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offer a 30 day trial, I read all information, understanding could return and get a full refund would take 24 to 48 hours to process, not signing up for a trial that continues just the one bottle. after putting my information did not get review order just Order ID 456658 no price there was no other information tried going back could not, received text at 11:20 from 415-340-8189 saying thank you for looking at Ultra fast Kato, we came across a few specially priced bottles in our office earlier, I reserved a free one for you here: https when tried to call the number is message saying if we can help in your development let us know 11:28 pm e- mail no price but would be shipped in 24-48 business hours I called right away 11:32 pm on the phone for hold quite a while, before your floor supervision Amy answered Amy was very rude never gave the price said it had already processed I would have to ship it back, I keep repeating did not want cancel and she said could not cancel or refund still did not give me the price, then she said, would give me back part of the cost but still not how much it cost, said it had shipped some date in September said no I just made the order, she continued to be rude saying no I had order in September when gave the order 456658 she said all ready processed could not refund the charges, still not telling me what the charges was $198.70 for 5 bottles, I said no it said 30 day one bottle she said that was what I order 5 bottles, I ask to cancel was told could not cancel already processed told her said 24 to 48 hour and I have never gotten to review the order just gave me ID 456658 and did not order 5 bottles just one bottle 30 day trial and I wanted to cancel because I did not order 5 bottles she said that I had and she could not cancel the order or refund my cc and she still had not said how much I was charged finally gave price of $198.70 and could not cancel order or refund after going back and forth she said could refund %$173.70 because had to pay restocking fee I said had 24 to 48 hours and had only ordered on bottle I want full refund, I would accept $173.70 but wanted the full refund and would take it up with the cc people then she hung up on me no refund at all . 12:05 am called back talked with floor supervisor Molly because no supervisor by the name of Amy again explained want to cancel order was less than 45 minutes ago and again told already processed has all ready been sent to shipping cannot cancel will have to send back again explained 24 to 48 hour to process and I had ordered one bottle she said cannot refund that I have to send back, I told her have nothing to send back I am canceling the order, she can do nothing as a floor supervisor then offers me 2 free bottles all during the call ever told a price even though kept asking she offered me back a percentage asked if she can offer me back a percentage then why not a full refund for something did not order and tried repeatedly to cancel how much was I charged no answer she finally said $198.70 I expect a full refund since did not even get to review the order and in the email sent was not a price and I did not order 5 bottles and I canceled with in 10 to 15 minutes my number is [protected] waiting for call to have a complete refund

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      Nov 01, 2019

    You have taken $312.55 from my credit card without ionmy knowledge or permission I want my money back or I will complain about your company on every social media site available. Order ID (I suppose) 888 ]9700686

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