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UMG Buyers EdgeFraud

UMG somehow got my credit card number and has been billing me $14.95 per month for 7 months. It usually appeared as UMG*RX which appears to be a co-pay for medicine... or UMG*Money Ahead

I called my credit card to reverse these charges and they will do it but I have a lot of hustle because the only way they can stop the charges is to issue a new card. That means I have to go to eBay, PayPal, Sprint, Sirius, Web and domain hosting accounts... plus some other automated billings and change my credit card number to the new number to prevent those services from being disrupted.

When I googled umg fraud there were tons of complaints about their unauthorized charges. How can a company get away with doing this for so long?


  • Co
    coljack Mar 29, 2017

    Found a Charge for $19.99 on my CC from UMG*Edge. Not recognizing the company or the charge I called them. I was advised it was for a membership that I neither authorized or want. "Arthur" agreed to put in a cancellation and credit on 3/29/17 @13:49 hrs.How do they get away w/ this ?
    Just look at the complaints.

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  • Pe
    Pearl B Hunter Aug 19, 2016

    umg*edge has been charging capital one account $14.95 a month since march of this year. I never signed up for any of their services, I don't even know who they are. How do I get that money credited back and stop them from future charges?

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  • Da
    David Fitzpatrick Jun 16, 2016
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I noticed in my checking account that these people have been charging my account $14.95 a month. I called them to find out who they were and how they got my account and she couldn't give a straight answer. Their #is [protected]. They did not have my name on file or my phone.number to have them stop . Now I have to go to my bank to file a dispute.this is BS.

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  • To
    ToniKeys Jun 23, 2014
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My dad has been accidentally paying UMG EDGE 14.95 a month for at least a year and a half now on his Master Card, according to the amount of statements he's looked at. He has no idea who this company is nor did he ever willingly purchase anything from them. He just noticed the charge on his bill today which he assumed had something to do with his phone company. So now I'm on hold with the credit card company to report a dispute or fraud or whatever. Been on hold for 20 minutes so far. I showed my dad all the complaints on the internet from this UMG EDGE stuff. We'll see what happens.

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  • No
    nold Aug 17, 2011

    Just settled one complant with UMG EDGE after being charged $14.95 each month for the last 6 months.
    A week ago I Purchased Flex Seal a product seen adversized on TV and the next day received a call telling me I was a valued customer I would receive $100.00 worth of credit or something not exactly sure what it was they were offering.. I immediately recognized this as a scam by UMG EDGE having just delt with and finding out how EMG EDGE gets your name, phone number and C/C number and then calling you with a promise of sending you something free or at a reduced cost and now they have you hooked, and you don't even know it. This is a marketing ploy done by partnering with other another company just to get your info. They don't explain that by excepting their " valued customer gifts " you are enrolling into and now paying for some kind of a buying club membership. They send nothing explaining how I would save with a membership in UMG EDGE, but they didn't missed one month of charging me $14.95 for belonging to their phony buying club.
    If you will notice their are hundreds of complaints about this company over many years and I haven't seen anyone at all saying how they have actually saved anything by belonging to EMG EDGE buyers club...
    When you get their call offering something extra as valued customer's REFUSE IT at all costs.
    You can also call [protected] if you find you have been charged by UMG EDGE and tell them you want credit for all those charges and also them you want to be removed from their marketing call list FOR EVER and absoultely never ever be called again...
    You can also call your credit card and dispute these charges as I did. I believe most credit card companies have recerived so many complaints about UMG EDGE it should be no problem having these charges taken off your bill. GOOD LUCK

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  • Sp
    s piersall Jul 19, 2010

    these people say that I filled out an authorization after I bought over the internet.

    I never use these tack ons so I know I didn't do it.

    they charged me for 2 years and only gave me back 6 mos.

    they said they sent thier liturature but I don't have it and have never seen it.

    The service they offer is of a nature that I would not ever use anyway (discounts)

    They got my information fron something i legimatly bought and just ripped me off.

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  • Un
    United Marketing Group Jul 06, 2010

    Your concerns have come to our attention and we would like to resolve these issues to your complete satisfaction. We are currently researching the matter and will be in contact within 48 hours with a complete and satisfactory resolution.


    UMG Customer Service Team

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  • B4
    B4R$EAL42 Jun 26, 2010

    Thank you Nicki2010 for providing the correct number to UMG EDGE I called and cancelled the bogus account that I didn't know existed. This is is the second time this has happend to me and now I am afraid to give out my debit card number. My account has being debited since January 2010 and I have received no beneifits at all. When I called to cancel I was told a $25.00 coupon was mailed to my address to use for future purchases however, I never received it. According to the representative I spoke with, the envelope would have been from Buyers Edge. I open all my mail including junk mail but have not seen any correspondence from Buyers Edge. To the vendors who are allowing this company to run a scheme on their repeat customers are simply stupid. I want all my money back that was taken from my account. I was doing a lot of ordering on-line so I asked UMG EDGE what store did I purchase this coupon from or the vendor and they were unable to tell me. That's kinda fishy, don't u think but they could verify how many times they had used my account and they were also able to give me the date I allegedly I signed up to have my account debited, but not what website I was shopping on at the time of the incident. Folk always tryng to get something for nothing, times are tough for all of us but that's not an excuse for organized fraud.

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  • Kn
    knitmama Mar 30, 2010

    My husband just noticed a $11.95 charge on an account and brought it to my attention. I had not charged anything to a "Buyer's Edge" and told him so. I went to the website of the company and checked my account. There were no charges on it, soooo... I went online and searched for Buyer's Edge and found tons of complaints. I had my husband check his past bills for this account and he found that we had been paying the $11.95 for the last 10 months. Needless to say he is livid and will be contacting Buyer's Edge in the morning. He is also cancelling the account that it is attached to.

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  • Ca
    canemel Feb 17, 2010

    I review my credit card statements almost daily. I noticed a charge for $ 11.99 from UMG Buyers Edge. It seems that if you purchase something on-line, they somehow acquire your credit card information. Through this website, I learned that this company is famous for this practice. I want these charges stopped.

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  • Ni
    Nicki2010 Jan 27, 2010

    After paying $14.95 per month for 13 months, I asked my husband what this charge was for. He couldn't remember, so I Googled Buyers Edge and found this info. I called the 1-800 number on their website and as soon as I hit the number for Accounts, the phone disconnected. From this site, I found the [protected] number and called that. Like Wally reported, they tried twice to re-sell me, and then gave me a cancellation number and agreed to reverse out the most recent charge. They told me that they had been authorized to bill the credit card when my husband enrolled in Buyers Edge to save $10 on a online purchase. So, we spent about $195 in order to save $10. Obviously we need to scrutinize those little checkboxes more carefully, and pay more attention to the credit card bills.

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  • Bu
    butterflykjc Nov 16, 2009

    The number they provide in the fine print is WRONG! buyer's edge and myadvisor give you 800-... but the number is [protected]!! I was about to just give up and try to get my bank to make it stop when I found Wally's post here with the 888 number. Grrrr... I called and cancelled. I have a cancellation number so I feel pretty good about it.

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  • Be
    bestservedcold Aug 17, 2009

    UMG billed me an unauthorized amount of 14.95, allegedly in connection with a coupon I used for another purchase which had NOTHING to do with them; the coupon never mentioned ANY such membership that UMG tried to "bill" me for [there is no "buyers' edge" they can offer-they don't sell ANYTHING]-well, my bank called about it [alot of banks have this service now-it's very good if you are traveling or purchase at someplace where you don't usually-they track your "buying habits" and note anomalies in your buying patterns] and I called UMG and told them I would report them to the Attorney General's office's fraud division, who DO get back to people by phone within a median period of 2HOURS!-This is true-here in Delaware-the A.G.'s office's fraud division actually does that-great "customer service"-go figure! and that they had BETTER get my 14.95 back in there asap.-it was back in there on 8/5/09-so discounting a weekend, i got it back in about 5 business days. Don't play with them-call your local Attorney General's office and find out what PROCEDURES they have IN PLACE to deal with "petty fraud" and then file a complaint THERE asap-don't waste time with the Better Business Bureau [who do mothing at all, by the way] or ANY of that because here's the thing-these companies exist because they are RACKETS and knowingly and wittingly make their profits off of FRAUD-the fact that they have names and websites does NOT mean they are legitimate-they thrive by preying on people's preoccupation with other matters in their lives, and the expected inattention to small details like LITTLE amounts missing-they are playing off of human psychology-they know that the first couple of times, most people will chalk it up to an error in THEIR OWN checking calculations...this is how they get away with it-but they are NOT legitimate businesses...they just take money on some false pretext until they get caught...they are counting on the help they get from relative anonymity on the internet, having no real address, and a fee that is DELIBERATELY sized to look like some service fee for something else-this is ORGANIZED fraud and they do it ON PURPOSE...sic your local A.G's office on them because the main thing is for them to avoid scrutiny of PATTERNS of behaviour-even if you get your money back, report them anyway so that they are on a list of known offenders. Report them multiple times if they steal money multiple times-one report per incident-make sure all friends and associates who have had problems with a same or similar company do the same...these companies do fold eventually and then they will try it again under a different name...but it will be the same people with the same M.O. so we want their "carpetbagging" [moving around and basically mounting confidence schemes under different names] tracked. Tjhis can also help citizens later coordinate information needed for a class action suit if need be.

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  • Ma
    mattucee Jan 31, 2009

    I got charged for two months. They promised they would credit my account for both months. Gave me no trouble at all closing the account and reversing the charges which tells me they know they're a scam organization and they probably get enough victims who don't complain, or even catch them at it that they just fold easily when they're caught out there. These things really make me boil. I fantasize hunting down these scam artists and doing bodily harm. Of course making threats over the phone to the hapless cs reps answering won't do anything but get me in trouble.

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  • Ma
    mattucee Jan 31, 2009

    Tip;- Don't order snuggies over the phone!

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  • Wa
    wayne Nov 12, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    don't know the origin of this bogus company but they got my credit card and took out 15 dollars and set it up as a monthky debit reported them and cancelled my cards hope them their spouses and whoever is involved burns and rots in hell

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  • Wa
    Wally Oct 07, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I, too, "got stuck" with an account with UMG BuyersEdge (I', m not sure exactly how. Must have missed some fine print somewhere). I called [protected] and requested the account be closed. After two attempts of them trying to persuade me to keep it and my persisting they agreed to close the account and credit my credit card account for this month's fee. I tried to get them to credit a previous charge but doubt that they will.

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  • Valerie Jun 26, 2008

    I am extremely upset and it's only because I came upon this website that I was able to stop being charged $14.95 a month by UMG. I had not been able to reach anyone at the other phone numbers I was given. I called the number I found at this website and was told that I am officially removed from their "mailing list". What a scam! I feel so stupid. I let this go for 11 months before I found this site! Thank God for this website or I would probably still be paying $14.95 a month!!!

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  • Valerie Sep 28, 2007

    How dare this buyers edge company charge me $99. for something I never agreed to. Just found a charge on my checking account for $99. I NEVER authorized. How dare they! I will go to my bank tomorrow and the BBB if need be. They took the money immediately and I will not wait 7-10 days to get it returned.

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