VitaShop.caI never received my order


I placed an order valued at $ 449.70, in December past year. The product is Cardio Strong FLW. I told him over than one month later, it's been two and a half months and no news. No reply to my complaint on their website. I thought I could trust this company, I feel ripped off and the worst part is that I need the product to try to improve my health. Would appreciate any help to solve the problem.
Number of order:#2118919


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    perception8 Apr 08, 2013

    For that kind of money, I think I would be filing a small claims case against them quickly. And if credit card was used for purchase, then the interest that you pay on that amount each month should be included in the lawsuit.


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    Devin Watson Aug 15, 2013

    They sent me a cheaper version of the supplement I ordered.
    I sent them an email with a photo and the order number of the order asking what we do to fix it.
    Four days later they haven't gotten back to me.

    D Watson

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