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I am absolutely horrified at your online order process. I selected the tickets I wanted but then you ask for payment details before you disclose the full price including admin fees. At the point where you showed me the total order price I tried to cancel. An automated survey even came up asking me why I was cancelling to which i clicked that you had added exorbitant fees. I then go into my emails and see you have still put through the order and after speaking to my bank know you are trying to charge me for them. I ABSOLUTELY did not order these tickets. I did not authorise an order of over £115 and told you that the second the full price came up. You are attempting to defraud me and I am confident that the small claims court would agree. I think the best outcome for all is for you to cancel this order and stop trying to take money from my account without my permission to do so. I fully expect confirmation of the cancellation of this order within 48 hours. I did not authorise this order. I put in my card details based on a price not including the admin fees which you did not disclose until after you had received my bank details. I do not want these tickets. I do not agree to paying for them and never did.

I unequivocally did not place this order. Had you honestly listed your fees before asking for payment details I could have withdrawn the order then but you did not. This is not an acceptable way to do business and I believe you are attempting to defraud me. It seems this is common practice for your business and completely unacceptable.

My contact email is [protected] Please let me know when you have cancelled this order.


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      Jul 18, 2017

    I have exactly the same problem, Viagogo are adamant they will not refund. I am now getting my credit card company to fight the case.

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