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United Healthcare / pre authorization

Melissa Galinat on Sep 27, 2017
My daughter Taylor King had been in and out of 2 different hospitals Emergency rooms and urgent care. We finally see gastrologist and he ordered a EGD at the hospital and the insurance company is trying to tell me it can take 72 hours for Authorization after they physically talked to the...

United Healthcare / terrible service and options

Ezale01 on Sep 18, 2017
Recently the company I work for switched to united healthcare's choice plus plan. It has been a nightmare to say the least. They promised to match the coverage we had through highmark, but we got scammed. We have employees who are on needed medications and have been for years, fighting for...

United Healthcare / I am a 16 year old girl and need my wisdom teeth out and they won't pay for it

Jessica Foshee on Sep 16, 2017
My mouth hurts so bad I can't eat anything remotely hard, my diet right now consists of gummy bears, worms, jello, popsicles, baked potatoes, and everything that doesn't require major chomping into. I haven't been able to eat tacos, hamburgers, steak, or any kind of good source of protein...

United Healthcare / rude and disrespectful supervisor

Jamie Cheval on Sep 14, 2017
Hello, I called United HealthCare today (9/14/2017) around 12 pm. My request was simple- I need a proof of loss of coverage letter faster than the typical 10-15 day turnaround time. I first spoke to a representative who was very polite and helpful. She said she was unable to email me a...

United Healthcare / chiropractic visits

Brgraff0131 on Sep 5, 2017
I have been coming to Dr. David Kling for years. Recently I have been informed by his office staff that as of September 19th he will be out of network for me due to a recredentialing error that's beyond their control. I don't understand what the issue is all of a sudden, but I am extremely...

United Healthcare / harassing phone calls

Jax McClaskey on Sep 1, 2017
This company has not removed me from your stupid calling auto caller. I've called about this issue several times over the past three years. I do not have tenncare! I do not have a child on it. I do not live in tennessee. I've never had united health. I'm done being nice. I want to remove...

United Healthcare / myuhc home page/login issue

sameer2784 on Aug 30, 2017
Hi Guys, Does anyone out here with employer sponsored health insurance with united health experiencing this? When I go to https://www.myuhc.com/ and login And I see is a blank page with a message. "We're experiencing an internal server problem. Try refreshing the page or checking back...

United Healthcare / every uhc medicare claim being denied for records 2017

judiths on Aug 25, 2017
I am with a Radiation Oncology provider office that has a lot of UHC Medicare patients. We have only had two claims paid in the past 3 months. All claims are being denied for records with no reason listed for the denial. In addition they are requesting a reconsideration form and a new...

United Healthcare / I was blocked from seeing a dentist

susansy on Aug 24, 2017
Susan Sy 3333 Lafayette St Rosemead, CA. 91770 Email: sy24325@gmail.com 626-899-7780 My name is Susan Sy. My medical ID is 98247106C96088. I have called numerous times and was very frustrated. I spoke to my social worker on August 23, 2017 and I was told your company still has my...

United Healthcare / billing issue

Jeniffer Lorenzo on Aug 22, 2017
I have received an invoice from quest financial for a service that i had in january 26, 2017 when i was covered by United Healthcare. When I contacted Quest they told me they didn't approved because United doesn't have a contract with Quest; at this point let me tell you that anyone told...

United Health Care / wc chek found, believe has not been cashed

Ana Maria de la Zerda on Aug 20, 2017
I send a certified letter with original check on 7/14/2017, and was delivered To: sedgwick claims m services Po box 1437 Lexington ky 40512 During a move, I found the check with the following information Payee: ana maria de la zerda Loss date 6/25/2012 Claim # 30120675188-0001 Description...

United Healthcare / pharmacy

Katrina Sullivan on Aug 19, 2017
I mailed my VYVANCE RX to the optum RX address provided. 1 week prior to being out of my medication. I called on Monday the 15th prior to 8am, the representative told me that I needed a prior authorization. I went to my MD office same day, he completed the prior auth that day. I called...

United Health Care / aarp medicare advantage hmo-2 insurance plan

JFMcc on Aug 12, 2017
I need an expensive drug, Androgel, for which there is a generic equivalent. The plan includes Androgel in its formulary as a Tier 3 drug, but the generic is not in its formulary at all. Androgel costs UHC over $12, 000/year and would cost me over $4, 000/year, even with UHC's coverage, because of...

United Healthcare / claims not paid

peggy meharry on Aug 11, 2017
Our Home Health Agency provided skilled nursing services to patient who is insured with United Health Care. We are an out of network provider but the patent's plan allowed for us to provide care. We first received a prior authorization for 9 visits. Since the we have never received...

United Healthcare / non payment of medical claims

Jody Stubler on Aug 10, 2017
My company HOPE Family Medical Center in Salt Lake City Utah has been waiting over 3 months for some of my claims to be paid. Whenever we call we get a run around with transfers from one department to another. The last time I called we were on the phone for over 90 minutes and still no...

United Healthcare / fsa audit and horrible customer care

Jessica Mathis on Aug 2, 2017
This began in April and only yesterday August 1 resolved. I've spent 5 months calling about resolving a authorized purchase issue that your customer service lost my receipt for. At first it was both my money orders and the receipts but after 2 months they finally found my money orders and...

United Healthcare / optum bank fiduciary responsibility

james hambright on Jul 31, 2017
July 6, 2017 Optum stated in a confirmation email that they were sending me a distribution check (in the amount of $3000.00) as a result of my filling out a Distribution request from the HSA they were holding in my name. This request remains unfulfilled, even though I have contacted them...

United Healthcare / customer service

dfnag on Jul 18, 2017
I called to get an insurance here. This was the worse experience ever. I called to ask for a quote. I spoke with Steven and his number is 888-591-3185. He was really forcing me to get an insurance. I told him my financial situation. I didn't know about medical before I called here. I...

United Healthcare / charge for getting my medicine refilled.

Connie Pupkies on Jul 18, 2017
Orlando Behavioral Healthcare 260 Lookout PL, Maitland, FL 32751 Psychiatrist (407) 647-1781 Office staff likes to charge you to get your prescription refilled. I had 2 pills left yesterday and my next doctor apt was 7/26/17. I called the office and they said it would cost me $35 to get my...

United Health Care / Transplant rejection medication denied, transplant rejected. Now what?

pauwwa on Jul 16, 2017
I had a tendon transplant in my left ankle six years ago. I take medication to keep my leg muscles from cramping, and putting the transplant in danger of tearing loose. UHC refused to let me have the medication. After six months of arguing with them, I went to Mexico to buy it, but it wa...

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