UpWork Globalwon't let me have my earnings or quit


I've been with Upwork about 10 years in all. Upwork decided every worker needed a security badge. I can see the usefulness in knowing there's no fraud going on. Beginning mid-Oct we are all to have a video call with them and upload a picture ID to prove who we are. I don't have video calling but I sent a video of myself, told them some facts about myself and showed my ID. I uploaded my ID to show them. No not good enough. My account is frozen, I can't get paid or take jobs. I said okay, fine, I can understand that, so I ended all my contracts with employers--there's no sense in working if I can't get paid-- and tried to close my account and leave Upwork. They won't let me have my earnings or leave.

Desirable Resolution: I want to leave with the $170 in earnings I worked for.

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