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K Nov 22, 2017

I am a 61 year old disabled woman. Under the recommendation of my primary care Dr., I was referred to a Pain Management specialist. I have multiple spinal issues, as well as PTSD, Anxiety disorder, and a mild seizure disorder.
The Pain management clinic I had been attending for almost 3 and 1/2 years, suddenly decided to stop excepting my United Healthcare WellMed advantage plan. We were in the midst of tapering me down off of pain medications, with a plan all laid out to address withdrawal symptoms. I asked my primary care Dr. to refer me to another clinic to see me through and support me while the medication taper was in progress.
I began to experience very uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms, for which I asked for supportive medications which are commonly prescribed for this issue. I was told they do not do this.
I finished the taper and released myself from their care.
While experiencing moderate withdrawal symptoms, I reached out to my Psychiatric nurse practitioner, who prescribes me anti-anxiety medication and she informed me that it was not her specialty to help me. I then reached out to my primary care dr, which I was advised to do, only to have him tell me that only the prescribing Dr. could refill my anxiety medications.
This provider was on vacation for a week, so I called Primary care once again.
His nurse returned my call to tell me that he could not and would not refill that medication, and that I would have to wait until after the holiday week and speak to the prescribing nurse practitioner; which would be more than a week.
I was told, "No one ever died from withdrawals" via cell phone. A very highly inappropriate response from any medical provider.
Aside from all the normal symptoms I am experiencing, the anxiety has caused me to have multiple mini-seizures, causing me severe discomfort.
I am completely disappointed with this type of response from my providers at WellMed. I see no reason to allow anyone to go through this most uncomfortable process without the support of any and all medical treatment available.
I understand the law-as I have studied it in college, and I am familiar with the recent restrictions placed on Drs regarding the prescribing and dispensing of controlled substances. However, that is no excuse to allow any patient to experience the discomfort and suffering that I have.
I would appreciate your review of this complaint.
My email is [protected]

May you have a blessed Thanksgiving, and I hope to hear from you as soon as possible.

Karen Thiemermann

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