United Overseas Bank / UOB Bankcomplain about 1. a uob promoter who did not give complete and accurate information 2. irresponsible uob customer service

M Oct 01, 2019

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I would like to complain about

1. a UOB promoter who did not give complete and accurate information as well as

2. UOB customer service that I received.

I have applied a credit card (UOB Singtel card) at the roadshow which was held in May 2019 at Suntec-City Convention Centre.

The promoter persuaded me to apply the card by telling me that I will be getting a promotional gift of $50 Takashimaya voucher if I link the card to my Singtel Bill which I did link.

I didn't receive anything from UOB. I can't remember how many times I called to inquire regarding this voucher. The followings are the facts which I remembered (can refer to the tapes if necessary):

1) On 17 Sep, I called UOB hotline again regarding the voucher, the call center officer was unsure about the promotion and promised me she will asked the relevant department to call me back within 3 working days.

2) On 20 Sep, I called UOB hotline again to follow up, because no one from UOB called me to explain my query even though the previous officer promised to called me back in 3 working days. This time round, a different call center officer answered . She told me that she was not the one who promised in previous call but she said "I will make sure the relevant department to call you back." I was afraid that I would miss the call back if I am busy and not able to answer. So I also clarified with her that normally how many attempts were made to get in touch. She clarified that normally 3 attempts were made to a customer if they miss their call.

3) On 23 Sep, a guy from UOB called me and explained that I was not an eligible customer to receive $50 voucher(as I am not on the list of first 300 customers). My points is

· the promoter did not mention to me it is only for the first 300 customers which I found out during this call. If I was notified this condition I would not have applied for the card.

· So this guy offered me to cancel the card. He told me that one of his colleagues will call me to facilitate the process to cancel my card. I agreed .

4) On 24 Sep, I got a miss call- only one miss call, from UOB and received an SMS stating this " We have been trying to get in touch with you but our attempts were unsuccessful. If you need further assistance, please call us at 18002222121. Thank you."

What is this !!! Our attempts were unsuccessful ??? how many attempts did you make, only one attempt but sent this kind of irresponsible SMS . Is this appropriate to send this kind of SMS to a customer after missing a call (just one call). Then what should the customer do ? She has to call the hotline again and the call center officer will told her that he or she will ask the relevant team to call her back ? How long do you want to take to settle this simple things ?

5) Yes. I indeed made a call back to hotline number and as usual needed to punched a 100 of numbers into the phone to get to talk to a live person. But the officer could not make head nor tail which I expected (I understand it was not his fault) . He needed to relook all the records again. Then I questioned him " sending this SMS was appropriate ?" His answer was " No" . I asked him " did you know who called me and sent this SMS to me? He answered "Yes" after checking record. Then he offered me whether I would like to ask this person to call me back. I told him "Yes", "I wanted her to call me back".

I waited until now. No one is calling me back to settle this matter. I hope an international bank like UOB will take good care of their customer needs and responsible for the irresponsible actions of its own staff.

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