Us Cellular -sevierville,TNbilling & customer service


Us cellular... Its been one headache after another! I've been with them for 10 plus years it started with a battery issue I go into the store zach who has been the only positive during this whole issue was very helpful!!! Explaining to me what happened to my battery and answered my billing issue from start to finish! He is a great asset to the us cellular company!!! I tried to switch my s2 over to my old blackberry for a short time due to me ordering a new battery well I go into my store the consultant tells me no one here knows how to work on blackberries anymore because its not a android smartphone... Really ok? While hes in my account he tells me im behind on my bill by a month... I ask him what are you talking about and tell him I had my billing questions already earlier in the week by zach who was very helpful thank you! Well he begins to say about a fellow employee!!! He didnt know what hes talking about, he doesnt know what to look for or know how to read in between the lines like I do hes wrong and you skipped the whole month of september! Well my mouth fell open and I told him he was very helpful and he just shook his head and told me I was told wrong and he didnt know what he was talking about and advised me to call finacial services or i'll be cut off... From this whole experience i'm fully done with us cellular! They need to get their billing issues straight before everyone drops them! I'll be looking at different plans

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