This is phony... do not cash this check. they will get you with bounced checks. then they have your account number and other information.


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    washbrat Nov 21, 2009

    My boyfriend just received a check with all the confusing information as well. We recognized it as a possible fraud because the check looks like they were running out of ink. LOL. We looked it up and sure enough, others have had the same issue. My question is.. What do we do with it? Shouldn't we turn it in to someone or let some organization know? What about the elderly that don't have a child watching their back or ones that don't have internet access?

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    Sandra Denise Levi Jan 21, 2010

    I have also recived an check for 4500.00 dollars but I just now got it out of my old mail dated back in August of 2009. Because me and my boy friend broke up at that time. so we got back together and i just opend my old mail he had been saving it to my surprize there was this check, at first I was excited then I calmed down and looked in to it. I no if I would have goten it back on that day they sent it out, I would have tried to cash it because of my need for money, I am thankful I looked in to it before reacting to it. This check looks so real, I didnt no what to think its signed and has the Bank One logo on it. But then I go on to read the letter and it says and I qoute, enclosed is a check of $4500.00 which is for your tax payment of $3700.00USD for Non ressident Goverment Tax, payable to the Britsh tax officer as stated below. Tax Officer: Mary Johnson, 90 Oxford Street WC 12 PD London United Kingdom. So am just saying if I go to my bank and cash this check and it bounces am in the hole, IF I was to cash it in my name this is so bogus and I feel hurt for people who dont get it and fall into this trap. And it also says NationWide Insurance which is a well now insurance company. I am so confused I hope am right? But if am wrong I just missed out on a big payment I desperatly need! P.S Sandra D Levi

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