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Please forward this to the General Manager of Universal Studios Osaka Japan

Dear Sir/Madam,

I went to your Universal Studios in Osaka on 12 June Wednesday 2019.

At the Wonderland park area, around 1-3pm, where all the Elmo and Cookie Monster were taking pictures with people, my little daughter wanted to take a picture with Elmo. There was this other child who just kept on standing next to Elmo for 5 minutes and her mother was not even taking any picture of her. So I reckon they were not waiting to take any picture. So I told my daughter to stand near Elmo so I could take a picture of her.

Then Cookie Monster came, this was around 1-3pm in the afternoon, the person inside the Cookie Monster suit tapped me on my shoulder and shook his head at me and told me I can't do that ( meaning why did I ask my daughter to go hear Elmo when the other girl was taking a picture). To make matters worse, this Cookie Monster went to hold the other girl's hand and walked away from my daughter and kept on taking pictures with Elmo. My daughter felt so hurt and sad that she could not have a chance to take a picture with Elmo.

I would like to lodge a complaint against this person in the Cookie Monster suit. This person's behavior was unnecessary and impolite in my opinion. We are all there to have a good time. I was in no way rude or impolite. All I wanted was to take a picture of my little daughter with Elmo. This person should not have behaved in such a manner and I expect an explanation from this person and the manager. This incident has caused me undue stress today that I could not enjoy myself properly in USJ. I am really shocked at the park's customer service.

  • Updated by Sunsetsunshine, Jun 12, 2019

    Please see complaint against USJ IN Osaka about the Cookie Monster person! Terrible attitude

Jun 12, 2019

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