Travis Industriesfireplace xtrordinair

I have two units in my home, and have had nothing but trouble. The larger unit, Fireplace Xtrordinair 44 DV XXL has burned out a blower every year, apparently from poor design of the two blowers in back of the heat box overheating. Each time it has cost about $700-$800 for the "dealer" to replace them. For the past year the unit has been periodically turning off spontaneously while burning, which requires me to relight the pilot 6-10 times before the unit will stay on for awhile. The local "dealer" has come out many times, first to "realign the pilot flame" twice, then to replace the thermocouple, then to replace the gas the tune of about $2500 in parts and labor, and it still doesn't work. I have tried to contact Travis to talk to an engineer who might know what they are doing, but the dealer tells me Travis will not talk to me, will just refer me to him, and that is proving true. I am about to give up and junk this system, which is the key component to heating my house, and go to some sort of central heating. The product is clearly defective, and neither the company nor the dealer knows how to fix it.

Apr 05, 2019

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