Poor choice in presentation

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    Mlw526 Apr 25, 2017

    @Mlw526 Implication not imlication.

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  • I am really disappointed that it's still showing. How tacky! VW has already been caught with their pants down so to speak with the emissions fraud now they're doing it in cars at night..Just capitalizing on a catchy old song and the "love bug" phrase will not get you back in our good graces. Have some class.

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