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United Healthcare Complaints & Reviews

United Healthcare / coverage denied for alcohol dependence treatment

twrac on May 22, 2017
I sought treatment for alcohol dependence through an accredited intensive outpatient program. I had to pay $640.00 out of my own pocket to meet my out of pocket maximum with United Healthcare. I am 8 week into a 10 week program and in a couple days I will have been sober for 60 days and am...

United Healthcare / certification of home attendan hours to heith home health

Juanita Rolon on May 18, 2017
I have been reinstate in medicaid services but United has not being diligent certifiing that I can start in my home attendant services since they re approved my case, I made innumerable calls to United and nobody solve this situation, neither costumer service, advocates service or the...

United Healthcare / usps flexible spending administrator

Sandra D..... on May 1, 2017
After reading the previous complaints on United Healthcare I can clearly see why they lost the US Postal Service's Employee's Flexible Spending Account. I have gone through the same exact problems as all of the other people who have filed complaints. I finally contacted the Better Busine...

United Healthcare / flexible spending accounts

Steve Vasquez on Apr 25, 2017
If you are reading this before you sign up for united health care flexible spending account your lucky. if not, you already know this is a scam.I had an account about four years ago. dates and names are clouded after that much time but everything I'm saying is true.At my job, I had them...

United Healthcare / changes in formulary with no notice

Terry Daly Commean on Apr 16, 2017
I tried to refill my lantus insulin on a friday morning. I was told that as of April 1st, the formulary was changed and that lantus was no longer on their "approved" list and that I had to change to Levimir. I have had many problems with other insulins and allergic reactions to Humalog...

United Healthcare / aarp unitedhealthcare medicare advantage hmo

jacknmehoff on Apr 14, 2017
United Healthcare denied 4 claims because they claimed my chiropractor was out-of-network. When I showed them he was listed in their provider directory, they sent me a letter saying they would pay the claims. They later denied the same 4 claims again. I had to pay the Dr and refused to pay any more premiums to them. They turned over for collection.

United Healthcare / website accuracy

AnnetteQ on Apr 10, 2017
UHC just switched the website, the numbers carried over are inaccurate. Despite a call and an email they cannot explain why I cannot see individual dependent figures. They brought over the account holder figures. You click on the downdrop on homescreen and switch to a dependent and the...

United Healthcare / Not receiving my healthcare credit

michael42766 on Apr 7, 2017
case number 02925926 In November of 2016 I completed the Health Provider Screening Form and faxed it over. I was then sent a message on 11-17-16 "Your form was rejected due to missing or incomplete information. The value for "TC/HDL Ratio" is listed as "N/A." An actual value must be written...

United Healthcare / Medical treatment

Lien Grimm on Mar 28, 2017
My name is Lien Grimm and currently ill with cancer and every time I need some service it is being deny. per the hospital they are being told that I don't have coverage and I have a letter that states I do have coverage. When I truly need the medical services that I have paid for and...

United Healthcare / Medication

vegburt on Mar 19, 2017
I am a United Health Care subscriber through my employment in N Y State. As a member of the Empire Plan I and my wife are eligible to receive medication prescribed by a physician. My wife primary care physician prescribed a medication he believed would help her sleep at night relieving her...

United Healthcare / Sleep apnea treatment

PankajBansal on Mar 16, 2017
After I reached maximum out of pocket, insurance company started denying treatment back to back. I was diagnosed with sleep Apnea in month of January(my insurance expires in March'17). From doctors stand point I was supposed to start using sleep CPAP machine but insurance company denied to...

United Healthcare / Employer group and major medical contempt supreme previous medical privacy quality single female

Lucky5505 on Mar 8, 2017
I want charges with access to my social security number health administration and learned of debt instrument where it has been a cult as to access and suspect regional insurance and employment providing some form of retirement and other where it has been bribes with my security access and...

United Healthcare / Customer service

47survivor on Mar 4, 2017
I am hoping that they can figure out and get United Health Care admit that they screwed up. They claimed that I had a health insurance policy since 2004 with them through an old employer. Which is a lie because I have always had my husband's insurance. I want them to admit why is took over...

United Healthcare / Complaint

ShawnWil on Feb 28, 2017
I have a rare condition called Schuermanns disease and have been a UHC customer for 11 years. Over these 11 years I've seen specialists, surgeon's, chiropractors, physical therapist's and accupuncturist. I've had spinal epidurals, massage therapy, MRI's, countless tests, you name it...

United Healthcare / Insurance claim

Ikram Ulhaq on Feb 22, 2017
Hello, I am writing this complain to express worst experience of my life with united health care. I joined north dakota state university as a visiting scholar on october 12th 2016. I got an insurrance plan for three months from october 12th to december 30th and I paid 560 us dollars for the...

United Healthcare / UHC failure to pay bills and record advance premium tax credits

Rebecca Sutton on Feb 15, 2017
UHC refused to pay several of my bills during 2016 stating their was no prior approval even after the doctors office stated they had done it. And said that they had not received the supplement part of the payment one month. I have investigated and called everyone I can find because per the...

United Healthcare / Customer service

Thomaswayne183 on Feb 14, 2017
My mother called into customers service line to speak with a Michael troutman...representatives was very rude, my mother was just trying to get general information yet the representative seem unwilling to explain anything about United health care nor seem even 2 care about her current...

United Healthcare / Prescription fills

Laci Cox on Jan 31, 2017
Wasnt informed that you only have 4 fills in one month because i get a prescription every 7 days and i had to pay out of pocket yesterday the 30th of January for something i never had to pay before and they wont reimberse me i want my money back.. I want a refund for what i had to pay...

United Healthcare Thieves / UHC

Robert Koenig on Jan 26, 2017
4 complaints filed, first over a month ago, only response is a hidden message for private, non relevant personal info thru a cisco system that requires multiple link clicks and time wasted AARP should use an insurer who does not play games, does NOT hide messages They refuse to telephone...

United Healthcare / No blood test coverage paid while out of state

whatisthedeal on Jan 25, 2017
I need simple blood test to refill a prescription. United Health Care doesnt cover any cost when vacationing out of state. Very bad benefits when I have no claims that they had to pay. So catch 22 so how do I fill a prescription. My doc wants blood test but have to pay full amount out of...

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