United Healthcarelaid off permanently due to outsourcing - and problems because of that

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Okay so I was an employee of UHC for 2 years, we were permanently laid off at the end of June 2014 due to outsourcing of our jobs so our positions were eliminated. We were told in May that this would happen by August, 2014 -- but it happened sooner than we were told. We were summoned to a mandatory meeting and fired, promised that our supervisors would "call us" after the meeting concluded and we would be sent a termination letter in the mail as well as information about severance packages and things like insurance and what would happen to the vacation hours we added up and never took. We were told not to finish out the day and our services would be eliminated within an hour after the call. The main person talking was named Jeremy and he didn't seem at all sympathetic and in the background the "main boss" Dom was talking in the background like THE EMPLOYEES did something wrong, and was very rude to everyone.
I understand they (UHC) wants to save a buck by outsourcing the jobs to India, so that they get bigger bonuses for the investors and the people at the top. The people in India were in our training classes and couldn't speak English to save their lives, and our trainers had to have them "type questions" into the chat box because no one could understand what these Indians were saying when they did try to speak whatever type of broken English they'd learned. It was horrible, but whatever- I'm sure consumers and doctors will love knowing that India now has acess to PERSONAL HEALTH INFORMATION including SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS and all that stuff. I'm sure no one has googled any of the India scams that are going on with stealing people's credit and information - but congrats United Healthcare I'm sure it will work out fabulously.
They let 45 percent of our department go, rough estimate like 100+ people across the United States, but I'm sure India needs our jobs more. So I'm another fool on welfare and getting unemployment, who cares. Anyway that's not the problem I had.
I was told I would get a call from my supervisor, who at best was an idiot in general and never could seem to follow up with employees, and never gave monthly evaluations like they were supposed to because they're not even qualified to be supervisors but probably work for very cheap. This person NEVER called me and today has been one week since I was let go. I also have all the equipment for UNITED HEALTHCARE including computers and such - and I was told that I would be sent a box to mail everything back and I was instructed to NOT BRING THE ITEMS TO THE LOCAL OFFICE. Well I never got this supposed box to return my equipment so I'm sitting here with tons of items and no way to return the equipment. I'm mostly pissed that the supervisor never called to tell me any additional information that might be helpful like I was promised.
To top everything off, I was told we had until July 10th in order to apply for jobs internally and print our pay check stubs. I called HR DIRECT to get access because of course my passwords don't work now that I'm no longer an employee. I actually talked to a ###ic girl from India who barely spoke English, told me I had to call the IT department, and then hung up on me because she couldn't speak English. I called the IT department and was told they'd open a "work ticket" and fix the password issues so I can print pay check stubs I need in order to collect FOOD STAMP BENEFITS (because my unemployment will only be $300 a week and I cannot support myself with this low amount of money. I also need the pay check stubs so I can file for state medical insurance because my United Healthcare insurance is over after 7/31/14, and I can't afford $300 a month in order to get their "Cobra insurance" for my family).
United Healthcare is a piece of crap company that oursources and doesn't care about AMERICAN JOBS or their AMERICAN EMPLOYEES. I will never, ever work there again and will continue to bad mouth these ###s every chance I get. I can't even print pay check stubs or get them sent to me, so I guess no food stamps or medical insurance for me and my children.


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    Nettie Jackson Oct 20, 2015

    I work at an office that has to call UHC for follow up on claims all the time and let me tell you it is Absolutely Horrible. I can't understand anything they are saying, they tranfer me to several different people who barely speak english and when I asked to speak to an American I was told by a manager they can no longer switch us to the USA. I think this is rediculous because now the claims are passed timely filing because they keep denieing them for different reasons and resending them back to be reprocessed only to deny them for something different. I have spoken to several different people who are all located in India but they are not very helpful. I will be filing a complaint.

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  • Bo
    @BonBon Mar 11, 2016

    I'm having the same issue here too. I work in an office where I have to follow up on claims that were processed incorrectly. Every time I call United Healthcare, I wished I could speak to an American instead of someone who doesn't understand me and transfers me or hangs up on me. It's completely frustrating and I'm fed up with this company. They're underpaying the claims or not paying at all. Of course they're saving millions of dollars outsourcing. It's a real shame on how this company. There's no quality in the work they do. I'm sorry for all the people they laid off.

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  • Ar
    Armani12 May 04, 2016

    Agreed. I do billing and UHC is the absolute worst company. I cringe every time I get their India call center. They never, ever know what anyone's talking about, and they will transfer you left and right. I cannot stand them. They always give incorrect benefits, and then deny everything. The hell with them, and the corporate greed that inundates that company.

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  • Gi
    Gigi Tee May 31, 2016

    I HATE calling United Healthcare. The phone representatives cannot or do not understand anything that you are explaining to them. They get the claims send them to Optum/Ingenix and then the claim is forwarded to Orthonet (for surgical claims). My claims are routinely denied for the same reason. I ask for a call reference number at the end of every phone call, when I call back with the call reference number, it no longer works. This outsourcing so that the execs and board members can get a higher profit. It's not just UHC, its Aetna, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Anthem Blue Cross, Health Net. Luckily some insurance companies that are union sponsored (ILWU, Teamsters, UFCW, SAG, Blue Cross Blue Shield Federal Program) still believe in NOT outsourcing.

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    mairamartinez Jun 05, 2018

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  • Ti
    Tia Pendarvis Dec 04, 2018

    Terrible horrible customer service from India reps

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  • Ka
    Katrina Lane Dec 04, 2018

    UNITED HEALTH CARE SUCKS! They always have!! However, it's all the Insurance companies, they want your money for their premiums but they don't want you using your insurance and seeking services for your health! Why? Because then you take their earnings away from them and it's your premium payments that keep them ALL in business!

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  • Ka
    Katrina Lane Dec 04, 2018

    By the way, sorry you lost your job! But, they were only sucking your life away from you! They work people to the brink of insanity! You are better off without them! You will find another job!

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