Universal Studiostransportation shuttle service & lack of service care for guests

R Jul 27, 2019

My family was left stranded at the 10:45 pm route A bus shuttle waiting for bus that never came at its scheduled time. After walking all day, four cranky kids and two tired adults. Tried to call an Uber but driver couldn't find us for the crowd canceling our ride and then phone died after using universal's app all day to navigate the park. I brought charging cord for phone in the hopes there would be place to plug in or charging stations available. No such thing. Then we were made to turn around by universal staff and walk all the way around to the only "safe" walkway for pedestrians but there were no safe walkways back to partner hotels. Universal only cared that we exited the park safely but no care that there was no actual safe way to walk .7 miles across busy roads to partner hotels. Partner hotel shuttles are a joke. The hotel staff said they can't reach bus drivers and have no way to tell us if shuttle will actually show up. The next shuttle was "supposed" to show up around midnight. We didn't make our 4 small children sleep on concrete at the bus/shuttle stop. We walked across unsafe busy roadways taking only 10-15 minutes but ended up wasting so much time waiting for bus that didn't come. I tried calling Uber like the hyatt house hotel recommended when I called Hyatt hotel, but my phone died and there are no charging stations. Rendering me and my family stranded at the bus stop. No thank you partner hotel bus shuttle. You can't advertise partner hotel services if you aren't going to honor it.

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