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All crossings in Tama were blocked for nearly 2 hours while emergency responders had to take a longer travel distance as another train was blocking the crossings on the indian settlement. This went on while Tama County Communications called and were told the train would be moving in 10 mins. additionally 30 mins later the train finally moved. This has started to become a issue and a incident is bound to happen of a life and death when all of our crossings are blocked there is 3 blocks to the south side of the tracks in the City of Tama that do require medical, fire and law enforcement protection.


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    gmclang Feb 17, 2020

    My name is Mark Lang. I live at 5780 SE 56th in Carlisle, Iowa.
    For the past couple years the windmill distribution center located nearby has been blocking our only two roads in and out for hours at a time.
    We have had people miss dr. appointments, be late for work/church/or other engagements, and have had children miss the school bus.
    There are two roads in and out of this neighborhood.
    What I request of you is that your trains only block one road at a time so that we can get in and out of our homes.
    We are willing to tolerate the inconvenience of going around the longer way as long as we have a way in and out.
    No one here wants to go through the agony or cost of a lawsuit, especially of an emergency were to occur, so I am politely asking for some cooperation on Union Pacific's part here.
    Thank you,
    Mark Lang

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