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K Apr 16, 2019 Review updated:

I was shocked when I opened my account to discover an item that I did not order listed under my name. For the past two years I have asked them to remove it from my account. They have refused to do so. Several Tomtop operators have used distracting tactics to stall the removal. First, they said that I put the order there by mistake. Second, they said that the item is not in their database. Third, they said that they can't delete my account, although I don't want the account deleted, just the item in the account. Fourth, they said that they can't find anything listed inside my account. Fifth, they said that they can't delete the item. Sixth, they said that I ordered the item but failed to pay for it. Seventh, they eventually started avoiding me. Eighth, they responded again but acted as if they didn't know who I am. Ninth, "Steve" responded and then just simply disappeared from any further correspondence with me. Tenth, someone from Tomtop responded and treated me as if I was not known in their database.

  • Updated by kijiji · Jun 25, 2019

    I am already aware of that. I have received a reply from 'Complaints Board' ... not sure what you would be referring to. I guess the corporate office in question is on the list of reachable offices. Great! It worked!


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