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UShipthe worst

This website has to be the worst thing ever. As someone else has stated all they care about is thier money. They don't care who is legal and who isn't. They make you accept thier user agreement that makes them never at fault for anything. As much as I hate goverment control over everything they do need to step in and do something about this site. All these people on here that lie about being legal or having the insurance that they don't have. I'm suprised you don't see alot more about people destroying other peoples property and then not having the insurance to cover it. I am a legal transporter and would have no problems with the site if they would get rid of the wanna be's.


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    schnauzermom Jun 04, 2009

    I just used uShip for the first - and last - time in May. I accepted a bid from a shipper to transport a horse I bought. What a complete nightmare! Paid the first deposit. Paid a 2nd deposit at shippers request. All they did was lie and never picked up the horse. I had to pay a different transporter to bring my horse. I have been able to recover the first deposit back through PayPal, but not the 2nd -yet. What I have seen now with uShip is yes, they only care about the $, but they have some big deal about the "feedback". They don't want negative feedback left. They told me I would have to let them take off the negative feedback I left in order to file a dispute!
    What the heck does one have to do with the other!!? It gets even better - they "suspended" my account for non-payment! Non-payment of what they have yet to explain. Not that I would ever use them again, but to be treated like I am the criminal is going too far. Do you think they suspended the deadbeats that stole my money? Oh, no. After 20 days of still not receiving a refund from the shippers, I sent them an email and told the that if they didn't pay me by this Friday then I would file a complaint with the Internet Fraud Dept. - and I will. They proceeded to send me a lot of emails calling me names and saying the most unbelievable crap - totally nuts!! I'm also going to check much, much further into uShip - I think their business practices need to be lawfully checked out. I would not, under any circumstances, ever use uShip again.

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    JamesWk Dec 17, 2009

    I will never again use a company where I can't talk with a PERSON...the only way to contact U ship is by email...VERY user unfriendly. I'm STILL waiting for a refund of a deposit I made for shipping which wasn't completed. STAY CLEAR of this "service"!

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    UShip Observer Jan 12, 2010

    The 1st link's comments are the best ones when it comes to UShip.

    Is shopping for a mover in a virtual marketplace safe? – Part I
    Part I – Listen to the Marketplace Podcast

    Is shopping for a mover in a virtual marketplace safe? – Part II
    Part II – Shopping for a mover online?

    Is shopping for a mover in a virtual marketplace safe? – Part III
    Part III – How do you find a crook in the dark?

    Is shopping for a mover in a virtual marketplace safe? Part IV
    Part IV – What does ‘Caveat Emptor’ mean?

    Is shopping for a mover in a virtual marketplace safe? – Part V
    Part V – Who really needs the aspirin?

    Look at what the state of California has to say about shopping online for a mover and the cautions that need to be exercised.

    If using Uship again, you might want to choose one of Uship's Top 100 transporters for 2008

    Look at what the state of California has to say about UShip and the cautions that need to be exercised.

    For a good sampling of what you may experience when using one of 1000's of illegally operating Carriers on Uship, just GOOGLE the entire phrase below. Click on the results and read through the feedback of the 100's if not 1000's of incidents of stolen money, property, property damage, extortion and abandoned property.

    These profiles were suspended, but the damage was already done. The suspensions are done to keep this information from damaging the site‘s reputation and not let the truth trump the propaganda that the site publishes all over the internet.

    This profile belongs to someone who is no longer registered member (Account suspended)

    You might be surprised as to what’s lurking out there on the net, no matter where in the world they are located!

    I bet that these 2 people (1 from Australia & the other from Alexandria EGYPT) wish they had done their homework. Just these 2 alone, got taken for in excess of $80, 000 from someone in the U.S.!

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    CJO Feb 06, 2010

    I have been a registered uShip provider in Australia for several months now after responding to an email they sent me. We are in the vehicle transporting business. In that time I have quoted extremely reasonably on many loads going in the same direction of our trucks on return trips and have not received a single job out of it. I estimate I have offered around 15 bids.
    I think everyone that uses this service thinks they will get their job done for almost nothing, but if you are a reputable, insured and licensed business you have to charge accordingly. We have offered up to 70% discounts to snare a load home and not snared one. One example is that we had a truck returning from Brisbane to Sydney (about 1000klm) and we quoted on around 3 cars as a return trip at $500 each and didn't even get a response. It's frustrating and a waste of time. The customer would have received a great door to door service and we would have covered our fuel cost only.
    Only 3 provider companies on the Australian site have any feedback - the highest being a 2!
    I'm also surprised with government agencies who insist on us having full insurances, licences, ABN numbers, business names etc yet there are pensioners (nothing against you personally!) who offer services using their own cars with a trailer to complete deliveries. It's just extra cash to them, but it's our business.
    I will deregister my business from uShip in the next couple of weeks if I continue to be frustrated by unprofessional tactics. We cannot and will not compete with cowboys.
    Pity help vehicle owners if an accident was to happen due to lack of experience and insurance. In our line of business I have seen many instances where single car trailers being towed behind another car have jacknifed and overturned. I just hope nobody is killed by one of these thorns in the side.

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    Steve Ryan Mar 04, 2010

    For a better shipping experience, I highly suggest going to:

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