Visionworks of Americaunethical behavior

B Nov 21, 2019

In april 2019, I took my daughter to visionworks in syracuse because the store in auburn would not accept her this year because she was under 8 even though her first prescription was filled by them.. I had to bring her in april - a few months before the time my insurance would cover her glasses because her vision was so bad from the glasses she just received in september of 2018. So I told the visionworks store in syracuse this, and they told me to submit my paperwork to the insurance company for authorization after I already paid all the expenses up front. So of course I did all of this. Waiting... Waiting... My insurance company told me that visionworks was supposed to send the paperwork-not me. So I took my next 2 daughters to their appointments at the same place, and asked them and I was told "oh I can submit your paperwork for a preauthorization" which according to my insurance company should have been done before the appointment in april. So again I was told that all my information would be taken care of. So I again went back to pick up glasses and contacts a month later and I asked them - they told me that it takes a few months for me to get reimbursed??? So I called my insurance company again and guess what??? Visionworks never sent the paperwork that I was told for 3 months was already sent!!! Completely unprofessional. Not to mention I dropped a ton on money paying for contacts for 3 people, contact exams, my youngest daughters exam and glasses and to be lied to. I want this looked into as well as receive that reimbursement that I was told I would be getting back in april. My insurance company is fully aware of this and recommended that I file a grievance with visionworks. As a customer of visionworks for the last 21 years, I will now be moving myself, 3 children and husband to a new place. I can not believe I have been strung along over something like this for the last 7 months

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