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I have been a long customer of Undandy (since 2016) and have had two sets of customized shoes from them. I also enjoyed supporting Portugal vendors since my wife and I love visiting. However, I made a recent order of non-customized shoes. The delivery took too long. I ordered them on April 3rd and they arrived in late May. I overlooked this and simply accepted this without complaint. However, the color I ordered was mahogany but they looked more like chocolate than mahogany (especially when compared to my previous custom-made Undandy mahogany '15s). When I asked to initiate a return of these stock shoes (which I even offered to cover shipping) it took multiple emails and weeks to get a response. Finally, Beatriz at Undandy wrote back and said:

"Dear Kenneth, Thank you for your email. We have checked the shoes you ordered, our '15 Mahogany Oxford Shoes, and they are indeed brown and not burgundy in colour. While it is possible for your shoes to not match your previous custom-made shoes due to leather variation, the shoes you have received do match our website picture given. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer you a return as your shoes match the picture provided on our website."

I responded and said, "Regardless Beatriz, I’d like to return the shoes. They are not what I believe I ordered or intended to order. Just as if I was in person in a shop in Lisbon and returned these unused and in the original shoe box within 30 days, I'd expect a refund. I expect the same from an online order. I'm fine paying shipping and just getting the refund for the cost of the shoes. I'm simply asking you to take back an in-stock product".

I have yet to receive a response (it's been weeks) and it now looks like I'm stuck with what is my last pair of Undandy's which I will ever order.

I recommend staying away from Undandy since they cannot guarantee good customer service practices, even when it comes to non-customized products. This is unheard of in the United States.

Desired outcome: I would like to return the shoes for a refund which did not match my expectations. They are unused and in store condition. I'll even pay for the shipping back to the store in Portugal!