Volarisscamming bag prices at the boarding gate

M Oct 10, 2019

First time flying Volaris. Flew from Seattle to Guadalajara to Cancun the first time and my carry on bags were never weighed or measured. On the way back to Seattle, they weighed my bags at the Cancun airport (at the gate. I didn't check because I didn't have to check the first time.) and told me I had to pay 500 pesos because it was "excess weight". I was annoyed but was gonna pay. I get to another lady (the culprit) who then told me 680 pesos. I asked why, and she said it was a "mistake" and the original price given was for domestic flights she didn't know I was flying international. I asked why they didn't weigh my bags before and why me and my boyfriend were the only ones singled out. Within 2 minutes of talking to her, the price for my bag went to 800 pesos due to another unspecified "mistake". I laughed because I couldn't believe this. I refused to pay that and just got back in the line to board. Then when I got to the front, a man demanded "payment". He then told me 880 pesos!!! I really thought they were pulling my leg. They gave no reason for the price going up and up. It felt like an auction at this point. Then the lady and I had a back and forth because she didn't like that I called her company scammers. Oh well, that's what they are. Will be calling corporate too.

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