Troy-Biltwarranty for troy-bilt 25cc ss trimmer, mn: tb35ec

D Aug 01, 2018

Purchased from Lowes North Little Rock, AR store on March 24, 2017.Trimmer is used for personal, family or household purposes. Power source can be used with various attachments. I liked this so well that I have purchased the following attachments: blower and edger. On/about July 6, 2018, as I was using the weed trimmer attachment the power source locked up and quit running. I took the power source to the Lowes store as it was under warranty for repair. Gas was removed from device as store will not accept devices with gas in them. On July 27, 2018 I stopped by the Lowes store to check on repair of power source. The device was not repaired and this is what the ticket says " LSA declined repair had wrong gas/oil mixture." I further questioned the Assistant Store Manager, Matt, as to how the oil/gas mixture could be wrong since there was no gas in the device. Matt said the repair shop found metal shavings in the engine and determined that the oil/gas mixture was wrong, that it would cost more to repair than the cost of a new device. I have a lot of money invested in this product and have bragged to my friends as to the usefulness of the device. Do I have any recourse to have my device repaired under warranty, as I do not agree with the repair shop interpretation. It could have been a defective part that caused the lockup. To say it was the wrong oil/gas mixture because metal filings were found in the engine is a long stretch to me. Thanks for hearing me out and I am open to any questions that you may have .

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