FILE A COMPLAINT / St. Paul Pioneer Pressdigital subscription

M Jul 21, 2019

The Pioneer Press customer service department is a disaster. They have owed me money for over a month now for a subscription I cancelled in early June after which they kept billing me. Emails to them have proved fruitless in my quest to get the money they took from my account for the cancelled subscription. I even contacted the Better Business Bureau to which the PP replied "We will look into this ASAP." Well, ASAP to them must mean "whenever we feel like it" as there has been no action on this at all. They have an average rating of 1-star in the 58 reviews on the BBB website and there have been 222 complaints lodged against the them. Almost all are concerning the same problem I am having or worse. Many complaints are new subscriptions who say they keep getting billed but are receiving no newspapers. Then the Pioneer Press has the gall to send these subscribers to the collection department. It seems the wheels have come off this company. Subscribe at your own risk!

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