Scam US 3G Store

Please be aware of a scam company called us 3g store, I purchased 8320 300pcs at 113.5$, I wired 34’050 on 14/5/2010, which I waited for 26 days and still no sign of the phones, no reply on the msn, no reply to my emails, no answer to calls, no replies to sms. I borrowed that money from bank and sent to this Chinese piece of ### RAY LO that screwed me, I have called there office 100 times. Ray is an absolute ignorant pig, he never returns calls, the frustration I had never forgettable, I will go to china and kick his butt, Please do not be fooled by this awful company, i have all the conversation on msn history, and emails he sent me and i sent him, if any info on him/co please contact me asap.

Jeff Blair
Telecell Inc, TX.

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