[Resolved] Tripfactory.comthey took money and run away

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People, the company is terrible. They offer trips and other entertainment, but after they receive money from you, they simply run away from you. All their provided contact info turns out to be fake and I have no way how to find them. It is the worst experience in my life and I hope it will be the last. So stay away from these dishonest guys.


  • Vg
    Vgtf Jan 21, 2016

    Dear Neha: I am the founder of the company, and hear you loud and clear. Please do also provide the details on this public forum as to what money we took from you and where did we disappear. We are very much here and look forward to hearing from you.

    Thanks for your update : looking forward to hearing from you soon. : Regards vinay

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  • Pt
    p.t.a May 19, 2017

    @Vgtf Dear Mr Vinay Sir, I just booked a trip from Delhi to Leh for 3 members, Even I have paid 25% amount in advance to book my trip. I was so excited to enjoy the whole trip being started in the first week of June.
    But I am facing some troubles after making the booking amount 25% through your travel expert Mr. Akshit roy. I strongly understand the values and comments raised on the social media by both sides. Therefore before raising any issue on the social forum and releasing any frustration, I want you to intervene the matter, so that Nobody will feel embarrassment.
    Thanks in anticipation
    Regards, Satish Mittal/ Gagandeep Singla, Trip booking date: 18/05/2017

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  • Sr
    Sreeraj Nambiar Nov 18, 2017

    @Vgtf Vinay, I am also facing problem with trip factory. I have tried to contact you for a refund which was promised when I was in Andaman and now there is no response from the customer care team or the employees who took money from me. They were extremely nice till I made the payment and now there is no response from their end. No response over the phone or email. Trip Booking #TFN0011MV62.

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  • Ac
    AccountKiller Mar 25, 2016

    Unfortunately I have not read this comment before booking the trip through this travel agency. Had a very bad experience with Trip Factory for my GOA trip. These guys even don't bother to reply to the mails sent to them with queries.
    I had sent some queries to them before my travel date which are not answered till date. Even after the trip, I have sent them few queries regarding the trip as they have not provided the facilities I have paid for.
    The F***ed up company doesn't even bother to reply.
    Clear BIG NO for travel through this travel agency.

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  • Vi
    Vinay Gupta Mar 25, 2016

    What price did you get. Why did you buy there and what pain did they create. Pl provide more details sounds like spam.

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  • Ab
    Abhi_1 Sep 21, 2016

    Totally agree, had a similar experience. Before booking they will call you 10 times a day. All your queries are answered. Once you pay the amount, you keep calling and they will not respond. Even their most senior members run away from their responsibilities.
    Unfortunately I had not read this and other similar reviews before booking a trip on their portal otherwise would have never booked on their site.
    they totally messed up my North east trip. I really wish somebody could help me sue them, Have all the recordings and emails of the suffering and torture they caused me and my family

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  • Vi
    Vilas Borate Sep 23, 2016

    Hi guyes please just me tour company i am going to book my trip.

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  • Vi
    Vilas Borate Sep 23, 2016

    Please suggest me tour company i am going to book my trip

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  • Za
    Zaheer Barca Dec 09, 2016

    Trip factory is very unprofessional for their customers

    Recently my freinds have travelled to Andamans and they got struck there due to heavy rainfall

    But non of the trip factory people have assisted them to get them back home And also they have not even answered the call as well

    It's so disgusting

    Dear Vinay calling ur self the CEO dose not mean ur doing a great job

    Ple do give the needful service to they customers

    Looking like u just interested in money rather Than serving a better trip for your customers

    Guys Ple do not go to this cheap traveller

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  • Vg
    Vgtf Jun 04, 2017

    @Zaheer Barca You seem like competition.. SOUND FOUL

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  • Ni
    NileshHalde Jan 02, 2017

    First and foremost I had read these complaints before booking the tour with TripFactory. I appreciate startups and knew the background of the promoters hence decided to take risk and booked with them for tour of Rajasthan. To start with the sales person helping me with my bookings was Nishan. He was very helpful and helped me plan out my itinerary. In the process he addressed all my concerns. The experience of the sales process was very good. All the vouchers, confirmations were received on time. Just to be doubly sure after receiving the hotel vouchers I personally called up all the hotels to confirm my booking. All the bookings were confirmed. Leaving aside 3 issues the entire tour went well as planned. The first issue was the Car. The car was old and the music system was not working. When you travel ~1200 kms you need music while travel. The driver Mr. Ashok although was good at driving but he should have guided us in a better way as far as places of visit and timings are concerned. The second issue was the hotel at Jodhpur. They have put us into Hotel Marwar Regency. The Hotel was bad and also we were allotted one small room and one big room. Most probably the hotel had taken last moment booking and must have allotted our room to others. When we refused to stay in that hotel the hotel owner put us into another hotel. The third issue we faced in Jaipur Hotel. As per the vouchers we were supposed to stay in premium room, however we were allotted deluxe room. When we complained about the same we were told that this happened due to miscommunication between the TripFactory and their counterpart agency in Jaipur. Although we didn’t report the car issue to TripFactory, we reported the other two issues faced by us to them. I must appreciate Nishan who was prompt in responding to our calls even at odd hours. Just to compensate for these issues TripFactory gave us complementary passes for Choki Dhani in Jaipur on 31st December evening worth 10, 500/-. The experience at Choki Dhani was really good. So all is well that ends well. Overall barring these 3 issues overall experience with them was good. They were very prompt with their support. Once again appreciate Mr. Nishan for the service he extended beyond call of his duty to make us comfortable during the tour. While there is a scope of improvement for TripFactory, I will still recommend them. They may not be the best but they are surely not as bad as the complaints posted above suggests. Do not hesitate to book with them.

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  • Vg
    Vgtf May 27, 2018

    @NileshHalde your issue was you were racial and rejected muslim drivers, shame on customers like you.. dont want you back.

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  • Sh
    Shweta Kamble Jan 27, 2017

    How is the management of trip factory.. I am planning to go on a women only trip .. Have reservations on their service. I have received quotes which are very competitive however not sure of their planning and service.

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  • An
    Anna10 Mar 23, 2017

    @Shweta Kamble Hi Kimble did you make your booking and traveled as yet? Also where do you plan to travel to?

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  • Ch
    Chirag Khurana Mar 30, 2017

    Mr. Vinay,

    Thanks to know, Founder itself replying back and would love to know few things from your end.
    What would you call it if no one reply to your query in time and you keep waiting for the same.
    I am Chirag and have bought the package from Trip Factory after so much trouble, when every i had raised any query never turned in time.
    Still i am suffering the same.
    And My travelling dates are near and do not know what will happen.
    Yes, you want the proof i can show you all the emails exchanged between me and Trip Factory.
    Yes, Trip Factory people does not bother to help their customer.

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  • Vg
    Vgtf Jun 04, 2017

    @Chirag Khurana Dear Chirag: I am sorry to have missed this message, do reach out to me and will help you.

    TF Team

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  • Ra
    Ranjeeth kumar Bg May 12, 2019

    @Vgtf Would you please share your e mail Id I am another customer of you who's facing same problem in Bangalore and my trip date is near unfortunately none of your team members are responding

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  • Pr
    Prashant941272 May 30, 2017

    Trip factory is A cheater travel agency . I would request you all to go consumer court and imposed a heavy panalty with the proof .. I have enough proof to stop this agency completely and send them into the prison who cheat innocent people, I m also collecting more proof from all cheated by trip factory
    I m scare from the systems of this contry which is Advocy Payment through internet but unable to stop cheating with innocent people

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  • Um
    UmaKashwani Jun 03, 2017

    Totally Agree
    Very pathetic, torturous and fraud behaviour experience with TripFactory(TF) on our Andaman trip with them
    They initially give U a quotation with sub-standard hotels & relatively higher pricing, then they will follow U up multiple times reducing the price a bit & promise of upgrading the hotels & room types in them. Once U agree, they will make U pay the full amount within a short span of time
    Then just very near to the travel dates they will call U saying the hotel promised is not available & now they play with U with freedom to book as per their scripted plan to fool U
    When U object, they start misbehaving and talk rubbish, they already have all Ur money now
    U ask for detailed itinerary consistently, they initially promise it but at the end they will just provide only a rough 1, stating the detailed sequencing and timing will be taken care smoothly at venue by local operators
    We were promised all 4 star Hotels, what we got was Hotel Shompen, which was full of rats & roaches
    They charged me full for my 2.9 year old kid, but apart from flight, no extra ticket was provided, be it on the shows or on the multiple transfer Ferries
    We shared all the ID proofs 2 weeks prior to journey, on reaching the venue, U get to hear they need the ID Proofs anew to book the tickets, since none is shared to the local operators. U do not have a known plan but need to depend on these local operators for every next move making U wait till the very last moment
    For every ticket U are at the mercy of the local operator and need to be physically present & keep calling( this guy Avinash in PortBlair will simply not receive any calls) & search him physically for him to get U the tickets
    We were done visiting cellular jail by 5:15 pm & then they say they cannot accommodate us for 6 pm show & that we need to hang around with our little kid in the humidity till 7 pm and search him back for even the late show tickets, even at 7 pm he doesn’t get me the tickets, he has some arrangement with ticket checker and makes us stand last in the queue
    Then tickets for ferry next day are still not available, they say initially early morning at 6:30 am then late at night on follow-up, he says he can’t arrange and that the tickets will be tried for 11:30 am
    In the meanwhile U get sms from TF asking for feedback on smoothness of trip, U complain on the message but its all sham, no 1 receives the call, just an sms back that things will be arranged in-order
    Ur plan is totally haywire & U have no 1 to get things rectified, helpless situation
    Now next day even at 11 am they do not share the ferry tickets from PortBlair to Neil, coz they have somehow arranged the tickets grouped with other party & U will be made to wait in sun with small kid at the gate till the other party comes, we almost missed the ferry & same was the case for ferry from Neil to Havelock too, where I forcibly went ahead without waiting for other party at the last moment. Had I been waiting any more even I would have missed boarding like the other party did
    We were told this ferry is fully AC & comfortable, but what I found inside it was as if U are inside a pressure cooker with no open outlets & AC never works in these shabby ferries. Captain inside says these ferries are actually meant for local tribals
    The alternate cruise ride is just 500 Rs extra, but they save this pittance for that extra margin & make U suffer like hell
    I called multiple alternate numbers available of TF folks and complain, to ensure the booking for ongoing journey on cruise, they all promise the same, do not share the tickets till the end. I continuously followup with then on this and they never care to even call U back once on their own, they talk all rubbish, speak as goons, U feel intimidated, and then on escalating it further, their head promises to arrange for Makazuzz, then green ocean, then helicopter ride all along, then later till last moment U are forced to travel in the same shabby ferry again
    Hotel checkout is at 8 in morning, they have booked ferry for 4:30 in the evening,
    For the time in between there is no plan, U are on Ur own
    Ur trip with tripfactory is a torture rather than a holiday & U pay Urself for this torture of Urs
    Avoid the fraudsters tripfactory

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  • Vg
    Vgtf Jun 04, 2017

    We completely Apologize for the behaviour and screw up from our local handlers, we will reach out to you to make sure this is addressed. We humbly accept our mistake and want to make sure you know we are honest and because of some rogue employees we were looking bad.
    I really thank you for bringing this to our notice and we will surely file a remedy on this.

    TripFactory Team

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  • La
    LakshmanAys Aug 08, 2017

    Dear Vinay,

    We are facing an issue with trip factory team. We just booked a trip from Hyderabad to Kullu & Manali for 11 members. Even we have paid 40k amount in advance to book my trip. On an average they intimated 7.5k per person for flight booking, transport vehicle and hotel rooms also. This was the agreement, and they have given a estimation slip also. Now they are asking around 6k more per person after booking flights. They are saying flight fare is increased. One more thing now they are saying is, they have given estimates for another trip offer.

    How come they book this present offer after paying the amount ?
    How come they charge more ?

    Agent Name: Rashmi A
    Agent Phone no: 9591107586
    Trip Reference - TFN001193M1 - 4 Persons
    Trip Reference - TFN001192V0 - 7 Persons

    This seems untollerable and injustice. Please respond.


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  • Sr
    Sreeraj Nambiar Nov 18, 2017

    I faced similar issue. They completely ignore the customer after they receive the payment.

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  • Pr
    PrashanthShetty Apr 19, 2018

    @ Vgtf, even I have same issue, I had my passport validity upto 5 months and I reached out to trip factory for Singapore trip, they made us rush in making the payment, promising us renewal of passport wont take more than 10 days, however with all my best efforts if took 20+days, but these guys forced us to make payment upto 1.2 Lakh saying, there will be delay payment charges if we don't pay and all that. we paid 1.2 lakh for 2 person, for 5 days now that my passport if yet to be received visa processing is also due and my trip for 21st April is not happening, when I asked them to reschedule the trip they are asking me to pay 60K in addition and they are not giving break up of charges aswel when I ask them to cancel they are saying they can only return 30+ K out of 120000 lakh paid. I booked this trip with lot of hope now am completely feeling helpless and cheated by these frauds, !

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  • Vg
    Vgtf May 27, 2018

    @PrashanthShetty The best was for anyone to reach us is not social media.. we dont reply here.. we dont check, this is random, pl always write to care or you can write to me [email protected]

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  • Am
    AmitR May 23, 2018

    @vgtf, i am also facing the issue.
    I tried to contact you many many times.
    Kindly see your [email protected] mails or ask your frontdesk team ms divya/ ms vidya, ms nasreen, ms julie or ms suravi.
    I had booked my uttarakhand holidays more than one month before ( 12 04 18) my starting day of trip (20 05 18).
    Till 19th may 18 TF had not booked any of hotels which was promised and the Car too. The car came 2 hours delay after many calls. TF changed the hotels of 2 destinations out of 5 as it was booked. Even after that when i reached at the 2 hotels which was mentioned in vouchers, i was told there is no booking done.
    You won't believe even after hundred of calls & email's even today on the way to my trip (23 05 18) i am suffering. Experts or careteam no one have the time to respond my calls or emails.Still left 5 days. TFN001A3IPO.

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  • Vg
    Vgtf May 27, 2018

    @AmitR [email protected]

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  • Am
    AmitR May 28, 2018

    @Vgtf @Vgtf.
    Issue resolved.
    My trip is over and going back to home.
    Thanks Vinay Sir.

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  • Sh
    ShaluSingh May 26, 2018

    How TripFactory spoiled our Nainital-Kausani Trip (TFN0019ABPN)

    After lot of discussion with our Trip Factory Advisor Shubham, we finalized below hotels (3 days each) for our stay in Nainital and Kausani. We have done all payments 2 months ago before out trip.
    1. Hotel Rio Grand Nainital
    2. The Buransh, Kausani

    We were promised Deluxe Room and has a description “This double room has a dining area, seating area and tile/marble floor”.
    We got a small room (Room No. 102), which has common open area (they call it balcony) with stagnant water. This room has tea table placed before cupboard. Next to table 2 chairs are placed. On one side bed is placed. So, for opening cupboard, one has to move 2 chairs and tea table. The room was so small, that I have to place chair at the entrance to open our luggage. This is surely not Deluxe room I paid for. After lot of request they gave better room or deluxe room we paid for but only after 1 day.

    In kausani, we paid more to stay in 4-star hotel. Our check-in date was 22 May 2018. At 12:00 on 22 May we got below SMS from local vendor:
    “Sir your kausani hotel Change update 22 May, 23 May Hotel Mount Villa Kausani & 24 May The Buransh”
    There is no hotel with name “Hotel Mount Villa Kausani”. At 19:30, they told hotel name is Chevron Mountain Villa. This is 3-star property but as per TF they kept on insisting that they have UPGRADED our hotel and this one is better than Buransh. The hotel has very less lighting and pathetic food. After asking repeatedly why the Buransh booking is changed – TF folks kept on telling various stories which was hard to digest, they also said that since the management at Buransh has changed hence they have cancelled our booking. We kept on insisting for buransh Booking but TF did nothing on this. After whole day of outing we finally succumbed to stay in Chevron Mountain Villa as our Kid was not feeling well. We kept on talking to TF folks to get the booking done in Buransh but we got only a reply that if rooms are available they will get it done.
    Mr. Pradeep Head Operations Trip factory even offered us Hotel Sagar (Budget Hotel) which they kept on convincing that it is better than Buransh and Chevron Mountain Villa.
    In between I called The Buransh and got to know room is available for 22 May but TF team did not do anything. The Buransh also confirmed that we have no booking for 24th May, which vendor has mentioned in his SMS.

    We called Buransh directly and asked for availability on 22nd, 23rd & 24th…to our surprise Buransh had rooms available on 23rd and 24th…(22nd it was already 7 PM hence no rooms) while TF folks kept on saying no rooms are available. We worked as mediator between TF, Local Vendor & Buransh to secure our booking in Buransh at 11:00 AM on 23rd May. To our surprise, for this also there was NO CONFIRMATION from TF & Local Vendor….as if they did not bother as we had already talked to Buransh Folks directly….Highly UNPROFESSIONAL

    1. TripFactory is Holiday Planner and they are not aware of Hotel type.
    2. What is the point of booking in advance and paying on time.
    3. They form a whatsapp group some 16 ppl to assist us in our trip but team was not aware of Kausani hotel change till we inform them.
    4. Team was not aware of change right hotel name for a long time.

    Once we checked in Buransh Kausani, we asked the management about the lapses regarding our 3 nights booking (22nd, 23rd, 24th), they informed that no one from Trip Factory or Local Vendor has confirmed the payment terms rather they just had enquiry made to Buransh and hence they cancelled the booking as it was only enquiry.

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  • Vg
    Vgtf May 27, 2018

    The hotel is lying, they are unprofessional people in Hills, because they know a customer comes only once, and they can do what they like. While i accept your feedback, but what is the luxury in lying to you.. so you willify on the internet, not even stupid people would do that, you think our guys were just calling you to give you some non factual info, we dont do that. why would we, do that all, whats our motivation. We are well settled respects enterprise. We love the fact every act of ours is open to public scrutiny, but that does not mean, we have done all this.. to make sure we take your money and then keep it. Please do not make up assumptions without facts. I will call you and also share with you..

    Regarding Chevron chain not being 4 star.. everyone can search for themselves.

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  • Sh
    ShaluSingh May 27, 2018

    Dear Vinay,

    Since Trip Factory was our frontend, we are least bothered what hotel is saying ... we were looking from TF to sort out things...Our complaint is about TF Services and misleading communications by your representatives...the WHATSAPP Chats were of NO USE at all and we really doubt the usefulness of it...

    I am sharing our experience during the trip and how people behaved in our conversations with them...You should use this as FEEDBACK to improvise your services if you want to continue in services business else we all know how things can vanish with such kind of useless support and service.

    I am representing ALL FACTUAL INFO only... this is what we have been through...Regarding Chevron Group of Hotels, Please CHECK Specifically for Kausani property...its definitely not GOOD and NOT a 4 STAR property ... So no educations here please...

    How can you print a confirmed booking and get it cancelled at the very right moment of check-in ???? This is what is worrisome ... You never disclose your travel partners during booking process BUT your travel partner DIRECTLY communicates with us during trip for booking changes ... Was it not TF responsibility to get these things checked and inform us in advance???? Post we notifying TF team, they came to know that such issue has happened...THIS FALLS UNDER SERVICES / OPERATIONS ... Definitely your Operations Team need to improve and specifically Sameer & Pradeep.

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  • Vg
    Vgtf May 27, 2018

    @ShaluSingh Shalu, I thank you for the detailed phone call and candid feedback. We will come back stronger. We humbly accept your feedback. I understand we are at fault. Enjoy your weekend. Regards Vinay

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  • Vi
    Vids Dec 17, 2018

    @Vgtf Hi Vinay, I just read all these comments and wonder how the 4.50.000 i paid for my Dubai trip to you guys could be at a huge risk now. All I am expecting at this point is time is to get in touch with a senior member of your team so that he/she can at least understand the ordeal one goes through when you staff doesn't communicate specifically and with respect. A couple of people I have already interacted with (Rahul, Akshit, etc.)haven't assured me enough about the resolution to my ongoing horrible experience. please note my trip hasn't even started yet so we still have some time to do the damage control.

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  • Pr
    PriyaKA May 29, 2018

    Hello All,
    I thank you for your comments. I was thinking of planning a trip to Bali through Trip factory, but it has gotten a lot of bad reviews with many people calling it a fraud company. So I won't be booking for my trip through them. Thank you all for your reviews.

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  • Tr
    Travel enthusiast Sep 02, 2018

    I've had a terrible experience with them. They keep calling and pushing to book with them unnecessarily on the spot without even giving time to discuss internally. Their spoc is rude and full of arrogance. No flexibility at all. Wouldn't recommend to anyone.

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  • Vi
    VikasG Oct 21, 2018

    Trip factory is trip spoiler. Their contact Info is fake and there is no way to reach out to supervisor if you have challenge with your trip expert. My extra bed was promised but not provided. They simply apologized. Missed to book kids breakfast. Asked me to pay directly and get reimbursed. Lastly SIC transfers were late by 90 minutes and after lot of noise, I was told that the vehicle broke down and they are arranging new one. What the hell is this.

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  • Ro
    Robin singhal May 10, 2019

    Hi i would like to specifically highlight that please do not book with tripfactory, i had serious issue with them, my flight was rescheduled from bangkok to bangalore but they kept on sending me mails of flight from bangkok to kolkata and when i asked them on their telegram group, the guy called sameer pasha said that let me check on it and never replied back and the cab sent by them to pick us up came according to kolkata flight timings then i contact to their other staff member and she said that my flight is on time and sent me the screenshot of flight from bangkok to banglore and the screenshot clearly mentioned that flight had left already, and we were stuck on bangkok airport and nobody from tripfactory contacted us when i told them that my flight is missed because of them and until the last hour they kept on sending me mail saying my flight is from bangkok to kolkata, we booked the flights on our own, we spent sleepless night on the airport because we got odd timings of the indirect flights, we lost our liquor and cosmetics to custom department just because we forgot to put it in checkin bags just because of the kind of situation we were put in, my wife was literally crying and i was helpless because next day we had to travel to germany and we reached home at the very last moment and packed for germany, by god's grace we were able to reach the airport, we did not slept for whole day and left for germany, when we asked them for compensation they said we can give you discount on next booking but not compensation. Are you serious, we gonna book again, after so pathetic service. My trip reference no is TFN001JYANR just to make sure this is genuine. Please do not book with tripfactory ever

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  • Vi
    Vineeta Jukaria May 31, 2019

    Hello every one.

    Tripfactory is a site just to cheat people. They have cheated me more than 1.5 Lakhs. I have mailed all documents, provided every details all the time but they never resolved my issue.
    Guys don't go for this site. Whosoever wants to get details from my end, I can share.

    [email protected]

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  • Pa
    pandeyhere Sep 27, 2019

    Dear Vinay,

    I am Manish Pandey. My Travel Booking Number is: TFN001QKSQH.
    I had made the booking in month of July.

    3 days before the travel, I am being told that I should opt for another hotel.
    This is unexpected and wrong

    I did not book TF for this last moment chaos.
    I request you to please personally look into it and help me with the trip discussed as is.

    My Number is 9886724299. Please feel free to call me for anything you might want to discuss.
    I have also posted a similar message on your personal facebook messenger. Sorry I did not intend to do that, but I was left with no Choice.

    You could check with Mona/Imran from your team.

    Manish Pandey

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  • Sw
    swathi kumar Oct 23, 2019

    Hi Guys becareful with the trip factory before booking any trip at any moment they will cancle your trip .I will explain
    first they will tell you about trip factory like anything once booking is done at last moment of your journey they will demand for the money if your not paying demanded money they will cancel your trip by saying false statment if you ask proof they will give you but they will cancel the trip without any reason because demanded money not paying.
    i faced the issue i have all the proofs.

    Please guys don't book by seeing comments, the comments might be written by them only who knows.

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  • Sh
    Shobha Mahadevappa Nov 06, 2019

    Dear Vinay,
    I want to give honest feedback.
    First the communication between customer and trip factory is so very unprofessional.
    I request all the mails to customers from your sales person should go in mail and have their manager in CC.
    All communication is on whatsapp and there is no way that we can escalate the issue to their manager.

    Now, rgding my trip, I had booked a trip to Hong Kong sometime in June/July and had paid amount of 1, 15000 for flight.
    Later i had to cancel the trip due to the protests in HongKong.
    Your sales person Nishanth NEVER told me that the hotel booking was already done and i would lose 70k on hotel booking as it is non-refundable.
    While i cancelled the flight tickets myself, I went ahead and booked a trip to Andaman though TF.
    Flight cancellation amount was refunded end of September.
    But i had to continuously follow upon the refund for nearly more than a month. Nobody was ready to give the complete picture.
    After nearly a month < i get a shocker and i get a refund of only 8k instead of 80k.
    Now the reason for the same, nobody tells.
    Again after multiple follow ups, one fine day Mr. Nishanth tells that the amount of 71k is adjusted for hotel booking.
    I told them i had never paid for hotel and he says that it was done thru them.
    However, I was never informed on the same.

    And all these conversation happen only on whatsapp. No mails, nothing.
    There is still no communication to me on the calculation of refund amount
    I ask his manager's contact and he says they will contact me which they have not done till now.

    I was a repeated customer BUT i will never book a trip through TripFactory going forward
    There is no transparency in the dealings and no professionalism.

    I lost 70k of my hard earned money for no fault of mine.


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  • Sh
    Shobha Mahadevappa Nov 06, 2019

    @Shobha Mahadevappa My trip number TFN001QGM3D

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  • Ar
    a_raj18 Jan 03, 2020

    On 28th Dec, when I gave approval of my trip to Coorg, I was promised a hotel "hotel Coorg international" for which I made the payment after looking at the hotel and its location. At that time, I mentioned to Vijay( trip expert) the high rates, and he asked me to check the rates of the hotel. And I saw that it was around Rs 8000/-. I accepted and made the payment.

    On 30th Dec, my trip started at 8AM. In the car, I got a call at 12:10 pm that the hotel is not available and there are no other options available. I have to go ahead with some other hotel option. I asked him to give me some time to check the hotel details but he told me that time is running out and there are no other options. So I had to go ahead with the changed options. I agreed as I had my family with me and we were in the middle of travelling. Also I assumed that difference in prices will be taken care of.
    If you change the hotel after booking is done, then what is the point in showing the hotel options before booking and asking the customer to do the booking.

    When I found the coverage to check online after some time, I saw the changed hotel was displaying rates for Rs 3600. So there a difference of Rs 4400 per day between the rates of the two hotels. This was observed on the first day of the trip itself(30th Dec) after I received a call from trip factory after my trip started. I lodged a complaint and tried to get a response from you multiple times.

    Their support team would go on saying that we will sort this out. Nothing was done till today and they respond that nothing can be done about this.

    So the rates difference are of Rs 4400/day, that amount should be refunded to me by tripfactory, if it had any ethics and has any trustworthiness, which the company certainly do not have.

    First of all, you should not confirm a trip for which you have not done the booking. You cannot change a hotel after the trip has started. You cannot tell the customer in the middle of a trip, that he has no option and he has to go for another hotel. And if you change the hotel to a cheaper hotel, you cannot charge him the same as his earlier expensive hotel.

    They doing so, just confirms what a bunch of cheats they are. After my complaint, my travel expert(Vijay) refused to pick up the call and talk to me. These are just signs of cheats who use these cheap tricks to take out money from customers.

    This incident should be exposed to other people so that they come to know what kind of company you are. The anger I feel is not that I have been charged money for services that I did not get, but the anger is that I have been cheated by a bunch of cheats and I allowed myself to be cheated by trusting these guys.

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