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My name is Gurdev Singh. I have recently joined your club in Jaya33. I need to record a complaint about your service. I feel your staff are very ignorant towards customers. I was promised many things but as soon as I joined I have not seen anything happening.

My membership card is still not with me. I am still using my receipt. My starter kit is still not with me as your club actually ran out of starter kits. It is such a joke. I told the membership consultant to organize a session with the trainer and he said he will call me back in 5 minutes. He did not.

When I went there he told me to go see this trainer and he will help you. When I when to meet the trainer he had no time at all for me. He was just rushing and sounded like pushing me away. He tells me go and tell the membership consultant to call me and I will arrange it for you.

WHAT THE HELL IS THIS? Is this customer service? I joined your club because I find it nice and your people were extremely nice to me when I first walked in but now you people are treating me like I am your trainer or membership consultant’s secretary that I have to go around asking them and passing messages.

I find this as a very bad start off with your club. I signed 24 months contract with you and is this how I am treated. I want a reply on this email ASAP or I will take things to the right channel.


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    Brian Song Oct 30, 2008
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    Verified customer

    Hi Dave,

    You are not alone. When I was asked to join a year ago, the sales consultant was pursuing for me to sign up despite my busy work schedule and was willing to wait at the centre till 11 p.m. just for that. I admired that hard work and effort.

    However, I was subsequently fooled by the hard work he potrayed because there is absolutely no after sales service. When I checked with the sales consultant about membership transfer in view of my posting to overseas, he said he will revert in a day or two. Weeks and months have passed and the sales consultant did not revert.

    I have to walk in and speak to other staffs to find out on the procedure. All went well till lately when I handed over all the relevant documents and was trying to get in touch with the centre manager to find out further on the transfer procedure. I was told that he was busy the entire day and will revert in the evening. However, I did not receive any calls and decided to call back and was told that he has left for home.

    A staff picked up the phone and told me that messages will be passed in a day or two. What??? I told the said staff that this is ridiculous and he said its a practice. When I threatened to lodge further complaint, he asked me to proceed and raised his voice when replying to me. Is this what True Fitness can provide??? Only to close sales but not to provide after sales service.

    I migrated from Fitness First and can still say that Fitness First has one of the best customer service.

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  • Ju
    Juut Jul 30, 2009

    It is good to see that I am not alone, as I have also very very bad experiences with True Fitness. It seems like a club with the 'hotel california' principle: you can only get in, but never out! Although my membership has been legally canceled, they still charge money from my creditcard. I have called them now 5 times, without being called back ones, only promises and excuses. Very unprofessional fitness club...

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  • Ce
    CEFIRO88 Oct 21, 2009


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  • Ev
    Evelyn Chuah Jan 27, 2011

    I too had a problem with them. I wanted to cancel my membership with them due to medical reasons but they did not allow me to stating that it can't be cancelled or refundable once joined. Earlier they requested that i get a letter from my doc which i did and they still did not allow me to. Before i signed up i was not told about this. I went and saw this so called consultant by the name of Alex and had argued with him regarding this but he insisted he did inform me and he was damn rude. I even signed up for a trainer, and you know what happened, the trainer has already resigned even before i started my session with them and i only got to know about this when another trainer by the name of Farah called me because apparently she will be my trainer. And this consultant by the name of Alex Huong is really a xxxxxxx! I want my money back. Anyone out there with the same problem as us can help?
    I really regret signing up with them.

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  • Ky
    kyym Apr 05, 2011

    I agree too. I signed up at Vivocity branch just like a month ago. They sure are so nice when walk in for the first time. So I sign up not only for the membership but also with a personel trainer whose cost is $75 per session. Now I am badly regretting that. With 75$ per session I hoped for the trainer to be patient with me and the most important thing is to book the time in advance with me. But that did not happen.. this trainer whose named Oneil would reply my sms for appointment late at night like 11:00 pm asking to come at not my convenience time but his convenience time. It's not like he's the only one who's busy. I'm too. For the first day I deal with it. But when this continue I get pissed..! I've got my days plan ahead sometimes though I am only student I still got outings with friends, assignment discussions, extra classes and seminars.
    Besides, on my first day of the training he made me worked so hard in a rush that I vomit after the session followed by extreme body pain and thereby sickness for five days. Later I knew he had rushed in working out that day because he've got somewhere to go after my session so instead of going easy and slow on the beginner's first day he rushed.
    Gosh.. I can't believe I paid that much for that! I was con by their acting on first day. Seriously, people in true fitness shouldn't be in fitness business, they should be in acting industry. That way my advice's they can earn more.
    Now I understand why they make me signed so many papers on the sign up day so that can't run away after finding out their bad service. What can I or We can do now though?! Just have to wait a whole year long to finish contract with them.

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  • Ho
    hobeverly1212 Jun 14, 2012
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    Verified customer

    I signed up with China sqaure and immediately the next morning after i signed, the trainers started calling me up to ask abt the PT sessions etc, when I had already specifically told my sales consultant and one trainer whom I met, that I wasn't keen.
    they subsequently called several times again within the span of 1 week and i got really pissed. So i told my sales consultant that I have not even started going to the gym and this is the kind of service I get, and I then requested for a refund cos thier service has totally put me off. Best thing was, they said they can't, so which means now I have to suffer for the next 2 years. Can this br brought up to CASE or is there anything that can be done?

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  • Vi
    Vicky_bt Jul 18, 2012

    True Fitness Fails to Uphold True Values
    Fitness centres have been mushrooming around the block of late. A number of franchises have made their mark in the Subang USJ district. Concerned with my own physique I had the unfortunate experience of signing up with TRUE FITNESS USJ, Subang Jaya. A lot of people out there do not know the problems faced by some fitness club members.
    First of all, I would warn would be clients/ customers to be aware of the contract given to them. There are so many statements that may confuse you and you will not realize that it will cause lots of problems when you decide to leave the centre. They are also pretty smart and make you sign the contract without highlighting these important statements to you. I have been a True Fitness member for 4 years. Due to my work load and company official trips I was unable to commit myself to the fitness club. Therefore, I decided to cancel my membership at True Fitness. Apparently, there is a clause saying that you are not allowed to bridge the two years contract. However, you may produce a company letter stating the conditions of your work as proof. Even after doing so, they were unable to process the termination of my membership that was requested.
    So, instead of going through all the hassle (as I have more important work to settle) I thought I would just settle it after I completed my contract period (in which I continued paying for 20 months although I was not using the facilities-a waste of money!). Apparently, when your contract ends or is nearing to an end, you (the customer and member of the Fitness club) will have to inform them whether you are continuing with the contract or not. Therefore, I called the office and informed them that I do not wish to continue with my membership at True Fitness and they said they have noted my intension and will make the necessary arrangements.
    After 2 months, I realized that they had been still charging my credit card for the monthly fee. I went to see the HR department at the Subang USJ outlet itself but they told me that there wasn’t any record about my cancellation. So, I met the so-called manager and explained everything but she told me, “Sorry sir, there will be no refund!” very rudely. Firstly, I was very disappointed with their HR skills because it was very unprofessional for such a big company like them and secondly, I am definitely not happy with the way I was treated and spoken to by the manager of the centre. I am wondering how they do their recruitments at True Fitness. Is this how they are supposed to treat their customers? Or is this how they have been taught during their trainings?

    I thought True Fitness was supposed to be “Friendly” and “True”. I don’t think there is any “Truth” in your “Friendliness”. Aren’t they supposed to:
    • Highlight and explain the important prints in the contract before allowing a customer to sign it?
    • Explain what are their termination policies/ system is?
    • You are telling me there isn’t a record. What happened to your call recordings? That is why they record calls, for you to trace issues like this?
    • What about refunds? You are cheating people’s money by just simply saying “SORRY, NO REFUND!”
    • You have this policy where your customer service calls to ask if they would like to come for a 7 day trial pass and so on so why don’t you call your customers when their contracts are nearly ending and ask if they would like to continue or not? By right you should be taking care of your existing customers and sustain your members.
    • What kind of HR department do you have when they are unable to solve problems? Are they even qualified?
    • How do you recruit managers? Are they qualified? Do you see their values? Do you as a company have any values in the first place?

    I noticed there are so many complaints on the internet and complain boards about the same issues since March 2010. So, it is obvious that True Fitness is ignoring the complaints and not taking any action to improve their service. This is happening because people are still signing up with them. True Fitness certainly looks good from the outside, but once you sign up with them you will see their “True” service!

    Vikneswaran Vadiveloo

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  • Ju
    justicemoment Oct 16, 2013

    I agree to the complaints all above. Honestly, I am one of the victim. I was being approached by one of the sales person. Since I was curious, so I decided to give her part of my time to let her explain. She start to explain that she can actually waive off the joining fees and the monthly fee is only $101 including of gst. But I was not keen in signing up as I am a student. I told her that let me considered about it. BUT she did not let me go, she asked her supervisor. Her supervisor came to say he will give me discount. I wanted to leave, but they are persistent. I just agreed to it. This is just beginning of the bad experience with them.

    School started, I have no time for it, paying $100 dollars for nothing every month. I started to request for termination, one of the staff said there is no such thing as termination. Unless you have medical problem or handicapped. This is unreasonable.
    I only visited five times since the gym membership started, but I have paid $300.

    I wanted to cancel the giro and pay cash or nets instead. I called up the place and the staff say its possible. But the manager told me that Its not possible to cancel the giro. Bad customer service. The bank said that the merchant need to cancel, the bank have no way to cancel it.

    True fitness are forcing one to continue their service. I guess there are the one that have no such thing as termination unless you complete their contract. This is not a clean business. Why would you force someone to visit a Gym that have such a bad service like this. They just want your money to sustain their business.

    I would not recommend anyone to join this gym unless you are confident that you can visit often to make what you have paid worthwhile. Think again.

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  • De
    DennisParker Mar 20, 2014

    I want to make sure that it is very important to see whether or not his is something that is going to improve in many way.

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  • Ga
    gabrieladg Dec 07, 2014

    STAY AWAY FROM TRUE FITNESS! The company is a big scam and will do anything to take money from you, including lying to you with no remorse
    When my husband and I were getting our membership, we specifically asked for the diplomatic clause, knowing we might leave. The consultant then went on to offer us a package that I have now found out does not carry the diplomatic clause. Stupid me for believing what he told me and being one of those people who signed the agreement without reading all the fine print.
    Also, on the same occasion, when signing the same contract, I asked about a refurbishment that I knew was scheduled: "are you closing the whole gym, or doing it in stages?", I asked. I got the answer I wanted of "closing in stages", only to come to the gym one day and find that the gym was shut for the next 3 months, no warning given.
    Sorry for the long post, but I do hope this avoids any of you getting cheated and lied by the company like I was.

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  • Hi
    hipster007 Feb 07, 2017
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    True Fitness is absolutely unprofessional in their customer service. Their sales staff are extremely pushy and give off a very desperate vibe. I went there as a walk-in customer to see their gym (Jaya33) and inquire about the membership packages but they made it compulsory to fill in a form with our full personal details before they would even start to explain anything about the membership. They want your personal information like your IC, address, contact number BEFORE YOU EVEN ENTER THE GYM. I refused to give my particulars as the sales consultant could not give me a satisfactory response when I asked if this procedure is in compliance of the PDPA, however my friend filled in the form.

    The sales consultant was very aloof throughout, not attentive and only paid attention to my friend who filled in the form. The gym facilities looked decent, but the way the sales consultant behaved gave me poor confidence in their after sales service. I do not mean to be discriminatory here, but the sales consultant was obese. For a person who works in a gym, wouldn't you think that they would be motivated enough to use the facilities there? My friend was entitled to do a free body check as he has filled in the form, and the analysis was nothing short of hilarious. The lady said "Your right arm is 7.7kg and left arm is 7.8kg, this means it is not balanced. After you join gym and train then you will be balanced". Very professional analysis, come I give you a clap!

    Anyway, after the tour the sales consultant showed us their packages which start at RM200++ for 12-month membership, and RM700 joining fee (what!). Obviously the price is an issue. We said that we wanted to think about it and he looked so menacing as he pestered "What's stopping you from joining?". And he also said that he is offering us a special price for FIRST TIME customers, and that they would know because my friend filled in the form already so they can track and this offer will not be valid next time. He even tried to insult our intelligence by asking us "You know what is first time only?".

    In the end, he went into the office and another guy came out (he was big sized and looked intimidating). That guy said that they have a special offer for us -- there are members who want to transfer their membership and they can offer us the price of RM177/month for 12-months membership and free 6 months membership. We said we would consider, but he kept insisting we confirm within half an hour. We left the True Fitness with a bad taste in our mouths. Oh btw, my friend kept getting calls from them everyday from that visit, asking if he had signed up. Sorry, we chose Celebrity Fitness instead.

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