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Ri Sep 23, 2019 Review updated:

I ordered these diet keto pills under the assumption that it was the "real" ones and obviously these are a fake - I have had no results from taking these. The ad that I viewed when making this purchased said "as seen on Shark Tank" and I was lead to believe the product I would receive was the product that the three sisters on Shark Tank created and all of the Shark Tank investors were supporting. I have noticed since then that numerous ads pop up for this same product and the instructions say "just take 1 cup before bedtime" which would be some type of liquid or powder mixture. The pills I actually received have the instructions to take 2 pills 30 min. prior to each meal - that is 6 per day and one bottle only has 30 pills. I have already went taken 1 entire bottle with no results. I would like a refund. The order number is 45439 from 8/25/19

Ultra Fast Keto Boost

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  • Pa
      Oct 10, 2019

    I have not received my order #273709

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  • Ro
      Oct 28, 2019

    @Pam Hall Cxl it ASAP!! Trust me.

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  • Ro
      Oct 28, 2019

    I've had same issue..Thought I was ordering the same POWDER to be taken once a night with water before bed... Instead recieved pills (6) a day... What the F...K??? I reached out to Company immediately after opening with no luck of course... What a SURPRISE!! (JOKE). Long story short here's a number to call #[protected]. On phone for 2.5 hours insane! Two different Agents barely understand what they are saying, except " I APOLOGIZE"!! My heart literally racing with ANGER... Finally after telling me nothing can be done until I return product to warehouse at my own expense, pretty much went "CRAZY"!!! Supervisor- Tina #293 Tiana- No idea but worthless #232 First person never gave name again "WORTHLESS", and she hung up on me... I'm still in "AW"!!! They will tell you they can not refund from their side only Warehouse and we all know that's Bull...T!! I can not believe the way I was talked to as a Consumer, and will never ever do any business with this Company again.. Also will talk to everyone that will listen not to... After threatening them with Law suit and false advertisement. I will be getting 45% of my money back and they will not be getting there product in return... My only advice is to blow their lines up, don't accept the lame read along excuses and insist no matter what... I'm not done with this Company and the way I was disrespected!! A Multi-Million dollar Business need's to do some serious revamping of Organization, or continue misleading us the Consumers... We can stop this by refusing to purchase their products any longer... RLP

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  • Je
      Nov 04, 2019
    Ultra Fast Keto Boost - Super fast keto boost
    United States

    It said I ordered one bottle for 39.99 and got one free and charged my account 69.99 I'm very unhappy order ID456484 I wasn't going g buy but they texted me back for a deal my name is jeanna moreno

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  • Da
      Nov 06, 2019
    Ultra Fast Keto Boost - Ultra Fast Keto Boost
    3201 Hillsborough Ave
    United States

    I ordered 5 bottles of ultra fast keto boost.
    They do not work at all. I want to return 4 bottles and get my money back.
    Really ticks me off that as a consumer we have no idea what is a scam or not

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  • Sa
      Nov 09, 2019
    Ultra Fast Keto Boost - Keto Boost Product
    United States

    I never received my order and now i'm seeing that you guys took out over $80 out of my bank account. I want to cancel my subscription and have my money back. please and thank you.

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