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Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 888 545 5205(Customer Service) 5 2
+1 866 414 1959(Members With Health Plans) 3 1
+1 800 523 5800(Medicare Supplement Plan) 4 0
+1 800 657 8205(Members with Short Term Insurance) 1 0
+1 877 856 2429(Individual Exchange Marketplace Members) 1 0
+1 877 988 9378(TRICARE West Region Beneficiaries) 1 0
+1 833 827 5227(For Employers) 2 0
+1 877 856 2430(SHOP Exchange Marketplace Plans) 1 0
+1 800 496 5881(Medicare - Group Retiree) 1 0
+1 888 842 4571(Brokers & Consultants) 1 0
+1 800 980 5213(Health Insurance for Individuals & Families) 1 1

United HealthCare Services Complaints & Reviews

United HealthCare Services / horrible customer service!!!

Jul 09, 2019

I received a letter in the mail about 3 months ago stating I have to stick with one pharmacy, and that I could call within 30 days of getting the letter to have my pharmacy changed to another riteaid. Well, when I called 4 days after receiving the letter the first time to do it, the girl...

United HealthCare Services / medical coverage through work

Jul 01, 2019

So back in September 25 of 2018 I signed up for heath care through work and it was for UmR. I needed the coverage for a procedure i was looking to get done. After my first premium payment I called umr customer service to make sure it was covered. the procedure was not going to covered but...

United HealthCare Services / health care insurance fraud??

Jun 29, 2019

My doctor submitted a prescription for my. They received this on June 20th witch was a Thursday. United Heath care needed more information for prior authorization. There was a 2 day weekend included they closed my case on June 24th really only giving my doctor 2 days to reply they closed...

United HealthCare Services / drug coverage cancelled, but still receive bills for unpaid months

Jun 24, 2019

Used to compare drug plans for ongoing coverage for 2019. Review indicated UHC offered my drug coverage. Selected UHC. January 10, 2019 went to Costco pharmacy to pick up prescription, but was told that UHC would not cover it. Called UHC customer service on 1/10/19 & was told...

United HealthCare Services / nasty rep

Jun 21, 2019

I don't care what color your skin is or the accent in your tone. When you're helping someone in customer service you MUST put yourself in the customers shoes. I HAD THE NASTIEST RUDEST AFRICAN WOMAN AS A REP TODAY (6/21/19). She is EXTREMELY lucky she stated her name fast AND hung up on me...

United HealthCare Services / aarp medicarerx plan

Jun 13, 2019

This is not a frivolous complaint but a very serious one, written out of frustration and anger. I have literarily spent hours on the phone with United Healthcare AARP Medicare RX representatives, simply trying to obtain what is due to me per the prescription plan I have paid premiums on...

United HealthCare Services / claims not being covered

Jun 13, 2019

I am writing regarding multiple dates of service which I would be happy to send you on 2 patients that are not being paid correctly or at all... the patients are married and they are covering each patient differently even though they have the same insurance... EX: both patients had a...

United HealthCare Services / optum rx overcharged me and alma from uhc assisted, now cannot get her to call me once they now submitted this amount as due

May 20, 2019

On 3/15/19 I ordered Insulin from Optum RX. They quoted me $124.23 and when I received the Insulin it showed that they charged my credit card $325.17. I called them and got nowhere. I then called United Healthcare. I finally got a person by the name of Alma Telephone number: 1-866-729-6936...

United HealthCare Services / united healthcare customer services / unethical behaviour

May 14, 2019

I called on behalf of provider ams anesthetist services for member id 961376589 patient sierra p george agent douglas s with whom I spoke on 05.14.2019 under ref 91341323094075 was really rude & did not provide good customer service instead when I asked him to release the call from his end...

United HealthCare Services / billing and payment of claims

May 01, 2019

1. The billing and paying of claims is completely wrong. Umr only paid for a claim under tier 2, when it should've been tier 1. 2. They had my deductible all wrong. They had it as $1750 for a tier 1, when it should've been $750. I used the hospital that I work for. 3. If I hadn't done my...

United HealthCare Services / pharmaceutical & pre authorizations

Apr 30, 2019

Takes your premiums & kick you right in the berries. I have never had so much frustration from an insurance company trying to get my medications, the preauthorization process which has already taken 4 weeks because they continually request one more thing from the doctors over & over. Then...

United HealthCare Services / unethical behaviour

Mar 12, 2019

On Tuesday, March 11th, I began calling several Doctors under United Healthcare Services to set an appointment as a first time patients. After calling several locations and finally finding one that was close and could see me in a timely manner, I reached out to Beau Barron Meyer, MD. In...

UMR / knee surgery denied

Mar 08, 2019

I had to have an emergency surgery for my knee. I could walk, bend and only surgery could be the solution. I had surgery then received my insurance is denying all the claims. So I'm left with 50, 000 in debt to pay. How can an insurance deny you when it's a Must need surgery!!! I pay 250...

United HealthCare Services / poor customer service

Feb 21, 2019

I work for a Skilled Nursing Facility, my job is to verify benefits and to fully understand how the patients insurance works so I can explain it to the patient. Each time I call United Healthcare (UHC) I get a overseas representative. The representatives are hard to understand. But after...

United HealthCare Services / janumet tablet

Feb 05, 2019

I am referring to my janumet medicine for my diabetes. I wanted a refill from my prescription of last year. The pharmacy asked for a pre-authorization from the doctor office as it was insurance requirement. The doctors office faxed the form twice to the department. Every time I called the...

United HealthCare Services / appeal denial, dos aug. 10, 2015

Feb 02, 2019

DOS, Aug. 10, 2015 UHC Member ID at time of service, 937466844, group # 717191 - severe injury to thumb - emergency surgery required in Phoenix, 90 minutes from my home - the only micro-surgeon available, Dr. Jonathan Yang (out of network) - claim denied, UHC - appeal filed by Arizona...

United HealthCare Services / supplemental insurance

Dec 05, 2018

United Healthcare is attempting to charge a monthly premium of $505.22/month for my wife's supplemental insurance. My wife is 62 years old and permanently disabled. She called the insurance company and was told that because she is on medicare, under 65, and lives in Florida - she was red...

United HealthCare Services / employee

Oct 17, 2018

Billy Gonzales needs to be watched closely, all this man does is work payroll yet he is messing with my health care plan! Not only that but I've seen him using checks from United Health care to pay for his groceries! What kind of employer lets their employees use their checks as personal...

United HealthCare Services / medication/ prescription

Oct 13, 2018

Today I went to see a family doctor as a walk in patient. After four days been sick with shortness of breath, fever and sinus infection. The only way I was able to see a doctor was to wait to Saturday and go as a walk in. The doctor prescribed an antibiotic and a cough syrup. I was told...

United HealthCare Services / cancellation of product

Oct 10, 2018

While Stephen J Hensley made 66.13 million last year, and the others made less at the top, they don't seem to care about the clients that make 16 thousand a year, just the other day I received a letter from this organization saying they are eliminating the silver sneekers at the ymca in...

United HealthCare Services / independent pharmacy contracting

Oct 07, 2018

After requesting an application for my pharmacy to enroll with Optum Rx which is the prescription carrier for UHC, this is the letter we finally received. Regardless of how well my pharmacy satisfied all of their requirements and protocol, I was told that nothing else was needed and to...

United Healthcare / harassment charges

Sep 17, 2018

I am so frustrated and upset that I found that this company clogged up my mail box with 20 copies of the same billing statement and I think its unprofessional and disgusting for this company United Health care to act this way. One or two copies would of been enough. Thank goodness we decided...

United HealthCare Services / dental plan

Sep 13, 2018

i have being trying to get the health care dental plan to sent me a letter me that verify that i don, t have an active dental policy with them as of 4/30/18 i need this letter so i can get the san diego county medical dept to clear it from my dental record this issues has being going on...

United HealthCare Services / dental cleaning payment seems too low.

Sep 11, 2018

Hi, My name is Donald McKee, Member ID 953458446-00, DOB 12/31/1935. My complaint is regarding the payment to Coastal Dental for my previous cleaning on 7/13/2018. The dental office tried to charge me an additional $20.00 because you paid only $29 of the $49 required for the cleaning. I...

United HealthCare Services / unable to receive coverage explanation

Aug 09, 2018

I am starting a new job and one of the plans offered is UHC. To ensure I could continue seeing my current physician and confirm prescription copays, I called 1-866-633-2446 three times on 8/9/18. Twice I was told I needed a group number in order to explain what's offered. The company...

United HealthCare Services / service

Aug 07, 2018

In my opinion, United Health Care is the WORST provider out there. Rude customer service people that must have a 5th grade education giving out incorrect information. I have found quite a few of the provider that they list have dropped UHC and will not accept members. Calling their...

United Health Care and Optum / behavioral health coverage appeals

Aug 01, 2018

received therapy and UHC denied claims, stating I wasn't responsible for payments. Months and phone calls to find out why. Therapists insisted they were on UHC and Live and Work Well panel. It was not uncommon to have problems getting paid. Well, as a client, I was not aware your therapist...

United Healthcare / refusal to treat a patient with acute, disabling, progressive ms

Jul 25, 2018

Angela "Renee" Harvey is a 51 year old lady with acute, progressive, disabling MS, who cannot work because of her symptoms, which are worsening. and is at risk for quadriplegia. We have ordered routine therapy for such a patient: IV solumedrol 1 gram IV qd for 3 days; followed by an oral...

United Healthcare / customer service

Jul 24, 2018

Hello, I just want to mention I've been going through this for a month or so with united healthcare which is the worst insurance I had so far! I call the member line to ask a question and they don't give right answers then blame me for that and that I should understand my insurance and that...

United Healthcare / wells fargo and company medicare ppo

Jul 23, 2018

I am very unhappy since, my employee plan changed to the Medicare plan. Your customer service representatives sound like I'm bothering them. Believe me, I don't want to bother anyone, but I cannot find the information I'm looking for on this horrible website that is slow and provide...

United Healthcare / customer service for claims

Jul 10, 2018

March 19th - Mailed Claim March 27th - Faxed Claim May 7th - I called UHC to find out about status on my claim. No one knew... was put on hold several times May 16th - I called and asked to speak to a Supervisor. Ruben - Supervisor said give him 24 hrs to locate fax I sent back on March 27th...

United Healthcare / nurse doing home visits-amy deleon

Jul 09, 2018

the nurse is seeing some patients and telling them that the home health is not doing their jobs right. and the turning around and giving our patients to her friend who works for hospice. I don't like that she is suppose to be a professional but yet she is putting our company in bad with...

United Healthcare / uhc plan-state of mo

Jul 06, 2018

The UHC plan for the state of MO is suffering greatly due to the poor management and constant harassment by the provider services supervisor, Brandon Thomas and project manager, Rebecca Profest. The providers and staff both are frustrated due to the lack of poor education and training...

United Healthcare / prior authorization for surgery

Jul 05, 2018

I was schedule for back surgery on 6/25/2018. The surgery was scheduled 2 months prior to the surgery date. I was informed at my pre-op appointment, 1 week prior to my surgery. That a peer-to peer was required. This was not completed and surgery was re-scheduled for 7/6/2018. I was again...

United Healthcare / medical insurance settlement

Jun 26, 2018

I paid around 1800 dollars to visit emergency and other than that 166 dollar bill was due to be paid by insurance company. I waited for a month and then I received notice from the hospital stating the bill was not paid. I called uhc and they told that they are going to settle the amount...

United Healthcare / viagra 100mg

Jun 05, 2018

Received one month supply on 4/26/2018 for $20.00 copay. Was informed that my refill for today 5/5/2018 would be $40.00. When I called to inquire about the change 5/5/2018, I was told to go back to the pharmacy and was rudely cut off from the conversation. Spoke to both united representative (tara) and...

United Healthcare / unwillingness to provide support

Jun 04, 2018

Our family has one account - who needs to keep track of multiple family logins for the same account - stupid! I am on the account but Kimberly wouldn't give me any help or service when I got locked out of my account. Unacceptable. I am the wife of the policy holder and on the account...

United Healthcare / gina l. taylor (insurance through accuity in crawfordsville indiana

Apr 25, 2018

She has been trying to get her Nissen Fundoplication/hernia repair surgery approved since Feb 2018 and has been denied twice. UHC isn't even reading the paperwork that Dr Don Selzer from IU Health Hospital is sending to them. They are denying saying it is bariatric surgery and laparscopic...

United Healthcare / late referral

Apr 20, 2018

On April 20th 2017 I had a knee replacement done at New England Baptist Hospital in Boston. I had my primary care send over a referral for 90 days which was what I was told to do. I had 3 follow up visits after surgery which were supposedly part of the original surgical protocol. The Dr...

United Healthcare / customer service

Apr 05, 2018

Hey United Healthcare your representatives are getting more rude and rude everytime we call them. I spoke with a provider services rep named Beth K. and she is so rude, keeps cutting me off when i was asking her questions and sounded annoyed when i ask her questions. no courtesy at all, no...