Vitalsnot a complaint - but an error leaving a review for laura gaffney

A Aug 02, 2019


On August 1, 2019, I left a review in the portal. The subject was my former physician Laura Gaffney of Shawnee Mission, Kansas. When I clicked "submit" at the end of the survey responses (about time spent, scheduling, etc.) it took me to a page that was all white screen except for the phrase "resource not found." It appeared as though something was wrong, so I refreshed the page. Then it went back to the end of the survey responses. I clicked submit again, hoping to go to a thank you page and the point where you ask for my email to verify. Instead, it went back to the blank white page, except for "resource not found." So I tried once more, this time I backspaced and clicked submit again. Again, the next page was the same. Then I looked at the doctor's profile and saw my comments posted three times. So I sent you a message right away letting you know what happened. I want to be fair to the doctor. Please advise that you found the issue I referenced and will fix the error. Thank you. S. A. Valleau

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