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Received letter stating I won $50, 000 for using department stores (i.e. Walmart, Safeway). Included in the letter was a check for $3, 850.00 asking that I send $2, 850.00 via Western Union to Ms. Julia Jones, 49 Mottingham Road, London, United Kingdom Se29z. After depositing the check at my bank I was notified that the check would be cleared after midnight the following day. The following day I withdrew $3, 200.00 from the bank and sent $2850.00 to Julia Jones Western Union of ($2, 985.00 total including $135.00 service fee). Later that evening after checking my account I notice an additional $3, 900.00 was missing and the bank notified me that the check had bounced. (My contact person was Marvin Anderson - [protected]). What can I do?


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    Marksnagel Nov 08, 2019

    I did a little research myself knowing full well it was a scam. On Google maps, the return address on the envelope checks out as a real aI ddress to the York Civic Center in Toronto however it is a government building with Court houses. So they found a real building just not one that would be part of the award.
    I looked up the address on maps and yes there is The National Bank of Indianapolis on that spot. If you are going to use a bank as part of your scam, at least pick one that exists.
    I then looked for Trustnet. There were no exact matches in Arlington by the street name but they were close. However all were in housing areas. Also the letter stating I was a winner did not have my name on it, only that it was an award claim notification.
    Why would there be three different places involved? Award letter envelope from Canada, check from Indianapolis, and award letter from Texas. The award letter from Texas being mailed from Canada should be your first trigger.
    And since I was done playing, I checked it out here on the internet.
    Thanks Complaints Board for helping the unsuspecting.

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