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After three seeks and an unbelievable amount of air blown up my behind, a bate and switch attempt, and questionable delay of payment reasons, I finally got paid. I think that is because I filed a complaint with the bbb and in so doing I found their office phone number. Something they apparently don't advertise.

To their credit, it was three days after that phone call that the issue was resolved. My phone model was questioned but they decided to refund the full agreed upon contracted amount for my phone. I think if I had let it go and not provided indisputable proof that the phone type was incorrect on their part I would have been shorted. This is seemingly a practice they are doing, as well [censored]ding funds a bit longer for a few shekels of interest.

Use them, but be on them like white on rice. The bbb will provide you with a phone number if you have to file a complaint.

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