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United Auto CreditFalse Reporting to Credit Bureau


Afew years ago I too had a horrible experience with United Auto Credit and it is still haunting me. In Dec. '06 the day after the payment was due they sent the repo man to my job and took my vehicle out of the parking lot. As I lived 35 miles from work this caused me quite a hardship. Two days later I got the vehicle back but they required almost a triple payment and a huge towing and storage fee. When my husband and I went to the repo man's lot to get the vehicle he was rude and sarcastic and he demanded another $165. in cash. He and my husband got into it and then he wasn't going to let us have the vehicle at all. We finally got out of there and 4 mths. later the vehicle was in a total loss accident. My insurance company paid it off and I moved out of that state. When I tried to buy another vehicle my credit shows a balance of $250 with you guessed it-United auto credit. Also they have repo listed Dec, Jan, Feb, March, April, May and every month after that. When I called them they said my account was paid. When I told them what was on my credit they said it wasn't their problem. Two years later and I still can't get a car loan because of those ###!!! They are the worst. If they were the only ones to offer me a loan I would turn it down. Don't use them.


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    Cherie May 24, 2009

    I agree! Those ### have reported 11 repossessions on my credit report and refuse to even speak with me when I attempt to contact them. They just keep repeating the same refrain "we are well within our rights Miss" My credit is ruined because of them. I can't buy a home, I can't get a car loan, I can't even get a small personal loan or credit card! I've done everything I can think of to get these errors on my credit report fixed but nothing seems to be working! I only hope that I'm not forced to wait 7 or 10 years before they are removed. I can't continue to live like this!

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