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United States Census Bureau review: Employment offer - fraudulent/questionable

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In late November 2021, I was contacted, as a previous staff member of the Burbank Census Office, with an offer to return to work for a new assignment - starting sometime in February. Within the following days, all my information was verified, actualized and approved. I invested $80 for required fingerprints, which after they were sent back to the Burbank Office, I was told they were not necessary. At any rate, I was given a starting time of late February, early March. In the mean time, I cancelled interest in other employment possibilities I was considering due to the fact that since I had a positive history of work with the organization, all look to be now a waiting period. I March, someone from a totally different out of state offices started asking for copies of my DD214 records, which were promptly dispatched. the same request became an issue, not only from the same person and the same office, but an additional on from a totally different state. This soon became an arbitrary change of mind by totally unrelated people from who knows what department. I spoke several times to my contact person in the Burbank Office, who then proceeded to be totally unprofessional by stopping all contact, thus I was left in the limbo file, no Census job, and none of my other options as well. This has to be the most deplorable way of conducting an important government office, and perhaps the reason the Census is not trusted. I have always performed to the best of my ability, without any complaints from previous managers. I need to know why I was shined off?