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C Sep 16, 2020
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The driver that made my delivery today (16/09/2020) at approx 12:30pm had the most appalling behavior of any delivery driver I have ever encountered. Initially when the driver walked into the office, he had a very strong scent of body odor which was off putting to begin. I asked the driver to put the boxes in a particular place, he said "I will do it when I come back, there is another lot of boxes", which although was said in a very rude and unfriendly manner, seemed reasonable. I also noticed he was extremely friendly to my male coworker but seemed to have a problem with me (a female) from the very beginning, which to me just seemed absolutely ridiculous. When the driver came back, I was holding our office door open for him and asked him to hold the last bit as he came through the door so it wouldn't close on him, instead he decided to push through the door, hitting me in the back of the leg with his trolley full of boxes. He did not apologise and continued to move to the area where I had asked him to leave the boxes. Once he put the second lot of boxes down, I asked if he could move the first lot of boxes around to where I had asked for them to go, he then said I had to sign the delivery paperwork before he moved them, eventually he walked over to move the boxes and told me "If you are having a bad day, it doesn't mean you can be a b*h to me, it's not my fault". I signed the paperwork and he left but I was appalled by the rudeness and attitude this gentlemen had, he is providing a service and there is no reasonable excuse for him to treat me the way he did.

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