Truworths Clearwatercustomer service

C Jan 27, 2020

I never really shop at Truworths, mostly Edgars or Foschini but the store looked nice. I went in and smelt the new colon I was interested in. The floor assistant was very help full at first. I told her I'm just having a look but then I decided to buy some mascara. The power when off and the lady behind the till said she doesn't know if the sale when through or not. I told her the card machine said authorized. She said no, she must check the cash register. If I can walk around a bit. I said yes, its fine. I went to Fossil where they also had a similar problem, but I waited patiently for the customer to finish as I wanted to send my watch in for repair. Then when to Duesouth and did some more shopping. I thought now let me go get the mascara and go home sins my worker is waiting for her pay. When I got back to Truworths the cashier did not even check if the sale when through. I was so disgusted that they just left everything and did not bother to check yet. I ordered coffee to pass some more time. Then waited a round I bit more in store... The floor assistant asked if I'm okay and I explained to her that I was not okay and that they are wasting my time as checking a sale cannot take more than an hour. After waiting so long they told me that the sale did not go through but this morning when I checked my bank it proves otherwise. Did they even Check? I am so disappointed in the cashier (staff) working at Truworths Clearwater due to there don't care attitudes. I am not a regular customer and will never be. PS: keep the mascara as I will not have you waste anymore of my time.

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