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D Sep 09, 2018 Review updated:

This rental car company is stealing clients money. Read Trip Advisor and many other reviews about them. Not one positive review. This company was recommended by you for our travel and I think you should take them down because it has made you look bad in my eyes and I'm a member who books with you. They charged me 500 euro for two small scratchs in hub cap that we didn't do.

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  • Co
    Conrad Haenny Sep 10, 2018

    Be very careful renting from Turisprime. I got a good deal on the rental through Auto Europe and the car was nice. However, they really pushed the Insurance hard. My home insurance and credit card covers accidents so I declined. When I returned the vehicle they found two minor scratches on the wheels and charged me 615 Euros! I told the rep that this sounds like a scam and he said "I don't care if its a scam".! Look at the pictures so you could see what cost me $704. My credit card insurance covered me (except for the 115 Euros VAT). He also told me about 25% of cars come back damaged. Turisprime doesn't make money on the rental, they make money on the back end for damages!

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  • Jo
    Joakim Arnøy Oct 09, 2018

    Reading reviews of so many others who have had the exact same experience as I had, indicates that the modus operandi of this company is to rip off people. However, my review is based mainly on the very negative encounter I had with their customer service.

    I got a good car for a low fare, booked via The car worked well, and I was happy with it. I had also pre-booked a full insurance with, and therefore declined the offer of Turisprime's agent of purchasing their insurance. The agent then said he had to block €1660 from my credit card as collateral. €110 of this was in case I didn't return the car with a full tank, which I thought was excessive. Still, I accepted.

    Upon returning the car, one of their employees discovered an 8-10mm scratch on one of the wheels. It seemed rehearsed, as she then called for her colleague, a Ms. Claudia Fernandes Teles, who came into the room and very aggressively told us that we had returned the car damaged, and we would have to pay for it. I challenged her mildly by saying I cannot understand how I could have made that scratch. She replied by saying "We know our cars very well, and that scratch wasn't there before you had the car".

    Reluctantly, I accepted to pay their claim for €186, 50. A clear rip-off, but I now understood why they block that high amount on your credit card before giving you the car. It's part of their business model, it seems, seeing just how many other cases of the exact same treatment other reviews show.

    I paid what I was being charged, and asked for explanations by Ms. Fernandes Teles what the documents meant. I do not speak Portuguese, and needed to know what they said in order to file my insurance claim. She continued with her aggressive tone. At one point I asked her if that tone was necessary, seeing as I had already accepted and paid the charge, and thereby taken responsibility for the damage. My pregnant wife said that we are guests in your country, and deserve better treatment than we were given. Ms. Fernandes Teles promptly replied "You are not guests in my country. Because you are trying to fool me." A shocking thing to say by someone in a service profession. I have sent my complaint about their customer service directly to Turisprime. But I can only add my voice to those many others who are warning people of ever using Turisprime. Just stay away! Pay the higher fare to rent a car somewhere else, and get treated like a valuable client instead of being bullied.

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