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Jul 23, 2019

I have been registered as a tutor with transtutors. There is a scheme of upload and earn, stating that I should upload 1000 question and answers in a month so that I will get a royality of 10000 rs, I have uploaded the same but they are now refusing to pay now by stating payment will be... / Transweb Global / please don't use transtutors

Feb 05, 2019

I read a lot of bad reviews about TransTutors but I just used it because I had to submit my assignment and there was no choice to solve my problem. I spent over $100 but they gave me really really.. really "bad and basic" solution. They didn't ask me any specific questions, just read my... / Transweb Global / online homework helpers

Dec 23, 2018

My client ID number is tts231218-776221-2xlsx Date and time: 12/23/2018 11 pm to 4:30 am. I paid 200.00 for an assignment to be completed by 1 am and it was done by 4:30 am. I failed my test because of that and couldn't get refunded my 200.00. Danny (student mgr.) was very rude. 1st... / Transweb Global / Prices are high

Nov 03, 2018

They have helped me in many assignments. Quality of the service and solutions very good. Even the customer Care team is very helpful. I feel that the prices are high, I have to negotiate the prices in each assignment. They gave me discount but after discussion. I feel if they can reduce the prices it will be very helpful and i will give them 5 star. / Transweb Global / homework assignment

Apr 14, 2018

I contracted this company 10 days before my assignment was due to provide me with 20 pages of company data for one of the worlds largest retailers. The day it was due, I hadn't heard anything, so went back in to the website to find out what was going on. They told me the tutor needed one...

[Resolved] / Transweb Global / assignment help

Feb 22, 2018

They call themselves experts. They really don't know anything about what they are doing. I gave a MATLAB assignment and they gave some plagiarized solutions which are lifted from another source. I didn't come to know about it in the beginning, as I was trying to understand the... / didn't help me with my assignment and refused to send full refund

Dec 22, 2017

This company is a scam, all good reviews are fake. they did not help me at all with my assignment, and refused to send me refund. Please be aware and stay away from this company. I contacted Paypal to open a dispute. hopefully, they will refund me soon. you can read bellow some messages I... / beware!

Nov 14, 2017

People beware! Don't spend your money on this trash, don't trust and don't believe them. It's a complete waste of money!! Their employees are not professional and they often make mistakes, copy and paste, it's so obvious. No one checks anything, so you are on your own if you want to get a... / help with homework

Sep 18, 2017

Read the discussion thread...incomplete solution was given...initially the solutions provider did solution based on his own scenario. Have already missed the deadline and no confident that the person delivering understands the question. Also asked that the ansewrs provided are subdivided into the...

[Resolved] / disgusting work on my assignment

Aug 24, 2017

The expert didn't write summary at all that was clearly written in paper and straight copy paste from Internet. Moreover didn't answer some questions as well and the ones were answered, half of them were wrong. please stay away if you actually wanna get your work done and when you try to put... / don't give them your card details!

Nov 03, 2016

These scammers charged me three times!! I contacted TransTutors support right away and they promised to resolve my issue as soon as possible. It took them over two weeks to refund me, but they refunded only one payment! When I contacted them they claimed they gave all of my money back... / charged me 2 times

Apr 22, 2016

About three months ago I signed up because I really wanted to find a nice tutor. Found this site and it looked amazing. I used their service and it was not bad, I got what I wanted. But then they charged me again so I contacted Transtutors and asked what was going on. They said that it wa... / bad solution and bad experts

Apr 03, 2016

This is a big fraud company. They never give your assignment on time or if they does, they give you completely stupid assignments. When you ask for money back then they never give you back and forcefully tell you that whatever they give is the right assignment. They have stupid expert... / re: altering price every 5 minutes

Sep 09, 2015

I was purposed one price at first then they changed it after 5 minutes and again they changed after 5 minutes, it was very dissapointing, ..I was just about to pay when they did it...why don't transtutors stick with the agreement they made, why transtutors keep changing the agreed price / assessment solution

May 20, 2014

transtutors.comThis is the worst website I have ever seen. I have ordered a solution for my assessment. They gave me a quote of $80 also told me that solution will be ready in 48 hours. Solution was ready in 48 hours but solution was poorly written. They do not know what they are doing. I have asked them...

Transtutors / payment issue

Apr 21, 2014

I am a tutor on this site for capsule questions since February 2014. I answered several questions on the website in February out of which only one was approved in March. But I dint receive payment of that till now. I am continuously mailing at experts and careers from last... / I am really disappointed in the service, and would hope they change the way they operate


It will serve me as a student, and potentially the company-transtutor if they are upfront with customers. I know their so-called experts could have easily determined if they could solve this assignment, rather than acting like they could and even making matter worse by asking for an... / wasted my time and money


Wasted my time and money, I have been calling them for 12 days to get a refund and still nothing. Don't work with this company. / don't waste your time and money with these buster indian scamp


They are big fraud they took my money for my assignment, at the beginning they didn't get me any assignment until I have called them several time and at the end they send me a rubbish answer for the two questions out of 6 and they said it's part and when I told them even this i... / do not ask them questions unless you want to get your ip banned from chatting


First of all...if you are new to the site (haven't registered) and see the "answer this question" button that promises to donate $5 into your account, Don't Do it. Yes, they ask for an email address but they won't pay you unless you are an approved tutor, thus you worked for...

Accounting quiz / low grade received


I had received a low score on an Accounting quiz taken by one of your so called "professionals." They credited $18 to that website but I don't know what I'm supposed to do with that because I am not coming back to this site again. I have been on for the past 3...

Transtutors / maths not a problem for me now!


Online tutoring @ is what one should avail for. Not worried about deadlines anymore. The tutors are professional and approachable. For most of my tutorial sessions, I was assigned a tutor of my choice. He helped me finish my college paper and reviewed it as well. I have... / high payments and worst solutions


I loved you guys for good work earlier but at the end you screwed me up with high payments and worst solutions. At the end It was who helped me. Not like transtutors but in the real way to help students like me who got deceived by transtutors and other fake... / review of transtutors


Hello Everyone! Do check out for your assignments. You’ll find loads of services and cool features that will help you finish your assignments or papers. It isn’t too pricy, in fact quite affordable. Easy-to-navigate from one page to another. Topics are easily... / complaint of transtutors


A Great resource for assignment problems. Feel confident about my math skills after taking online classes. With online assistance from, I am all set to learn a lot more than what I usually do. Classroom lectures do tend to become boring. Live tutoring with different...

Transtutors / review for transtutors


At college level, homework grades become important to score well. I have to attend to a very busy schedule every day. As a result, I do not get enough time to finish all my assignments. Thanks to, have been my savior for quite some time now. Luckily, with online assignment... / what a fraud, scam


This is a student-helping website that helps them in doing their homework by paying cash online. But according to a post on, one costumer was asked to add extra day and extra payment for their labor. And after a day they asked again this costumer another payment for... / professional assignment help


Hi Everyone! Experienced something unusual. I had submitted two assignments on Everything seemed to be perfect. I could easily search for my topics; submit my assignments and queries, a tutors was assigned, etc. But he couldn’t finish two assignments as there... / homework help

Th is an excellent online help resource for homework issues. It is definitely one of those good websites where you get genuine help regarding homework, projects, assignments, difficult questions, exams, etc. Signing up is very easy. You will get your answers in time. I have... / don't loose money while wrecking your grade


It does not get any worse than this. First off, the site advertises American experts to tutor and help with academic assignments. The only thing American about this site is the address. What you really get are Indians (from India) who do the work, which comes back late and inadequate and... / it's really a genuine site

Da is a nice site and very easy to navigate. I could easily locate my topic. Got my assignment before the deadline. No trouble during payment procedure and everything went smoothly. They also have discounts on group assignments. Definitely going to share it with all my friends and classmates. Thanks a ton you guys! / horrible assignments provider


Hi, I hired them to help with my assignments and paid 150 USD. after 2 days they called me and said they can't complete within the time line. and asked for 48 hours. after another 48 hours they asked for another 48 hours and finally gave the assignment after 10 days. Now my totor ha... / I have tried transtutors many times but they always want to keep your money and give some credit for future assignments


I have tried Transtutors many times but they always want to keep your money and give some credit for future assignments. / pls don't go there and die to get your money back


It's a complete fraudulent, scam website! Pls don't go there and die to get your money back.