TruGreendead lawn & bad customer service!


TruGreen is a terrible company! They lie and make promises to get your business then treat you like crap. I had specific instructions listed on my account all of which were completely ignored by their service tech. I know they don't want to talk to the customers when they come out to service the lawns but that's too dang bad! I'm paying for a service. The rep was instructed to ring the doorbell before starting the application, he did not! My son happened to see him and in the two or three minutes it took me to slip on clothes he was done and driving down the street before I could get out the front door. I contacted TruGreen and told them. Of course they said they spoke to him and it would not happen again, it did!

They burned the heck out of my lawn and then made all kinds of excuses. They tried to tell me it was worms and they could do another type of application but could not be certain it would work. Why on Earth would they think any homeowner would agreed to this. Tired of the lies and the poor service I canceled and they agreed to reverse my last bill. It's been several months and I call each month when I get the bill and they say, "don't worry it's taken care of you won't get another bill." Well I'm sure you know I do indeed get a bill the next month!

Now they have turned me over to a collection agency! Are you kidding me! I contacted the collection service and they connected me to the Ellenwood office. The woman that answered the phone was contrite and rude, she went so far as to call me, "partner!" Well I then find out that there has been a change in management and because the management that made the agreement wasn't still employed there they would not honor the agreement.

The new manager got on the phone and wanted to come out to evaluate my lawn. FOR WHAT????? These incidents happened several months ago what exactly does he expect to find? I know he doesn't think I left my lawn the hot mess they made it.

All I can say is if you want a terrible company, that lies, has terrible customer service and will kill your grass dead, dead, dead then by all means TruGreen is the company for you! Save your money and stay away from TruGreen!


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    Bryan DiFatta Oct 14, 2010

    Trugreen Chemlawn doe nothing other then lie. The only thing they are good at lying their butt's me I know..I have to deal with this company every time I have to go to Court. Lie Lie Lie...

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    Bryan DiFatta Mar 17, 2011

    Trugreen chemlawn also does alot of cyber-bullying which means employees of trugreen have here in Baltimore make comments that are the same people that created a new user name like Jonpaul Murray here In Baltimore Md..Look it up its posted all over the internet. I know who sent that threat to me and posed yourself to look like a girl..Your not all that smart when you get caught.. By the way hows your finances going because I see its all bad, very bad????

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