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Trip Central review: Cayo coco pullman resort

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I’l going to be very clear with you and you should escalate this to your legal department ASAP. If you keep supporting this hotel/resort, aka offering it as an option, expect a lawsuit. If this hotel was in Canada, it would be permanently [censored] down by government regulators. This is borderline criminal. Definitely the WORST experience I have ever had in ANY hotel/resort ANYWHERE in the world. And God have I travelled. I’ve been to a few backwater African countries with no running water, all of which had much better service. Not only did they refuse to give us groundlevel rooms when we had 3 elderly woman in wheelchairs, the bedrooms were unsanitary. Note: the hotel is half empty. We found loads of cockroaches in the rooms, and the AC in one of them was broken, and they couldn’t even fix it. Next, the lock on my girlfriend and I’s room was broken and, again, they couldn’t repair it. By that, I mean that anyone could open the door without having an access key, even if the door was locked from within… They then switched us to another room (same size and similar view, to be fair), and that one too had broken locks, they couldn’t fix Then, when I got angry at the man in charge, he threatened to have me thrown without refunding anything (in a foreign country with no rule of Law, clearly). Not to mention the broken safes, most of which wouldn’t open in the first place or wouldn’t open again after putting your valuables inside. The sexual harassment my girlfriend faced, not only before my arrival (a few hours later) but also in my presence was most unacceptable. Hell, half the hotel is empty, and for good reason. Even the sunscreen is overpriced, because the sellers inflate the prices (even when the price tag is visible) and lie about our credit cards not working, so that they can line their pockets. They literally don’t check the rooms before they rent them (did I mention they are rude,the phones don’t work and so are the elevators?). You should be ashamed to associate with these people.