Union Telecom Usaunsolicited phone calls


I got a sales call from a telemarketer for Union Telecom New York City, saying he was offering 2.5c/min on phone calls to India. He sounded of Indian origin as well. His call was at approx. 7.45 on Sunday morning and he woke up my family, especially our baby, who started crying immediately. The baby had already kept us up for most of the night.

I told this telemarketer that I never wanted him to call again, that I was not interested in his product or ever hearing from him again, and that he should take my number off his calling list. He proceeded to once gain tell me about the benefits of his company's product, and at this point I got angry and yelled at him and then cut off the phone. He then calls me back to heckle at me, make fun of me and tells me he'll call back again. Unfortunately, his number was blocked on CallerID.


  • Mi
    Mike Aug 18, 2008

    UnionTelecomUSA are cheaters. Everyone in their company including sales, marketing & billing department are lying. They tell you 2.9C per min and they will not charge you for any call less than 1 minute. But they are doing lots of mistakes in their bill. They charge you more than 2.9C per min, plus they charge you call less than a min (basically call which never was initiated). Shocking part of their bill is that they charge your 40% tax on that. Their billing/customer care department are brazillian/hispanic, they do not understand English & they can not communicate properly. They insist you to give your credit card number and cvv number on the phone to make payment. Once you give them you are gone.. they will charge you anything and than you will have to fight with their stupid billing department.
    Your per call charge is more than 7C per minute.

    Dude stay away from these cheaters...

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  • Vs
    VS Duggal Aug 20, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I have had very unethical and dis-honest experience by the Union Telecom. The Company took $41.50C from my Master Card and It took me over three months to get $39.50 back after along fight with Union Telecom. Union Telecom's Reps have been bugging me for a long time with false verbal rates and disturbing me many many times to get Union Tel. long distance deals.I will never deal with Union Tel.

    But again after Union Telecom Reps'. high pressure and organized trap made my wife to accept long distance deal as they said, ' we have a new promotional deal for long distance my wife trusted the Rep. but all that is a false. We are retired/Seniors and Union telecom Reps are real cheaters, dishonest and doing business and traping inocent people !!

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  • Ra
    Raheel Farooqi Aug 27, 2008
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    I think Union Telecom is a big scam and i am sorry to say that nobody takes care of threm and stop this fraud they are doing . Complain to BBB or spread everywhere that never buy there service and warn people of this scam.

    I have been trying for long now to get my refund back and no luck. Everytime i call they say we will forward your request and call after 1 week

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  • Ke
    Kenny Kelp Sep 03, 2008

    Telemarketing ### from this company will not stop calling. My experience with these guys is similar. They will keep calling and harassing and will not stop, will not give their phone number and all are of Indian origin. Disgusting that these ### will keep on bothering their own community. I have filed several complaints with "Do not call registry" but nothing came of it so far. Any suggestions tyo teach these ### a lessons are welcome.


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  • Ri
    Rita Oct 04, 2008
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    My mom and I have had annoying idiots from this company call non stop for weeks. They called both of us lastnight from 5am up until now. I have just yelled at them, they keep telling me to give them a credit card number, haha ya righhhhtttttt. These people are of indian origin and clearly have no respect. They today alone have called both of us over 100 times!!! what is wrong with people? Don't fall for their schemes, just try to ignore their calls. Again I have hung up on them, dunno what to do to get rid of them, if anyone knows please follow up.


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  • Aa
    aaa Oct 04, 2008
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    same company called..Police tracking calls...Left 2 messages on their lines..
    will keep posted. anyone else resloving issues before me in Long Island, Pl leave a comment.


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  • Rp
    Rp Oct 06, 2008
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    Verified customer

    UNION TELECOM is a fraudulent company. Everything they said is wrong.

    1. Every call is incorrectly computed - for each call they have added about 20% more in minutes. 20 minutes calls were charged for 27 minutes. 40 minute calls were charged for 54 minutes. This was true for EVERY CALL without exception

    2. There is additional 20% charged under Taxes and other charges.

    3. The credit they promised for getting other people signed up never showed up.

    I am going to contest the charges and report them to the BBB.

    What they are doing is criminal.

    Stay away.

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  • Ra
    Raj Jan 05, 2009

    This company was behind me till I subscribed for their service.
    Now, I am behind them every month since they always overcharge me. (If I spoke for 30 minutes, they used to bill me for 50 mins).
    Everytime I call them to disconnect the service. But, they never gave me that option. They will somehow try to convinve me. Last time, some one from their comany he will call me back with my corrected bill amount. But, no one called me and now they have sent me a bill with late payment charges.

    WORST SERVICE. If you think, you are going to save money with this company, it is not going to happen.
    Also, the Taxes are too high in their bill.

    Rather, I would go with Stana or Trueroots who are more trust worthy.


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  • Du
    dumbee1018 Jan 14, 2009
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    Here is what happened today...someone stole my india calling card pin and has used to call gambia...it is frustrating to think...what kind of a s/w these ### use...!!! how can someone use the same calling card to call someother country...below is the chat notes..


    Louisa S: Thank you for chatting with UnionTelecard.com, how may I help you today?
    you: Hi...I purchased a bharath card yesterday for $10...and i knew i had 6 hrs on it
    you: after i spoke to a rep yesterday...it says i have 2 cents on it
    Louisa S: ok
    Louisa S: May I please have your PIN number?
    you: the rep asked me for the pin number
    you: do u think i shudnt have given?
    Louisa S: ohh yeah
    Louisa S: we need it in order to fix any possible issue
    you: 0401-145-xxxx
    you: is my pin
    you: i hardly spoke to india for 18 mins
    Louisa S: thank you allow me a moment please
    you: i am looking at the chat window
    you: 6023852181 is not my number at all
    you: i am looking at the call history
    you: i am from bangalore...and my area code is 0119180...
    you: i dont call anyother numbers
    you: i dont ven know what 01122 stands for
    Louisa S: can I please have your email address?
    you: [email protected]
    Louisa S: thanks
    you: the destination number 9180xxxxxxxis mine...i agree...but when it costs $1.03 dollars to talk for 24mins...how can u charge $8.8 for 31 mins
    you: there is some thing wrong here
    Louisa S: I am checking into the pin
    Louisa S: allow me a couple of minutes please
    you: ok
    Louisa S: Thank you for waiting. I'll be with you in just a moment.
    you: ok
    Louisa S: ok that call for $8.84 was made to Gambia
    Louisa S: from the same number you call from
    you: what????
    you: Gambia...i dont have anyone from gambia
    Louisa S: Gambia rate is different than India
    Louisa S: well the call was made from the same number you call 0119180xxxxx
    you: thats an india number
    you: how can i call from from india number
    Louisa S: Yeah we can see that
    Louisa S: is 6023852181 your office, home or cell number?
    you: i am very frustrated...can u pls understand my problem here
    you: why shud i pay for someones call
    you: call me now on my office number i can give u...
    you: i can also givbe u my home number
    you: wat records u want so i can prove...i am not associates with that number
    Louisa S: I am sorry since I am on the chats I can not actually call you but you can just call us at 18004103280
    you: no...pls dont disconnect
    you: i need ur help
    you: tell me how can something like this happen to me
    Louisa S: sure I am here
    you: to a customer
    you: i am from india
    you: i call india and that is why i have taken bharath
    you: bharath fone card
    you: who can help me here
    Louisa S: I see and I truly understand your point
    you: who shud i talk to
    Louisa S: you are using the pinless dial feature right? meaning you do not need to enter the pin when you make your calls?
    you: i did enter couple times
    you: i am sure it is the chat rep who spoke to me earlier
    you: coz i have not given my pin to anyone
    Louisa S: ok so you called 0119180xxxxxxxx from phone number 6023852181
    you: 6023852181 is NOT MY NUMBER!!!
    you: my numbers are 6028xxxxx and 623xxxxxx
    Louisa S: but 0119180xxxxxxxxxx is the number you are calling to am I correct?
    you: yes mam...thats is correct...it goes to bangalore, india
    you: u know wat...is there a way u can look for chat notes
    Louisa S: ok yeah and the number shows it was dialed from phone number 6023852181 yesterday at 23.22
    you: and look for where the last rep i spoke to is from
    Louisa S: I have been here all day long
    you: i am sure that guy is from gambia...and has used my card to call
    Louisa S: I have not spoken to you before
    you: the last rep
    you: i meant
    you: NOT you
    Louisa S: non of us is from Gambia
    Louisa S: I see the last person who spoke to you yesterday
    you: ya..what abt him?
    you: did u get any details for him?
    Louisa S: yeah
    Louisa S: but that is not the point
    Louisa S: the point is the you made your call from phone number 6023852181 to phone number 0119180xxxxxxx
    Louisa S: and the call made to Gambia was made from the same number
    you: heyyy...that number is a fraud...try calling that number..it doesnt go thru
    you: i just tried
    you: 6023852181...didnt go thru
    Louisa S: but that is the number you called from yesterday
    you: NO
    you: lady dont u understand
    you: i have stated just 2 numbers in my acct
    you: and i called from there
    you: u have so many loopholes in ur software
    you: that u cant even record what number the customer actually called from
    you: i am going to take legal actions against this
    Louisa S: but please understand you said you call this number 0119180xxxxxxxxx
    you: and the rep u r trying to cover will come into light
    you: i am sure he did this
    Louisa S: if you check the call history you will be able to see the call was made from phone number 6023852181
    you: coz i have no freakin friends family in freaking gambia
    you: call the damn number u will know
    you: i am going to save this chat
    Louisa S: please do not take it personal
    you: and will take legal action
    Louisa S: ok sure!
    you: u are tryin to play woth innocent peopl'e money
    Louisa S: I am sorry to hear that
    you: i wanted to try and register with ur company and bought a $10 card from you for the first time...and this is what i get
    you: f^&*((g basta&*(s
    you: its abt the company nothing against u
    Louisa S: allow me just a moment please
    you: i know u r trying to explain me the same thing
    you: that i called 0119180xxxxxxxx...dfrom the freaking 6023852181 number
    you: i called 0119180xxxxxxxx from 6028xxxxxx which is my mobile
    you: call me now on that and i will answer
    Louisa S: in order to get the call history of your PIN please follow these steps:
    Louisa S: *Go to your uniontelecard.com account
    Louisa S: *Click on "Account Center" and go to "My PINS" and click "Show all"
    Louisa S: *Double click the PIN you want to see the call history from
    Louisa S: *That will direct you to PIN Details and you will see 7 blue tabs
    Louisa S: *Select "Call History" and there you can check Month by Month your calls.
    you: i can also pull my record from the cell fone company
    Louisa S: I am sorry I am not able to call you, if you want to you can call us at 180041032820
    Louisa S: 18004103280 ***
    you: i did call history thats when i got to know some one has calle using my pin
    you: u dont seem to understand
    you: if u were an able rep...u wud escalate this
    Louisa S: I can not escalate this because the number you called from is the same number used to call Gambia
    Louisa S: I am very sorry
    Louisa S: if you call Cust Service you will just get the same answer

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  • Al
    ali Feb 11, 2009

    These people are ### to the true meaning of it. I have gone through hell with them as my credit card was used fradulently after I registered with them. Don't even think of looking at them. I am saying this once again you will regret it throughout your life. I very sorry for my friends to whom I recomended these ###. If you have already registered with them its a must that you cancel your credit card as it will be used fraudulently sooner or later.

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  • Lo
    LondonTown Feb 21, 2009

    I am getting calls from Union Telecom New York for last severl days/weeks the name of the person is (S.C.). One day he called at around 11 PM. He is very unprofessional. On asking the detail he gave me two websites http://www.uniontelecomusa.com and http://www.uniontelusa.com/ he told that half of the information is on one site and half other. On saying at least 100 times that I will not take the service neither I will give you approx $39.95. I was shocked to hear when he said '$40 me mare ja rahe ho' (English translation: You are dying in $40). I got angry and yelled at him and disconnected the phone. After all this - see his courage, he still called me the very next minute- may be to tease me. I will file complaint against them.

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  • Ji
    Jigar Feb 21, 2009

    I sign up with Union Telecom and after 2 month i disconect my services. because the agent tel me he is giving me 100 minutes free but they don't gave me. I deposite $39 Canadian and the agent told me once i cancelled the services i got my money back with in 2 days. now it's been 2 months and every time i called they said your money will be in your account with in 24 hours or 48 hours. I am so mad anyone know if we can complaint in police or not?

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  • As
    ash Mar 07, 2009


    is the number that Union Telecom is making their cold calls.

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  • Ra
    Rao Mar 17, 2009

    Never & never &Never & never &Never & never &Never & never &Never & never &Never & never &Never & never & took /accept service from union telecom.

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  • Kk
    KKS Apr 05, 2009

    I've had similar experience with union tel. I cancelled my home phone long distance service sometime ago and asked them to return my 40$ deposit. After couple of phone calls, they started blocking my phone. I think they have some kind of system which blocks' complainers phone calls. So then I tried with a different phone to same customer service number, and someone asnwered immidiately!

    They still weren't ready to return the money, they gave me a calling card.

    Stay away from Union tell.

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  • Pa
    Panther US Apr 30, 2009

    Don't Ever Try Union Telecom USA.
    I have somilar issue with $40 Deposit After one month that is Activation fee???

    What company now a day charge for activation fee?

    I cancel within 12 month there service and now They don't want refund infront fee?

    B, , , , , , , T

    Don't Ever Try Union Telecom USA.

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  • Ma
    majid Apr 30, 2009

    i have receives calls from union telecom because one of my colleague gave my number for referral discount. I have never talked to such a bad mannered sales person. I repeated say to him in very clear words that look i am not interested in what ever benefits you are offering me no matter how good your rates are. He was constantly arguing and misbehaving and try to tell me what should i do. I got mad at him and hung up. But that gay call me again even though i told him thousand times DON, T CALL ME AGAIN. I found him very annoying.

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  • Ma
    majid Apr 30, 2009

    i have receives calls from union telecom from restricted number because one of my colleague gave my number for referral discount. I have never talked to such a bad mannered sales person. He is some desi guy and taling to me in URDU my mother tongue. I repeated inform him in very clear words, "look i am not interested in your benefits and life time offers, no matter how good these are". But he was constantly arguing and misbehaving. He was actully trying to tell me what should i do as if i am a duffer. I got mad at him and said Don, t call me again and hung up. Even then that gay call me again . I found him very annoying. My impression about this company is very bad and i recommend every body not to be fooled by this company.

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  • Dk
    DK May 02, 2009

    These are the worst people to deal with. Dont go with them even if they offer free service. first, to sign you up they will call you anytime, day or night. They simply dont care that you are human too, and may need some rest. Once you sign up, forget your 40 USD deposit and tighten up your belts to pay some unexplained bills to unknown numbers. They are crooks, better safe than sorry.

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  • Mk
    mkpaltan May 04, 2009

    A representative of the company called me and promised to provide cheap rate for overseas calls and he said there will be $39.99 deposit which I will get back anytime I cancell the account. After few months I realized the company is charging fraudlently (Charge extra minutes and highter rate) so I called to cancell. The Rep made me pay two different amounts for the calls I didn't make. I paid because I was scared that if I don't pay they may send it to collection agencies. This company had the worse customer service and they commitin fraud. i was surprised that no Government agency is investigating them. Please someone from some agency or state do investigate this company. I bet you will find out lot more than what I mentioned. Thanks!

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  • Ma
    Mary B May 30, 2009

    They won't take me off their dang call list either! I am reporting them as a "Do Not Call" violator.

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  • Im
    IMJ Jun 13, 2009

    I cancelled the account with them but they are denying to myrefund the deposit. It is a very very very worsssssssssssssssssssssst company that I have ever seen in my life. Be careful with them. The law should prohibit their idiotic company. THey are just deceiving people.

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  • Aa
    aabayegamaza1962 Oct 06, 2009

    I talk with union telecom co. agent and ask him why they charge me $25.00 insted of $7.97 thats my bill he keep saying no did not charge you $ 25.00 .I fax them my bank statement yesterday 10/05/09 but nobody call me back.they said send us a e-mail when i open custmer complaint page there was not only me but thousends of people have problem with union telecom usa service.i donot know why the governmet not taking any action against this co. is the govt.is sleeping.

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  • Ch
    checkmat Dec 04, 2009

    These people are nothing but cheaters. I am in the process of canceling my service and come to find out that I can't get my DEPOSIT money of $39.50. I spoke with their Supervisor about this and told him that one of their sales reps lied to me and said "..if you decide to cancel your service, you will get back complete amount on your credit card..."

    First of all, that's not true. They tell you what you want to hear so you will sign up with them. Truth is that, you will get a calling card that's worth $39.50.

    (this was a month ago)

    I called them again toady and the sales rep said all of their supervisors are busy with calls so they can't speak to me. They refused to put me in line to speak with them, and are refusing to give me my money back.

    Their Customer Service is HORRIBLE, they lie, cheat, and most importantly they give Indians a bad reputation.

    Do yourself a favor and don't sign up for their service.

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  • Ma
    manj Dec 13, 2009

    pls dont give ur credit card detail to anyone on the phone...

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  • Mg
    MG_2009 Dec 21, 2009

    This are the most notorious people I have ever delt with. They charge you extra. They don't refund your deposite. A representative of the company is now saying its activation fee and they don't refund. I am not sure why goverment is not taking any action. They have us address and claim to be operating from Maimi. Address is P O Box, Maimi Beach, FL, USA. Please do something and make sure they are funish. Thanks!!!

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  • Ma
    Mary B Dec 22, 2009

    Your best option is to protest the charges with your credit card company. You will get your money back, and they have experience in dealing with frauds like this. Good luck

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  • Gb
    GBz Dec 24, 2009

    I have same expereienec from this company. this agent from pakistan kept calling me to offere lower long distance plan and I was traped gave him my credit card # and deposited so called security deposit of $50. I called to cancel my service and noone is there to answer the call. I cancelled my credit card. and after a year I get this letter from collection agency to pay $ 140. When I try calling union telecome again they said that $ 50 was connection fee which I was never told before and we charged you termination fee. I asked why didn;t u ever sent me bill and how you can charge me termination fee as I was told you pay as you go there is no termination fee for service and this rep jus hans up on me. I am nervous now what to do just to pay to get rid of that or fight. I do not want to spoil my credit. Any one please advise?

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  • Du
    dukhia Jun 27, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I started with uniontell about a yr. ago. Tired OF calls keep dropping ( for them to restart and charge additional new connection charges) I requested to get my refund of $39.99 deposit they received at beginning of service. I was told that they will issue me only calling card ( worth $50) and I insisted on getting either the refund or apply my refund to my last billing. Everyday some one keep calling home and cell to get the payment due authorized and they were all saying we will keep calling until you pay and accept $50 calling card for refund.
    Finally I thought some one in senior management may help me so the so called supervisor Arnold Richards came on phone and promised in the email to give me calling card of $50 and the rate will be 5 cents/min to India. I authorized bill payment to get red of them and he sent me the PIN etc for $50 calling card. THE CARD LAST ONLY 1 MINUTE AND NO MORE FUNDS AVAILABLE.


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  • At
    Ata May 29, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Telcom USA Marting person contacted me and i was told that there will be a security hold not a charge on my credit card. But they charge me $39.50 as Activation fees. I did not use the service and company is refusing a refund. Please stay away..

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  • Wi
    Willy G. Sep 16, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I will make sure to expose Union Telecom USA's illegal practices, worldwide so this will never happen to anyone ever again.
    Since I established service with them almost 4 years ago, First I gave my checking bank info over the phone to charge a $50 refundable deposit, and nothing more, which turned to be a big mistake.
    To my surprise they started deducting the bill out of my checking account without my consent or authorization, they have been using my account without my permission, this is illegal, as far as the law stands, and even though I gave them the benefit of the doubt, calling many times, when I received apologies, and promised to be billed through mail, yet it happened again and again! I finally had a new card for that account. I started getting harassing collection calls for payment before I even get the bill in the Mai!! I was pressured to give my bank account again, to avoid these calls, I refused, and requested to close the account, to be promised again that everything will be to my satisfaction etc;

    I continued to have the same problem every month, and I requested to close the acct, many times, I was always promised that the billing improved, and I get some discount as a token of appreciation, till close to the end of September 2010, when the account was suspended! for late payment! as usual before the bill was received!

    I demanded to close my acct, and refund me my $50 deposit, after deducting $15.94 to pay for calls made 8/15/2010 through 9/3/2010, that was the end of September! I was told that would be in addition to any calls made during September which according to a bill received today $17.24, which total to $$33.18, so instead of a refund of $16.82, out of my $50 deposit held by you for almost 3 years! I have a bill for $61.09, no mention of deposit!

    Apparently they added $9.50 (late fees) the $17.94 for calls from 9/10/2010 through 9/27/2010, while the bill came in the mail today 10/20/2010! no justification it's pathetic! so I figured out they must have added late fees on the prior bill of $15.94, and that's the one pays for calls through 9/3/2010, that was to be deducted from the deposit by the end of September when I closed the account! some how turned to $34.35, no justification!
    I ended up with a bill for $61.09 for an actual$34.35 plus unjustifiable late fees! on top of that there is nothing about my $50 refundable deposit! and it doesn't state this is a final transaction! they refused to refund me the $16.82, I really thought of taking legal action, but I have no time for low life scums, I just don't want anyone to fall into their trap.

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  • Ab
    abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwx Jan 16, 2013

    This company is really a fraud I don't know how come they got my nos ( home and cell ) some one called me the other day and the guy who called me he don't even know English and he was giving me different deals but I ask him how could you get my nos. he said we purchased the nos. from other telemarketers even though if your nos are non directory they will get you some how after going through all these thing finally I refused them to get this service with them what they did they simply start calling on my home phone and start talking to my wife luckily she talk to me about it and I simply say NO to her they are cheaters, fraud and ###.
    so please be careful with these people.

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  • Lo
    Lorena Flores Feb 11, 2014

    Robbers, is the only word that I can say about this people. I do not have idea where I could call and ask for an investigation about this company. But please when they call, don believe nothing, they are a fraud

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  • La
    Laylalvarado Apr 17, 2014

    Union Telecom offers low prices, but it is a total lie, they duplicate calls, and taxes are too high. UNION TELECOM IS A FRAUD

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  • Ya
    Yai2015 Aug 22, 2014

    I just accept the service for second time, I made hundred of calls to Cuba, where I'm calling, I'd changed all my debir and credit card numbers, and DONE... I win. They never ask you for your social security or any other info, jst your name and method of payment. That's it, NOW. It's time to get all our money back. Go ahead and ask for an renewal. Cheat on they and they will never cheat on you.

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  • Fa
    Fabian C Dec 10, 2014

    I guess I am one more victim to this company. After reading the many posts I guess I'm not alone. They over charged just about every phone call we made, usually almost double the number of minutes of actual talk time; many times just "Ghost" calls that we never made (because my wife can't use her phone while at work and our cell phone bill does not show that we called Union Telecom access numbers). Sometimes they billed us for calls made from a phone number that we disconnected 2 years ago.
    Other times they charge me for calls to weird phone numbers that we never call -even to different countries. Their "Managers" -if you can call them that, are the worst; very unprofessional, rude, just nasty. I guess they know their company is stealing from customers to they try to come across as rude so you don't bother calling to complaint again. ***DO NOT USE THEM!!! STAY AWAY UNLESS YOU WANT TO GET ROBBED.***

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  • Jo
    jordan lanusse Apr 01, 2015

    UNIONTELECOMUSA es una empresa de estafa y robo descarado ofreciendo servicio de larga distancia internacional...
    uniontelecomusa son un grupo o empresa de verdaderas estafas, manténganse lo mas lejos de esas personas de las ventas de ellos dicen solo mentiras, cuando te dicen que tendrás un 20%de descuento o te dicen que tendrás 20 minutos gratis aun mas cuando te dicen que una tarifa de preferencia!!! te mienten, las llamadas de larga distancia pueden ser muy caras o baratas dependiendo al país donde llames pero union telecom se cuelga bien gacho con esas tarifas si haces una llamada de 30 minutos usando su servicio es probable o mas bien no te sorprendas cuando tu factura salga con un saldo a pagar de $.30.00
    alguien debería hacer algo para parar a estos estafadores .
    es mas seguiré recolectando información para y pidiendo ayuda adonde sea necesario para frenar estos mentirosos de primera hasta alcanzar que el estado de la florida revise sus políticas y sus servicios .
    basta ya UNIONTELECOMUSA de estafar y robar descaradamente a las personas.

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    faperino2 Jul 21, 2015

    jordan lanusse no es true

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